Chase the wind and catch up with the moon.

Chase the wind and catch up with the moon.

People are always non-stop game with life, and contradictory their own opposition, occasionally meet a special person, as if to see the fate.

the girl I like fell in love with today.

what I saw with my own eyes, the hands that should have been placed on my chest are now soft and tightly held by another person, and the one that should have been used to block my loving mouth is now smiling brightly at another person. Her eyes, hair tips, smell, and breath all fell on this strange man from now on. As for me, I can only stand in the hot sun and feel the torrential rain.

on the way home like a zombie, I tried to think about things that had nothing to do with you. For example, before the end of my puberty, I was superstitious that only dangerous signals could give off fatal attraction. I firmly believe that there are thousands of good girls in the world, one after another will fall in love with a teenager who is a little worse than others. So I always intentionally or unintentionally knead myself into a less honest person.

at that time, when I sat with everyone, except for boasting a few mistrusts, the rest of the time was spent talking about the girls' soft voices and straight body lines.

people always play games with life non-stop and contradict themselves. Occasionally, when they meet a special person, they seem to see fate. for me, the best way for fate to happen is to let me meet girls. I have met other girls before. After you showed up, all the girls were you. I love girls, love love, love money, love fame, and fortune, love everything, and then I love you. Just like now, no matter how hard I try, even if I start to explore the mysteries of the universe, I will think of you as the answer to the mystery in the end.

I think that at the beginning of the month I want you to listen to a funny song with words that seem to be about our situation, but the moment I was about to send it to you, I realized that the song was known as "everlasting Friendship". Let me talk to you about friendship? Impossible, I can only discuss the arrogant love with you from head to toe, from night to dawn, this love is colored, it is both empty and full, it can always empty everything and fill it perfectly.

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I think about why we're not together. I don't know. Logical analysis is useless at this moment. But we are not happy to stay together, do you remember that afternoon the year before last, your gray cashmere sweater always tickled me, we yelled on the roller coaster, hands clenched, holding the railing to drink water, there are still unhealed palpitations on your face, some of your hair has escaped the bondage of a rubber band. You don't know, every time, your hair is messed up, my heart is messed up.

when I think of you, when I miss you, my heart beats against every cell in my body. They are irregular. The sometimes strong and sometimes weak resonance becomes a song, which is a Finnish town ballad. Although I'm sure I haven't heard any Finnish folk song, the moment I miss you, I'm sure it is.

I don't know what you and he will do after turning the street. will you take him to eat that addictive hot pot we ate? will he pull you to watch horror movies and put his arms around your shoulder? will you get married? your honeymoon is a long way to the seaside. You may break up. Can I ask you to go to the top of the mountain to watch the sunrise? If you are single again if I am not the next person to hold your hand, how many young men will you meet who love you? I'm afraid they'll all lie to you. Maybe I will, too, but I won't stop loving you. Maybe that's what they think.

good girl, I love you, and I think you know that. It doesn't matter if you won't knock on my door, accept my long letter, or chew my feelings between the lines in the middle of the night, at least I won't miss what I love.

my only mistake is not to defeat my hypocritical heart today, not to rush forward to separate your tightly held hands, not to hold you in my arms, after you told me that you were together, I unexpectedly blessed you without thinking.

but the man is true to his word, and now that he has said he wishes you, he can't take it back.

it's just, why should we miss it? why should I miss you now?

this question is probably asked by heaven and earth, and no one can explain it exactly.

the girl I like fell in love with today.

and I feel a strong sense of homesickness on my way home.