Chow Yun-fat Cheng Chung-Ki | what you don't know is that they are also photographers.

Chow Yun-fat Cheng Chung-Ki | what you don't know is that they are also photographers.

On November 10, 2014, the ninth issue of "Zheng Zhongji Chow Yun Fat" information change description that the time of the last issue was one more day in a hurry on November 9, uh-huh.

Cheng Chung-Ki Chow Yun-fat

it turns out that Cheng Chung-Ki is also a hidden photographer. In mid-December 2010, some netizens discovered that "Tinyeyes", the Leica photographer who was popular on the famous photo-sharing site Flickr, turned out to be Cheng Chung-Ki. In the face of netizens' speculation, Zheng Zhongji also responded generously on Weibo: " …" Finally discovered ~ "then recovered netizens found that Zheng Zhongji, who often posted photos on Weibo, turned out to be different from the ordinary narcissistic artist who posted photos, that was a display of his work." After his identity was exposed, Zheng Zhongji simply "started the class" on Weibo, where he was questioned by photography enthusiasts, asked them to post photos for his opinions, or shared his own shooting skills for each photo. Although some netizens question that Zheng Zhongji can afford to play the cheapest Leica, of 60,000 yuan because of his wealth, many photographers and photography enthusiasts still think that Zheng Zhongji has a very keen sense of photography and is a very good photographer, and some netizens even joke that "his acting is much better than his."

Tinyeyes is Zheng Zhongji

"shocked". A netizen named Viennavirus posted on his blog on December 15, 2010, "it turns out that Tinyeyes, the great god of Flickr Hong Kong, is Zheng Zhongji." According to the netizen, Tinyeyes is one of the best Leica photographers on Flickr at that time, on a par with the Japanese master Tommy Oshima, and has something in common in photography style. He is also one of the best photographers on Flickr who are good at using Leica noct 50max 1.0. While Hong Kong director Zhao Liangjun was filming the True Story of Laogang, Tinyeyes released a number of stills taken by Leica M8. Many photography enthusiasts suspected that Tinyeyes was a member of the Hong Kong entertainment industry, but most people judged that he might be a stills artist. However, some netizens compared the photos posted by Zheng Zhongji on Weibo with those of Tinyeyes, and found that not only the style is the same, but even many of the photos are exactly the same, so they confirmed that Zheng Zhongji is the legendary master photographer. Interestingly, "Tinyeyes" means small eyes in Chinese, while Zheng Zhongji often laughs at himself on Weibo that he has small eyes.

"Fine Eye Master" becomes Flickr Legend

Douban netizen "kayll Flower Wheel" created a photo album entitled "Zheng Zhongji can do photography besides amateur rich second generation" and uploaded some of the works of photographer Zheng. But some netizens think that Zheng Zhongji is just a powerful machine. "after Baidu's price, I am silent. Goodbye to the rich second generation!" "this is a limited edition of Leica M9 titanium alloy, worth 270000 yuan." However, photography enthusiasts who have witnessed Zheng Zhongji's brilliance cannot accept this evaluation. Some people say that the photos in this album are less than 1/10 of Zheng Zhongji's standard. Zhang Zhang was shocked by the photos he uploaded on Flickr that year, and many people in the Flickr group still remember the name Tinyeyes. Unfortunately, in early 2007, Tinyeyes suddenly left Flickr and deleted all the photos, and netizens looking for evidence on Flickr were disappointed.

Zheng Zhongji: photos were deleted only after being embezzled by commerce

after netizens verified that Cheng Zhongji was "Tinyeyes", Cheng Zhongji's Weibo immediately became a gathering place for photography enthusiasts, and Zheng Zhongji not only generously admitted his identity, but also answered many questions in netizens' minds. As for the reason why he deleted all Flickr photos in early 2007, Zheng Zhongji revealed that it was because the photos were stolen and used for commercial purposes, so he had to delete them to defend his rights. In addition, Zheng Zhongji also revealed that, in fact, he has already used a vest to return to Flickr. Due to the unannounced new account of Flickr and the deletion of all "Tinyeyes" photos, netizens had to enjoy his photos through his Weibo. However, netizens who know him know that the photos on Weibo are not of the highest standard. Fortunately, the website of Leica camera Company has collected his wonderful works.

Hong Kong stars have more "photographers"

in the entertainment industry in Hong Kong, there are many stars who like photography, and there are also many enthusiasts. For example, Chow Yun-fat, Johnnie to and others have also held photo exhibitions, and female artists have published more photography books about their travel experiences.

Chow Yun-fat: he has held two photo exhibitions

Chow Yun-fat has held two solo photo exhibitions, once called "Mov-ing Pictures", held in 2008. The photos on display come from behind the scenes of the film, including a photo of Gong Li wearing makeup, which Fage donated to Yanran Foundation for charity last year. One was held last year to display 41 life photos of Hong Kong people taken after 2004.

Ren Dahua: buy a house for photography in Urumqi

Ren Dahua is also a photography enthusiast with a history of 20 years. He likes shooting scenery very much and loves nature very much. It is said that in order to shoot, he traveled all over the country and five continents. In Xinjiang alone, he went to Xinjiang more than a dozen times and bought a house in Urumqi. As a stronghold of photography creation, he became obsessed with photography.


Brother Fa likes to take photos of humanities

and likes to use large pictures

so he loves me and my dog

Zheng Zhongji once published his works anonymously

Let's not discuss whether they took a good shot

actually think their focus is quite interesting

A lot of people say that the reason why they take good pictures is because their machines are good

. The level will not use bad

, and objectively speaking, a good film may not necessarily be taken with a good machine.

feel that you can also shoot a good work with a mobile phone.

for photographers, the aesthetic injury is more serious

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Photographers who can shoot sugar water online celebrities

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. In this world, people can sell and buy

. Just do what you want to shoot

this issue is just to show you who they are as photographers

, but it doesn't mean that they agree that they are masters.

, but it doesn't mean they are masters.

this issue is just to show you who they are as photographers

, but that doesn't mean they are masters

and do it and cherish it