Death is not your enemy, eternity is.

Death is not your enemy, eternity is.


A year ago, I sent a slow mail to myself a year later in a cafe. At that time, I encountered some difficulties that I couldn't figure out.

walked into a cafe and saw a lot of people writing letters to themselves or their family, friends, and loved ones a year later, lying on the table, as if performing a pious ritual.

I told my boyfriend that I also want to write a letter to myself in a year.

he said yes, write.

I wrote down my unhappiness on the writing paper at that time, and finally, I told myself a year later, "if you think about the difficulties of a year ago when you receive the letter now, don't you think it's nothing?"

A year later, I received this letter which was wrinkled by tears a year ago.

I don't know whether to cry or laugh when I open my heart.

want to laugh is because I feel very naive at that time, and now it seems that many difficulties have been solved.

I want to cry because I can heal all the pain in time. Now it seems that the wind is light because things have passed, but at that time, it was not easy to bear and tide over a difficulty alone when there was no one to comfort me. I used to be naive but brave.

when I was collecting stories, a girl backstage told me that

she broke up with her boyfriend because she was in a foreign relationship abroad.

her predecessor received a letter

written by the two of them to TA a year later when they were traveling.

what the girl wrote in the letter was

"I hope we can open this letter together now. I love you." "

after he received it, he sent her a message from Wechat saying," A year is so fast. What is the distance? I can't forget you. "

this is their ninth year together, and the baby is already three years old.

Love is a hand that you want to touch but take back and

is also an immortal heart in love.

the following are collected in the background two days ago,

selected a few words that you want to write to the TA a year later:


you see, it's been a year and a half. We're still together. How good.


Let's go somewhere else.

Mia Liang Xuemi

if we are still together in a year, let's get married.

my input method wants to remember you more than I do.


I will tell my parents that I will support you for the rest of my life.

Kong Xiaoyi

is still the same. I didn't envy anyone when I was with you.


if it's still here, I'll blow your hair every time.


before I left, I stuffed a letter under your mattress.

there was a piece of paper in which I said what I said to you.

there is also a bank card.

is the money I saved from painting and painting in the past few years.

if I have been abroad for two years, if I encounter difficulties in life and have an urgent need,

you go and withdraw the money.

you should take good care of yourself when I'm not around.

password is our anniversary together.


hope to have our baby.


Let's get to know each other again.

some people have been drifting alone for a year, three years, ten years, or even more.

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when they have gone through these years and countless difficulties,

look back at the sludge they have flowed. I can't say a word, to sum up.

at that time, the self who struggled across the river of life, the weak self at that time, did not know how he got here step by step.

just like you are so tired that you are in a hurry every day,

through the night, through the crowd, through the luxury buildings, through the egg pancake stalls, through the bloody realities and dreams, you go home, slumped in bed, and don't even want to get up and take a shower.

I want to solicit stories to write this article because a friend of the curator who made movies sent me a link to a time capsule the day before yesterday to write down what I want to say to TA in a year.

the curator loves this kind of time-related stuff so much that he has secretly forwarded my time capsule and left a message on moments.

and I want to say to myself a year later,

"I hope you live freely and have a life of your own."

A year is fast, but we will change a lot.

Please allow TA, to seal all the words that cannot be said now, some of the most secret photos, and all the voices that can only be revealed in the middle of the night in a time capsule, which will be delivered to you in a year.

you have a chance to

receive unexpected capsules.

the curator is not sure what will be sealed in the capsule.

it may contain high energy, or even reverse your life.

be sure to keep calm.