Dance, as long as the heartbeat continues to ring.

Dance, as long as the heartbeat continues to ring.

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Echo Ono (October 27, 1906-June 1, 2010) is a Japanese dancer who created the Dark Dance.

Yoshio Ono was born in Hokkaido in 1906 and lived through the ages of Meiji, Taisho, Showa, and Hiroyuki. "Dance, as long as the heartbeat continues to ring." It's his motto.

the image of Yin and Yang Devil painted white all over the body is the classic shape of Ono. On the one hand, he extends the false meaning of traditional Kabuki to the negation of the body and focuses on the display of the soul, on the other hand, he erases his differences and makes people return to nature and simplicity; "bald head" symbolizes breaking away from the world and returning to the original birth of the mother. "gender inversion" is a reaction to the fixed role status of men and women in today's society, in an attempt to find the homogeneity of human nature and everyone has the original root.

from 1969 to 1973, he starred in three films. After the age of 70, Yoshio Ono gained international fame. In 1980, he was invited to perform at the 14th Nansi International Art Festival, and since then, he has begun a 20-year international tour. His most important works include "my Mother", "Water Lilies" and "the Road of Heaven, the Road of the World". His travel also inspired his art, and his visit to Israel in 1983 inspired his Dead Sea, in which Ono danced with his son, the righteous. The righteous man is also a Dark Dance Tap artist who has managed his father's dance troupe for nearly 20 years.

Yoshio Ono has been active in the dance industry almost all his life. His last international performance was in 1999, where he performed the Requiem of the 20th Century with his son Yiren at the American-Japan Association. Since then, he continued to perform in Japan until 2007, when his legs were paralyzed, and he ended up dancing with only his hands or landing on all fours to communicate with the audience, and his dancing career lasted until after he was 100 years old. Making use of the body ravaged by aging and disease may also be the most perfect interpretation of Dark Dance.

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"Father is a man who dances to death." Yoshito Ono said, "he will dance to the last minute."

the image of yin and yang demons painted white all over is Ono's classic model. on the one hand, he extends the disguised meaning of traditional Kabuki to the negation of the body and focuses on the revelation of the mind. On the other hand, he erases personal differences and makes people return to nature and simplicity; "bald head" symbolizes breaking away from the world and returning to the original birth of the mother; "gender inversion" is a reaction to the fixed role status of men and women in today's society. trying to find the homogeneity of human nature and everyone has the original root.

on Ono's body, there are rings engraved by the years, as well as physical performance that cannot be described in words. Those who have seen his performance will find a new self and get a spiritual baptism. Ono believes that the purpose of the dance performance is to present the "form of the soul," and this motive force from the bottom of the soul, which seems terrible and ferocious, actually deeply touches the essence of life and is closely related to the farming culture of the oriental nation.

Ono believes that dancing is a feeling that cherishes "oneself" or "life" very much. As the years go by, the body weakens and dies, but the spirit continues to rise. He once said, "even if I die, my spirit will continue to jump."

Taiwanese dancer Wang Weilian came to Yokohama in 2005 to study in Yoshio Ono's dance workshop. He wrote in his diary: "Ono lies on a rocked bed, he can't move, can't speak, can't see, can't express, with his mouth as open as a hole." In his view, Ono's charm lies in a sense of beauty that is both weak and tough, using the body to carry out wild imagination, attracting people who "lack self-confidence and value themselves".

Ono's performance vocabulary-violence, impatience, rehearsal, roughness, but he created amazing archetypes of desire and physical landscape. He stressed that the form of dance should be guided by the Noumenon of life, that is, the spirit is more important than everything else-which is why most of Yoshio Ono's performances are solo and the form is almost minimalist and slow.

at the age of 20, Yoshio Ono entered Japan Sports University to study gymnastics and dance, during which he was deeply influenced by La Argentina, a famous Spanish modern dance innovator who went to Japan for public performances at that time, and became very interested in modern dance. After graduation, he took up his post as a PE teacher at Kanto College, an ecclesiastical school in Yokohama, teaching gymnastics and dance, as well as some performance attempts on modern dance.

during the war, Ono had to give up his dance career temporarily and go on an expedition with the army. Ono has experienced almost all the historical changes of the last century, the rings of the years are deeply engraved on his body which has experienced the vicissitudes of the century, and the erosion of the poison of the war has left various marks on his skin. The body itself, which does not need any modification, has become a moving tension of life. His body, which is like groping in hell, brings our vision completely into a kind of infernal path of the soul. The trembling finger is like the sound of a stringed piano from a foreign land, and like a mysterious sound coming from the dark.

during World War II, Icho Ono was captured for a year with the Japanese in New Guinea. When he returned to Japan from New Guinea after his captivity, many people died of hunger and illness, and some even jumped into the sea to commit suicide because of unbearable pain. Because he had seen too many deaths of life, Ono was first touched by these many dead lives, mourning the dead in a dance, condemning the crimes of war, and trying to criticize the imperial power of Japan.

since this memorial performance, Ono has been out of control, dancing with ghosts all his life, between hell and life. After being demobilized, Icho Ono immediately began his performance as a dance artist. fiveThe Dance of the jellyfish, which was performed by Ono in the 1900s, was created based on this wartime experience.

in the late 1950s, Yoshio Ono met the famous Japanese modern dance artist Sunda Takashi, and in the collision of exchange performance, he gave birth to the new BUTOH and founded the world-famous BUTOH school.

while absorbing western modern dance, they also combine some characteristics of traditional Japanese dance maids. It is mainly a brand-new dance form that uses body language to express the inner and spiritual world of the Japanese nation. Since the birth of the BUTOH school, its charm has been loved all over the world. Wata (BUTOH) is also known as "Dark Wheat" (Ankoku Butoh) in Japan at the same time. The dance groups of Ono and Turkish Sunda have successively performed in Europe, the United States, and some other countries.

at first, most people could not fully accept the absurd shape in the dance pedal performance, or even the ugly, dark ghost-like performance in the dark hell, which often made the viewer feel uneasy and even frightened. Because the dance of Ono and Tushun abandoned all the beautiful elements of the traditional dance and paid more attention to the questioning and reflection of the meaning of life, as well as the exploration and expression of the soul of the natural human beings of the universe. Ono often appears on the stage with a grotesque, hideous, and scary image, and the stage performance is simple, often in the form of solo, and the rhythm is sometimes extremely slow as if to explore and move forward in a dark storm.