Check out, boss.

Check out, boss.


it's easy to be in a daze on a rainy day.

for example, when I was eating stewed noodles downstairs in a restaurant with ten yuan in my pocket, I found that the noodles were only seven yuan, and I could use the rest of the money to buy a bag of milk to drink.

counted the meat slices in several bowls. 1, 2, 3, although the math is not good, it is too simple.

Varied with the smallest details,our special occasion dresses with sleeves are your indispensable items. We have the right selection to suit your tastes.

I left one in the bowl and pretended to eat very little.

the number of people in the restaurant is neither large nor small, and people go in and out one after another, maintaining the balance of the number of people in the house. I can hear what is said at every table.

A young couple nearby just picked up their children from their parents, the children were eating chicken and French fries, and the parents were eating stewed noodles like me.

the next table is KTV's lady and Johns, bargaining.

the two men at the other table are smoking. It should be .8 in Zhongnanhai. The taste is very strong.

and I'm at a table near the floor-to-ceiling windowpanes.

everyone can hear what others are saying, and

everyone is still talking.

it doesn't matter what little secret other people know. After all, they can't remember anything after this meal.

when he ate the third bite of noodles, the takeout boy's raincoat opened, and he hurriedly stopped the electric car to tidy up his raincoat.

after taking a sip of the soup, it rained even harder, and the man outside the window held the woman tightly in his arms, holding an umbrella and wrapped it in an overcoat.

picked out some lucky little cilantro, and a girl in two over-the-knee rain boots led a dog in four over-the-knee rain boots by clumsily.

with a little chili and vinegar, he passed a speeding car and splashed water on a pedestrian carrying a watermelon.

wiped his mouth, and John and the young lady left.

I still sit in front of the glass and eat noodles in a daze.

I like to eat noodles alone.

and it's raining. It's perfect.

one can taste it by bolting it down while eating because one is focused. A lot of sensory abilities have also been enhanced, and you can easily see and hear a lot of sounds around you.

Beijing just gets colder, with only one rain from summer to autumn.

it's finally time to look at your face instead of your legs.

I especially like Beijing in spring and autumn, which is very beautiful.

I use a lot of paper to eat a bowl of noodles.

No, it should be said that everything I eat is a waste of paper.

but I don't remember wiping my mouth so many times.

maybe it's too hot?

many habits have undergone great changes when I was a child. I didn't waste so much paper when I was a child, and I didn't cry very much when I was a child.

I didn't like yogurt when I was a child. I can't do without yogurt every day now.

when I was a child, I was very thin. I liked to eat mutton kebabs and play traps in the Youth Palace. I was very accurate.

now it's not that I don't like it, it can only be said that it has changed, it doesn't have that smell, and some things have disappeared.

A lot of people have changed a lot, the same person with that face, but you just don't know him very well.

Lego is now called Meilu, and Huadan figs have been repackaged, and few people have bought them. after all, the snacks with the words "snacks" written on the glass with paint are long gone. At that time, the window cutlery was made of wood, the snack bar sold small things, and the strange snacks were dirty and delicious.

everywhere was beautiful in the 1990s, and Beijing was particularly beautiful. As you can see from waiting alone, it was probably the best time for literature and art in Beijing at that time.

at this time, the boss came to me and asked me if I wanted to add vinegar. If I didn't add it, I would take it.

I said take it. I'm done.

the boss gave me three yuan in his pocket.

take away the used paper by the way.

now there is only an empty bowl in front of me, and there is a piece of meat floating on the soup. I don't know why he didn't take it.

I picked up my umbrella and went out of the noodle shop and began to walk home. The rain was still heavy and cold.

I bought a bag of walnut milk for three yuan without leaving a penny.

I'm almost home downstairs, looking for the key facing the streetlight.

something suddenly falls in front of my eyes.

Oh, it's a moth fluttering on a hot street lamp.

was hit on the ground by a big drop of Rain Water.