Do not go gentle into that good night.

Do not go gentle into that good night.

Dylan Thomas: the power to bloom through a green fuse-2: 00 a. M. on November 4, 1953, Dylan, Thomas (Dyl

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at two o'clock in the morning on November 4, 1953, Dylan and Thomas (Dylan Thomas) walk into the White Horse Restaurant (WhiteHome Tavern) alone. The wooden house, built in 1880, is a bar converted from a dock warehouse near Greenwich Village in Manhattan, New York. In the past, the main customers were longshoremen. More than an hour later, he returned to a nearby hotel and said to his girlfriend Lizzie (Liz), "I've made 18 glasses of pure whisky. I think it's a record." And passed out. In the morning he woke up with chest tightness and needed fresh air. Liz accompanied him to the White Horse Restaurant. He drank two more beers and returned to the hotel. Due to dyspnea, vomiting, abdominal pain and other symptoms, he called in a doctor to give him a large amount of morphine. That night, without improvement, he was taken to a Roman Catholic private hospital in New York and fell into a coma.

like most Irish men, Dylan likes to drink. It wasn't a big problem. As long as he was at home, he would feel safe. When he wrote to his patron Princess Caltini (Caetani), he mentioned his drinking problem: "I'm in my hometown, wherever I like, I'm busy, it's not scary to drink, I'm fine, I'm great, I'm happy and I'm not afraid, it's all good nonsense. In short, a silly partner only wants to be happy, and it never turns into useless, accidental, ugly and unfortunate actions, organized riots. The sadness in cleansing, the excessive glory, whether I know the world or not. " Once he left his hometown, he was afraid of drinking and self-destruction. It was four trips to the United States that eventually led to his death.

my first trip to the United States was in 1949. He was invited to American poet and critic Browning (JohnMalcolm Brinnin). He had always wanted Dylan to come to the United States, and when he was director of the Poetry Center of the Hebrew Young Men's and Women's Association, he finally got it. Dylan was apparently conquered by Manhattan. He wrote: "the world of Titanic dreams, Babylon, all incredibly rich and strange." He soon found several Irish bars, his favorite being the White Horse Restaurant, perhaps because it was dark and old, which reminded him of the bars in London.

Dylan's series of recitations were an unprecedented success. Browning described his first recitation when he came to the United States, when he was so ill that he even vomited blood. But as soon as he took the stage, "his shoulders were straight, his chest firmly held high and his head held high." What he brought to the United States was a brand-new way of reciting. At the end of the recitation, the whole audience stood up and cheered. Another witness thought that the ordinary audience did not care about his difficult verses, and Dylan conquered them with his voice, the spell of pain and joy.

since he didn't go to college, in a letter to his wife Catelyn (Caitlin), he admitted his fear of those institutions of higher learning: "the kind of unknowable hellhole I'm about to enter." But he handled it well, recited 17 times in 29 days, the venue was full, and the American audience was shocked by the unique charm of being catchy.

Dylan's misdeeds are described in an actress's memoir. She asked Dylan why she came to Hollywood. Dylan said he wanted to touch the nipples of the blonde starlet and meet Chaplin. The actress granted his wish by dipping his finger in champagne to disinfect her breasts and then taking him to dinner with Chaplin and Marilyn Monroe. While Dylan was drunk before dinner, Chaplin was so angry that he drove Dylan away, saying that great poetry could not be an excuse for drunkenness. Dylan's answer was to pee in front of a plant on Chaplin's porch.

his success in the United States made it difficult for him to resist temptations, especially alcoholism. He is aware of this, but there is nothing he can do about it. The second trip to the United States was more self-destructive. Before honoring the memorial stones of American ancestors in Arizona, Dylan wrote an epitaph on a postcard to a friend:

We died on the island of Manhattan in the spring of 1952, in a heroic battle against American generosity. A Yankee named Shuangmai shot Catelyn. I was scalped by the Bourbons. Leave you this postmortem love.

this is Dylan's fourth visit to the United States. Since 1949, he began to write the poetic drama under the Milk Tree, which took him two or three years to complete. In May 1953, he came to the United States for the third time and staged "under the Milk Tree" in New York and other places, causing a sensation. Success is like a car whose brakes fail. Back in Wales, Dylan spent the last summer of his life, and his wife Catelyn tried to dissuade him from going to America again. According to an actor friend, DeeLan wanted to borrow a few hundred pounds from him, but he couldn't take it out for a while, otherwise Dylan wouldn't have to go to America. Dylan draws cartoons satirizing himself like a nightingale crazy about the dollar, looking for a "naked woman in a wet rubber raincoat" and Fly for writing to earn money to support his family.

on his last trip to the United States, he met Lizzie and became a lover. Liz is a self-confident woman who has been married twice, but unlike Catelyn, she can't control Dylan at all. After Dylan's death, Catelyn wrote to Liz, accusing her of stealing the world's greatest poet, and New Yorkers had no right to own any part of him.

the death of the poet may have something to do with the habit of putting drugs in American wine. That was the beginning of Greenwich Village's drug abuse culture, where cocaine and heroin were often used to control emotions. The mixture of drugs and alcohol is very dangerous. In addition, in order to get the best performance, Dylan took a lot of sleeping pills and tranquilizers.

