Didn't you forget that a long time ago?

Didn't you forget that a long time ago?

"you don't know whether any choice you make is right or wrong, so don't be afraid to make a choice and choose what you like."

A few days ago, someone suddenly came to add my Wechat. The remarks said that he was my junior brother in high school. I had the impression of him, and while expressing the surprise that we were able to resume contact after a long absence for many years, I also exchanged a few polite pleasantries, and finally he asked me, "Sister, are you still doing that?"

that thing is lyrics. Writing lyrics was one of my favorite things in high school. At that time, there were several friends in charge of arranging music, and we would fill in some young stories into decent songs and perform at various parties in the school. My younger brother told me in Wechat, "at that time, I felt that my elder sister was really dazzling and completely bowed to your talent." He sent a flattering funny expression and then said, "you've written these songs now, and you really want to hear them."

I have forgotten when pamphlets filled in lyrics and documents created specifically for inspiration have not been opened for a long time. I also forgot where they were piled up and dusty now, and the veins from the past spread out so clearly that there seemed to be a voice in my ear saying, "I guess you've already forgotten that."

it should be from the first night when I stay up late for my thesis to the end of the night, I no longer record things related to my mood; for the first time, I don't go out in the library for a whole week for graduation defense, and I just want to order takeout to save time; for the first time, a person takes a long-distance train from one end of the city to the other side of the city and wanders his mind on the long journey.

now, I don't seem to know how to do these things anymore. Sometimes I suddenly remember to write down a few words, but I think that I have a few homework to hand in the next day and there is an exam next week, so I hold back those thoughts of picking up the past.

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is it true that growing up is a process of constantly giving up, picking up and discarding and letting go all the way, until one day when someone mentions your past, you wake up: you used to like it before.

both told me before that they would like to be a freelance cartoonist in the future. Her family collected all kinds of comic books and all kinds of drawing tools filled the room, and we all thought that after graduation she would go to her favorite city and send her resume to her favorite comic studio.

she once drew a wonderful story in which a small potato traveled around the world alone with a sword. When I was preparing the story, I even drew a full introduction. I saw what she drew, and I knew she liked it with all her heart, and I thought she would be a good cartoonist. I just didn't expect that the last news I heard was that she took the civil service examination at the behest of her family and stayed in her hometown.

sometimes I wonder if when we grow up, we are all doomed to tear apart from the past and have to bury some unrealistic thoughts deep in our hearts. Our constant compromise has fulfilled the conditions for becoming an adult, and these framed premises gradually peel off our original appearance beyond recognition, is it a bit too helpless to grow up, so that those things that were treasures in the past have suddenly disappeared.

* *

I asked Shuangshuang later, "have you ever thought about continuing to paint?"

when she told me that she had dug up the brochure she had made for fun the other day, she thought she had forgotten the thing she liked to draw, but as soon as she saw the villains with teeth and claws on the paper, she wanted to pick up the paintbrush and continue the story of those heroes fighting swords all over the world.

when we were young, we always went on a rampage, holding what we wanted, and would never surrender to reality. At that time, the world was a colorful stage for us, and dreams were within reach like transparent crystal barriers.

at that time, we didn't have to think so much. all we did was because we liked it. Do we need to give up because we think more now?

recently I have seen the recent situation of Liu Yifei. The Swiss Tissot watch TISSOT, which is endorsed by the goddess, asks us the following question: when reality hedges the original heart, how should we choose?

in the TV blockbuster shot in Paris, France, Liu Yifei, faced with the invitation of a party and true love, finally chose her to be loyal to her original heart and choose to be happy and free on any occasion.

I have heard a saying, "you don't know if any choice you make is right or wrong, so don't be afraid to make a choice, choose what you like." in fact, there are a lot of things that just need you to take the first step bravely. Then the rest of the road will be much easier. Sometimes, we just unconsciously magnify the cost behind this choice, but most of the time, only when we really choose to do it will you find that things are not as difficult as you think.

Hey, have you forgotten that, too?

Hey, do you want to pick it up again?