Come on, let's go.

Come on, let's go.

Before we meet someone, we may never know what we need, whether it is meticulous and considerate, or the sense of responsibility that I have come. Until he asks you, do you want to go to see the mountains and the sea? let's go together; do you want to see boring soap films? we'll do it together. All we want is to listen to the sound of gears that fit each other.


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these days, I have been reading a book. With a Caribbean blue pen, I have written long notes in the gap of each page. Some are thoughts about a paragraph, some are trivial everyday, and some are words that I can only say to you. I'm also very worried about whether you don't have much interest in these. I'm scared, too. I don't even have time to send these to you in the direction of the wind, but I just want you to know that this is the way I hug you. in this season when everything is shrouded in heavy haze.

the temperature has cooled, the wind whistled on the cuffs, and the coffee in my hand was warm and white. I know that such cold weather can hide some of our different seasons. Although I didn't walk side by side with you in the snowy streets in the cold winter, fortunately we didn't go the opposite way. At least I can watch you disappear in the snow. I step on your deep and shallow footprints and imagine how you feel when you walk through here. I don't know if the snowflake was forced to fall to the earth helplessly by the sky, and I don't know if you were helpless to lean on the cold balcony that day.

you sigh goodbye, I don't know why I shed tears, maybe it's the back of you leaving, it makes me so haggard.

at the party the other day, I ran into an old friend I hadn't seen for years. She was still smiling and asked me in a toast why her great sage had not stepped on the seven-colored auspicious clouds to pick her up. I patted her on the head and said, you're stupid, the only thing you can step on in this weather is haze. In fact, I know that there is always a meticulous person around her who is always kind to her, and I have asked why not choose him. 'i don't know whether I am unwilling or unbearable, 'she said.' I always feel moved by being treated so carefully, which makes people feel unbearable.'

Chapter 2.

Yes, the feeling of risking one's life to love is happier than being loved unilaterally, and the attraction of staggered eyes is more moved than thoughtfulness. No matter how good and good things are, they are no better than when you don't know where to start and when you finally like them.

before we meet someone, we may never know what we need, be considerate, or have a sense of responsibility. until he asks you, do you want to go to see the mountains and the sea, let's go together; do you want to see boring soap films, we'll do it together. Only then did you know that what you want is not those obedient favorites, but the sound of gears that fit each other.

this is not a great love, so that the air is full of hormonal jumping candy, everything seems to see crackling emotion. It's just that there's no way not to lose it. The girl who asked me where the Great Sage of Qi Tian was, when we were still doing drama in the same dormitory, she was thinking about a teenager like this.

the teenager turned around and said that if she didn't love, she didn't love, and she went back to the program with one click, but her heart was still stuck in the background where she couldn't get out.

A long time later, like the old lovers in many stories, when they met at a certain dinner, the girl smiled appropriately and calmly responded to the jokes thrown by her acquaintance. She felt that things had changed and had turned to the next chapter. She just looked at the tattoos on his cuffs, which were still tattooed together, and she hid in the toilet. I don't know why, and burst into tears.

Chapter 3.

We are not missed by everyone, nor are we forgotten by everyone. many people pass us by and leave with love but memories. These memories occupy a small space in your heart that is easy to detect.

that night she updated a Weibo post, which is a poem by Cangyang Gyatso: "my heart is full of illusions, which turns it into a beautiful woman." Just like Dongshan Mountain, it gently stepped out of the highest peak last month. " We are all like this, ah, a suit of armored equipment, but in front of a certain person, there is no skill to turn the tide. There are so many tricks, but when you are near, I still flash an idea in my heart to give up immediately. Are you here to pull out my purple sword?

it doesn't matter. Let me see you. If you must cheat someone's heart, lie to me. If you walk through thousands of rivers and mountains, if you don't have enough love, you won't stop. But this is all my own business, when you come, but also when it is time to go free and easy to go. I will only watch well, will not pull your sleeve to retain.

Chapter 4.

is that you make me less lovely than brave and fearless, but I still don't know why I shed tears. Is it because I am used to the distance in the boundless waters that it has become the fetters of flow?. Winter in the south, wet and cold, I want to ask, is it from your eyes?

I am afraid that my little affection is too heavy, and in the end it will become a nuisance to the mother-in-law. No, I don't have to tuck my hand into the collar of your coat to keep warm. My hand is already warm in winter, and I'm not that greedy. In fact, the most I want to do is to hold your hand and cross the road.

that's all. After that, I have an unforgettable person.

it doesn't matter, that's all.

I understand everything, everything.

but I don't know why.Tears,

in this long night when I think of you.