Chengdu, a delicious city

Chengdu, a delicious city

This is a fragrant article, read carefully when hungry, but it is very effective to retaliate against society late at night.

as a foodie, every time I go to a city, where there is delicious food attracts me more than where there is something good-looking. Not to mention a city like Chengdu.

I have been bombed by TV and posts before I went, so during my three-day stay in Chengdu, don't ask me what I saw, because Wuhou Temple, Qingyang Palace, du Fu Cottage, Wenshu Academy, Daci Temple, Dujiangyan, Panda Base, I didn't go to all these & gt;.

I just spent my limited time on unlimited eating . Racing against the clock is either eating or on the way to eat.

on the recommendation of the local people, the first restaurant I ate in Chengdu was Jicheng Taro Chicken. I went to the main store near Chunxi Road, the decoration of the shop is not exquisite, and the food is not amazing enough, but the taste is absolutely surprising! The taste of small pink taro melted in the mouth, coupled with delicious chicken, is absolutely called a spicy, spicy big fran people all say that the throat is hot and smoky, and there are a lot of millet pickled peppers in it! But! The chili peppers in it are very delicious! Although the mouth said no, but the body is very honest even ate a lot of chili ah!

well, the photo really doesn't look attractive, but Taro Chicken is definitely the best part of my trip to Chengdu. Who knows! However, can not eat spicy children's shoes, please try carefully, spicy bad & gt;.

after eating is also recommended by local friends Xu Mei string incense. What I usually eat is the string of red oil soup, so the bottom of the soup with rattan pepper flavor makes me want to try.

but I couldn't eat any more, so I went into the spicy shop and ordered two desserts, sour plum ice powder and brown sugar cold cake.

what I went to eat in the evening was Yuzong's old stove hot pot, which is also recommended by local friends, the legendary top three of Chongqing hot pot.

order the signature old meat, spicy beef, crispy meat, squid rings, duck blood and other recommended dishes, have not yet begun to eat, looking at the table full of food, I am already full of happiness.

then put the food down, fresh cauliflower, crispy crispy meat, tumbling hot pot bottom

that moment is really happy to bubble.

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have a portion of ice powder after eating. It's sweet and refreshing to the bone.

I really think it tastes very good. More importantly, neither of us can eat more than 100 yuan in the end. Wax gourd, cauliflower and other vegetarian dishes are not even more than ten yuan each, the cliff conscience of the industry, ah, touched!

what goes up the next morning is Chunyang dumplings:

it doesn't have much weight, but it feels just right. Cold noodles, kelp soup, hot and sour dumplings, Meat Dumplings in Spicy Sauce, you can order a variety of table, there is a lot of feel.

the pictures are before and after mixing. I feel that copying hands will taste better, cold noodles are good, and kelp soup is also very good.

I don't know if everyone has such a strange habit. Every time it is completely spicy, I just want something sweet, something sweet, something salty, again and again, endless.

it is because of this strange habit that I decided to find a family of three big guns to try. For a while, the public found that there was a Li Changqing next to Chunxi Road, and those who turned around came to Chunxi Square.

my dear, there is too much food in it. Bean blossom, fat intestine noodles, three big guns. Pineapple rice, beef buckwheat noodles, Zizi Camellia oleifera, all of a sudden, Alice has the feeling of falling into Wonderland by mistake, but it is a foodie version. But those who are willing but powerless can't eat any more. Just asked for three big guns and left unwillingly.

I won't tell you that after I said I couldn't eat any more, I decided to go to Xiao Tan Douhua. In the past few days in Chengdu, I always feel that time is limited, tick-tock, for fear of not having enough to eat in this city. That's why I said earlier that I was fighting for time to eat. What's more, I also hold the mentality that I might be hungry when I walk and wait for it to be found & gt;.

\ & quot; four generations tune five flavors, and the little Tan Douhua of quot; is also the conscience of the industry, the price is friendly and beautiful, and the taste is beautiful beyond the price.

according to the recommended ice drunken bean flower, Shaozi bean flower noodle and beef bean flower, I originally wanted to order brown sugar rice dumplings and steamed beef in a small cage, but I gave up thinking that the body is the cost of sustainable eating.

but it tastes so good that I've been back for a few days. I was still bitter about not seriously eating Douhua Shaozi noodles because I was too full at that time & gt;.

it is said that there is an ice room called Yang Xiaoxian on Chunxi Road. Mango ice or rainbow ice is recommended, because as can be seen in the picture, white ice is not ordinary smoothies, but Mein mein ice, which tastes like snowflakes with milky flavor, and eating too much salty and spicy ones is also a choice.

then, then we went to the wide and narrow lanes and Jinli. These two places are really bustling with people, ah, let me revisit the characteristics of Chinese scenic spots. To tell you the truth, when there are too many people, you really don't have much desire to stay. I just want to speed up the pace of light to leave..

I prefer Jinli. Because there is so much to eat! I think the design of the separation of shopping and food can't be more awesome. A street is full of food, everyone is eating, all kinds of eating, there is a kind of atmosphere to meet friends. Leshan bowl chicken, beef burnt cakes, cold buckwheat noodles, then bean flowers, wine, all kinds of, completely unstoppable rhythm.

the legendary Shu Jiuxiang, which was eaten on the last day, is legendary.

to be honest, I don't think it's very good. The beef is not fresh and tender enough to taste, and the yellow bone fish meat is loose and does not feel fresh. The bottom of the pot feels that it is not as spicy as Yuzong, it is very mediocre, not amazing at all.How it feels. It's an indicator of wasting my meal. I'm not happy. Moreover, the price is not quite beautiful compared with Yuzong. It should be the only one of these that will not go to the restaurant for a second time.

finally, it is found that the people of Chengdu have their own milk brand. Huaxi New Hope? Banana and mango milk each have one and leave Chengdu for a while.

but, I know, I will come again

Chengdu, See you then..