Contribution | only love can moan and get dirty to the bone

Contribution | only love can moan and get dirty to the bone

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but those children who play with fire scorch for time,

the wind blows charred fragments mixed with dust,

disturbs the eyes falling on eyelashes, hair, fingers,

the child told me that the eyes were so beautiful,

he thought it was snowing.

We held a comforting dinner for each other at night.

I took out the fish head I stole from the fisherman's house the day before yesterday.

I prayed that there would be plenty of food from tomorrow.

the child's smile was like a stream,

crystal clear.

On the cold winter morning,

my father froze to death in the lake outside my house.

A clock that is very important to me,

so I will try my best to be tolerant of it.

I wear feathers and knives,

exchange the last piece of brown bear skin for money,

through the woods, pull out a pine needle in my mouth,

see what I can say instead,

or make it soft and stout.

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I was depressed

because I did not have a tail

because I had no tail

I could not get around it very much in emotion

I'm glad

I broke the accordion

I watched his happy expression

as if I had swallowed a mouthful of mustard

I told my mother that she would never hear of the misfortune

the dewdrop in the yard

the calm early morning

was the biggest secret joy of my life

but add some entertainment from beginning to end. P>

you know that time is a sticky song

will leave a track

, but I changed the door

the animal who played the piano never came back

pink he doesn't like

, but it doesn't matter. He will be like spring all year round

until he lingers


only love can groan and blossom

can also be dirty to the bone

to be exact, the details can be fabricated

, while one person's

sincerity to another person

, Kindness, shyness, After taking control of the decision, ownership

this includes giving all it has and taking in all the good or bad

and does not exclude the echoes of the deep valley, such as the deep valley.

No matter how far you go, you can still hear it clearly


I can't argue

but generously

whether it's cold or cold, no matter how far away it is.

I can't argue

but generously


make me feel the temperature of the hot person

Yes, I don't deny my need

I can't wait to jump into this Jinghai

the irrelevant season just because I smoothed out a crumpled piece of paper

but I forgot that I didn't know how to swim. I wanted to drown myself

how could you be so hasty

who are you? Looking at the flames in the distance in front of the building

I heard that the people there were holding some kind of ceremony

they sang and danced around the fire, holding up their glasses and shouting:

"Baptize us"

so the men stripped naked and stepped into the depths of the lake

showing only half their heads

the next day women went to the lake to collect bodies

wreckage. After all, no one knows what's going on in the lake

in exchange for peace

We know each other in this village

you were almost thrown into the river

Oh, I remember

you put Phalaenopsis outside my tent

tell me

you left something on the distant clock tower

before you left. Let's go

I'll pretend I don't know you

I've picked up half ahead and planted Phalaenopsis in it

I don't know how the flowers bloom

turn my head upside down to realize that

you haven't dodged this robbery after all.