Coffee story of the week.

Coffee story of the week.

Come in and have a look.

I had insomnia again last night.

the last week is like jet lag.

looking at the window until dawn every day,

the night goes by especially quickly.

Beijing is a magical city.

it feels like Beijing can also be called Modu.

the A side is quite sunny, everyone is busy giving themselves chicken blood, and the B side is very fragile. Lying in bed, I repeatedly thought about the people I met in the cafe recently. I saw that the lights on the opposite side of the building went out and lit up again. I got up to read everyone's messages in the comments section on my mobile phone. Every window in the city can be broken at night, and the word "good night" is magical and can make people unable to fall asleep and wait. the intimacy with a person is in these two words (I heard that Wechat searched "good night" to discover adultery).

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I haven't told you a story for a long time, and then I'll tell you a few stories that happened in a cafe recently.


in the store yesterday, I received several students who had just finished the college entrance examination. They discussed the questions of the exam a few days ago, said which university they wanted to go to, and said that they might break up with so-and-so. Ordered milkshakes, do not drink bitter, I asked them how old, they said 1999. I really came into contact with the last batch of post-90s college entrance examinees. I watched them chatting happily at the bar, and I looked forward to different things in my eyes. Wish them good luck in the future, the things that twinkle in their eyes will always be the same as at this moment.


this time the flowers are the same as last time, and

are all my favorite daisies.

now it has become a lovelorn museum, and

has more and more memorabilia.


A man and a woman met from a bus in Wuhan and hit it off. Two years later, they broke up for various reasons. Half a year before the breakup, both of them were keeping a diary. They all went to the aspirin museum, and once the boy came to the store, so now the two diaries are here forever.


A girl paid for a drink and a book in advance, which another best friend liked. She said that she and her best friend would come in a few days, but she would not be in Beijing. "We haven't seen each other for a long time. I'll buy her this one."