Cherry Blossom season | Private cherry viewing in Tokyo

Cherry Blossom season | Private cherry viewing in Tokyo

To enjoy Sakura, the most important thing is: mood, mood.


moments, which are ready to move, have recently brushed no less than ten strategies for appreciating cherry trees. The strategy article that only marks the place of cherry appreciation is insincere. I want to say that it takes skill to do a random search on the Internet, and no one wants to turn a well-planned cherry appreciation into a joyous trip. Today, we mainly talk about three useful things: how to reward, were to reward, and how to take beautiful pictures.

on my birthday in 2015

how to reward

the cherry blossoms only take a week from blooming to falling in full bloom in Kanda

. It's embarrassing that the cherry blossoms are in full bloom and fall for only a week. Therefore, it is suggested that it is better to stay late than too early, even if the flowers fall, you can still catch up with the snow-blowing flowers, cherry blossoms, and rain, or even the green leaves in spring are also very beautiful. If you come too early, you still look like there is no movement, and it is also a little deserted. So it's better to see the flowers after the end of March.

in full bloom

Enjoy Today Tokyo

Tokyo is a rather lyrical city in spring, and enjoying the moment is more charming than blooming.

in the fourth year of cherry appreciation, if you want to talk about a little bit of experience, it is only to enjoy a beautiful spring in a good mood without ambition. Enjoy Today is the real thing.

the flowers bloom for a short time, so it's better to relax, even if you wither and fall on cloudy and rainy days, don't regret it. Last year, I chose to take pictures outside my house on cloudy and rainy days, and I liked it just the same. It is recommended to go to the convenience store with a transparent umbrella, which goes well with the cherry blossom season.

Cherry blossoms on cloudy and rainy days are another flavor.

some photos were taken on rainy days last year:

when I go home, I have a cherry umbrella

take a walk

feel the cherry blossom season. The best way to feel the cherry blossom season is to take a walk.

you don't have to go to cherry places, any small park, a river, streets, and feel the spring scenery of local non-tourists. I will even tell my friends that it is better not to even do the strategy, walk down a random street, do not take tourists to step on scenic spots, there will be surprises, certainly.

the scenery on the way home

A small park outside the house

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I get up early or late 

how to avoid the crowds? One way: get up early.

at five or six o'clock, go out for a walk, no one grabs cherry blossoms with you, shoot and play casually. At the worst, go back to the hotel at noon and sleep again.

and late. There are many places in Tokyo to enjoy the cherry at night, although there are many people, it is also another look of cherry blossoms, which is worth seeing.

the night cherry of the abyss of thousands of birds last year

Don't go to Ueno Park, don't go to Ueno Park, don't go to Ueno Park.

three times.

where to enjoy

where to enjoy  Chiyoda

address: Dingman

south of Chiyoda District, Tokyo City, Tokyo. Traffic: about 3 minutes walk from the next station

Chiyo Yuan is located in Chiyoda District, Tokyo, Japan. It is a moat northwest of the Imperial House, and it is also one of the must-visit spots in Tokyo. Unlike other cherry-watching places, rowing along the moat is a scenic spot here, and it is also recommended to enjoy the cherry at night when the lights are lit. As it is very close to Tokyo Station and Imperial House, we can go sightseeing together.

moat, swans, and cherry blossoms also match.

Jing Jing Pagoda  

you can walk around the Sengshang Temple near the Tokyo Pagoda, which is one of the temples of the Tokugawa family in the Edo shogunate. The cherry blossoms and the Tokyo Tower are the best matches in spring!

Takayama Temple address: 4-7-35, Shigeru Park, Kyoto Port District

Traffic: 3-minute walk from Yuchengmen Station of Midian Line under Metro Camp


address: Akasaka 9-7-1

Takagi Traffic: 4-minute walk from Hashimoto Station

Traffic: People who have read the previous article should be too familiar with this place by walking for 1 minute on the Jing Wang Line [Jingzhitou Park]. The Jingzhitou Gift Park in the Jixiang Temple can be said to be an old lover in my heart for many years. What is unusual about the cherry blossom season is that you can row a swan boat and get drunk in the charming cherry blossoms. If you can't catch up with the cherry blossoms in full bloom, you must come when the cherry blossoms fall, because there are a lot of fascinating cherry blossoms here.

near Chunshan Villa

address: Kyoto Wenjing District pass 2-10-18

Traffic: there is a 10-minute walk on the Le town line [Edo Bridge Station]

if you only go to one place to enjoy the cherry, I choose Toshiyama Villa. The reason is very simple, beautiful, few tourists.

Chun Villa is a garden-style hotel. There are pools, waterfalls, gardens, outside is the famous Kanda Chuan, nearby there is Edogawa Park, quite faint taste in the city. Most of the people who go there are nearby residents, so they don't have to compete with tourists for cherry blossoms.

because Chunshan Villa is near Waseda University, I will take my friends for a walk there after lunch and have a good afternoon.

although this is a popular scenic spot, the beauty of the middle eye is still so powerful that it still doesn't lose points in my heart.

many people come here for the "most perfect divorce". Mrs. Ying's home is in Muheichuan, and the route that goes out every day in the play is nearby. In particular, there is also a night cherry to enjoy here at night, and recently opened a "house" shop near the station.