Dylan's last recitation was at the City College of New York. His good friend, Welsh poet Dodd (Ruthven Todd), witnessed Dylan's death. In a letter to his friend, he wrote that he and two other people saw Dylan in the hotel room on November 3. At the time, he was "extremely interesting and busy inventing a bar for schizophrenia, in which he was the only customer." At noon the next day, after eighteen straight whiskies and two more beers, he completely broke down. Dodd remembers Dylan's last words: "A man is 39 when he is not careful."

the White Horse Restaurant is here. I stayed at a friend's house in Greenwich Village a few years ago and made a special visit. There are pictures of Dylan drinking there on the wall, selling tourist souvenirs related to him. It was once a gathering place for artists, including novelists Norman, Mailer, Jack Kruyak, singer Bob Dylan and so on. It is said that Dylan's last meal is served here in Dylan's taboo every year. The death of the poet unexpectedly brought good business to a bar. "in ancient times, the lives of sages may be lonely, but they are the only drinkers in the world who are famous forever."

Dylan died on November 9th, 1953, at the age of 39. Since he was a foreigner and had a special cause of death, he needed to identify the body, presented by Laughlin (James Laughlin), the owner of New Direction Publishing House in the United States. According to Laughlin, the smell of formaldehyde was mixed with sweet background music in the hospital morgue. A little old man rolled out corpses in which Laughlin recognized Dylan, who was blue and swollen. Under the guidance of the little old man, he came to a window where a short and small girl went through the formalities. With the help of Laughlin, she reluctantly spelled out her name. Asked about the occupation section, Laughlin said, "Poet." The answer puzzled her: "what is a poet?" "he wrote poems," Laughlin said. " So the little girl wrote on the form, "Dylan Thomas." He wrote poems. "

but I am dumb and cannot tell the bent rose.

the same winter fever bends my youth.

and I am dumb, unable to tell my blood vessels

the same mouth to breathe like this by the mountain spring.

the hand that stirs up the pool

raises quicksand; the hand that touches the wind

pulls up my shroud sails.

and I am dumb, unable to tell the strangled

how my soil is made into the executioner's lime.

and I am dumb, unable to tell the climatic wind

how time ticks out a paradise around the stars.

while I am dumb, I cannot tell my lover's grave

how the same maggot wriggles on my sheet.

(translated by Wang Ye Shuiqin)

I am speechless to tell the bent roses,

the same winter fever bends my youth.

the force that drives water through the rocks

drives my bright red blood; the force that dries up the stream

drives my blood to clot.

I am speechless to tell my blood vessels,

how the same mouth sucks up the clear springs in the mountains.

I told the hanged man in silence,

my soil is thus made into the executioner's lime.

Love drips and meets, but the blood

will surely soothe her pain.

I am speechless to tell you the wind of a climate,

how time ticks around the stars.Out of heaven,

I told my lover's grave in silence,

the same maggots wriggled on my quilt.

I have nothing to say. Bent roses

my youth is also weighed down by the same cold winter fever.

the force that drives the water through the rock

also drives my red blood, and the force that dries up the noisy water

also coagulates my blood flow.

I also have nothing to tell my blood vessels

it is the same mouth sucking in the high mountain spring.

also stirred the quicksand, and the hand that pulled the wind

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also dragged my canvas sail.

I have nothing to say to the hanged man

the hangman's lime is made of my soil.

the lips of time are like leeches clinging to the spring;

Love drips and accumulates, but the blood

will surely soothe her pain.

I also have no words to tell a weather wind

time has recorded a heaven in the weekly use of the stars.

the same maggots crawl on my pillow.

(translated by Wu Ningkun)

is my destroyer.

and I am dumb to tell the crooked rose

my youth is also bent by the high fever in winter.

and I dumbly told my blood vessels

how the same mouth sucks the mountain spring.

stirs the quicksand; the hand that pulls the wind

pulls the sail of my shroud.

and I silently told the hanged man

how my soil was made into the executioner's lime.

I dumbly told the wind of a climate

how time ticks along the stars to become heaven.

and I silently told my lover's tomb

how the same maggots wriggled on my sheets.

(translated by Beidao)

I have adopted four translations here. I referred to the first three translations and retranslated them according to the original with the help of American poets. Because of Dylan's unique rhythm and rhythm, as well as contradictory rhetoric, puns and so on, it is a great challenge for any translator. For example, the key sentence "I am dumb totell,dumb" means stupid in addition to mute, which means to tell. First of all, let's take a look at the translation of Wang Ye and Shuiqin: but I am dumb. If I can't tell you, I look clumsy and clumsy, which is a typical translation style. In contrast, Coast and others translated into speechless, Wu Ningkun translated into speechless is much better, but it seems that there is a certain distance from the original meaning of "mute". My translation of dumb notification is not ideal, but it more or less conveys the characteristics of this contradictory figure of speech. In addition, under the principle of no increase and no decrease, I try to make Chinese rhetoric more accurate and smoother and create a new rhythm. In my opinion, translation is like writing, often the key is the first sentence, which defines the sound of the whole poem. Let's compare the first sentence of these four versions: the force of driving flowers /my green years through the green fuse (translated by Wang Ye and Shuiqin); the force of driving flowers through the green stem tube /driving my green years (translated by the coast, etc.); the power of driving flowers through green stems and tubes /also driving my green years (translated by Wu Ningkun); Through the green fuse to promote the power of flowers /to open my green years (translated by Bei Dao).