Do you have to be what you want you to be?

Do you have to be what you want you to be?

"We should all know how to cheer ourselves up."

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Click on it. It's super nice! Good night, you and the world. When I was asked "what is your wish" when I was a child, many people would answer: grow up quickly! About growing up, we all have a lot of fantasies about what kind of adults we want to be, what kind of work we want to do, let our parents live a good life, take care of all the people who are good to us, and live a free life. In fact, in retrospect, "growing up overnight" seems to be happening, and we all inadvertently become adults. do you look like an ideal adult? At what moment did you find that you had grown up? the answer given to me by many people is when I find that I can provide a better life for my parents and the people around me, and I am dependent on them.

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"to work hard outside is to grow up"

when you think about it, we always seem to be asking our parents for something. But I have a friend, on the contrary, in the current situation that "buying a house depends on the down payment of my parents", five years after graduation, he bought an apartment for his parents in his hometown. Many people do not understand, feel that there is no room for appreciation, parents do not necessarily love to live and so on, but she said: I bought it for my parents, it is a "hope" and "peace of mind". as a Beijing drifter, from the year of graduation, his parents always said, "No, go back to your hometown." I believe everyone wandering in other places will hear this sentence. My parents are always worried that we can't eat well and sleep well. We are under too much pressure. We don't understand why we have to stay in the big city. The friend said that she fully understood her parents' worries. Prices in Beijing were very high and house prices were very expensive. No matter how hard she tried, she could not take root in this city, so she was always advised to go home, but in fact, she did not want to stay in Beijing for the rest of her life. She just wants to make more efforts when she is young so that she can give her parents better life in the future. So when her savings reached the point where she could make a down payment on a house in her hometown, she bought a house without hesitation and had a serious talk with her parents about her plans. she said that the significance of this apartment is, on the one hand, to let them know that they will go home one day, and on the other hand, to reassure them that they have not lost everything after a few years in Beijing. it was after that that parents finally realized that every day their daughter struggled outside, she was growing up, and she was ready to "take care of herself" and "take responsibility for the future."

"returning to hometown is also a way to grow up."

buying a home in your hometown is the first step for Beijing drifters' young people to return home, but many people only stop there. It takes courage to return. Downgraded monthly salary, degraded quality of life, and increasing workplace pressure always make him feel that his return may not be much easier than in a big city, and there are still a lot of things to prepare for to achieve this goal. because of this, I am always impressed by those who dare to practice and take action. at the beginning of this year, a friend of mine who claimed that he was going to resign a year ago finally put it into practice and went back to his hometown to accompany his parents, directly because her mother was ill and had an operation. Before we left, we had a meal together. "maybe there will be an epiphany at some point in life, so desperately trying to stay in this city, maybe it's just obsession," she said. " She thought that returning to her hometown would deprive her of thousands of possibilities in her life, but she did not expect to take pictures that were followed and envied by fond netizens: visiting shops, cooking, growing flowers, and her mother's daily routine. Perhaps the previous accumulated new media work experience helped, maybe the daily life of the small town is new and interesting to the modern people in the big city, or it is the filial piety to the mother that deeply moved everyone. The well-received vlog, made her, who lives in her hometown, exclaim, "I like everything so much." "the possibility of life never lies in the size of the city, and people tend to underestimate themselves. Everything we have experienced is ready for the future, so we don't have to worry about being at a loss in the face of an unknown life. This is the deepest understanding I have learned since I got home. " this is her latest vlog "growing up" ending. Maybe in the process of growing up, we all go through the same process: first worry about the future, then moderate dependence on parents, and finally "unwittingly" grow up to be on their own. in this process, we have experienced a lot: some people have pets, and in the process of taking care of them, they gain a sense of responsibility and a sense of achievement; some people work hard and find that no challenge is insurmountable in the process of teamwork; some people fall in love and learn to communicate better and accompany others in the process of getting along with their partners. After so many things have happened most young people are ready to face new stages and challenges in life, but in the game, we are not aware of it. For this reason, Moen wants to show the "preparation" of different people at different stages of life through three videos, so that everyone can see the growth of this year, make people more confident in the new year, and prepare for 2022. Maybe you, like them, want to add a new member of the family but are still hesitant to provide better care for it. Don't worry, Moon can help you prepare for the new family. Maybe you are married and have a baby of your own, but I don't know if you can balance more time with your children.Don't worry, with Moen, children can surprise you inadvertently. Maybe you, like the girl in the video, are still hesitating about whether you should accept a new relationship. You might as well relax, find the courage that already belongs to you, and let the relationship take its course. Take care of pets, get along with children, look forward to loving, every warm moment of life, Moen can accompany and witness, as a century-old brand, Moen's concept has always been to connect every moment with temperature with water. to bring everyone a better life experience and warm companionship. In the process of development, Moen also continues to optimize the user experience, pursuing extreme details and near-perfect craftsmanship, bringing users more user-friendly, smarter, and more practical products, so that everyone in the process of using water, can feel beautiful and comfortable. I think everyone knows very well that growing up is not only about age, but also psychologically. We should start to be responsible to the people around us, create a better life for those we love, and give others warmth and support. To do this, sometimes it is difficult, sometimes it is very simple, just start with some small details of your life, for example, let Moon become a force to help you, give your loved ones a better quality of life and exquisite experience. From looking forward to growing up, to being ready to grow up, it is a necessary process for everyone to go through. Very happy, this process is witnessed and accompanied by Moen. Moon has always believed that "young people are ready." at the end of 2021, you might as well get rid of those little emotions of mourning, find your "highlight moment" from your past life, see your "growth and progress", and then enter the new year with this sense of achievement and courage. 2022, I'm ready. I'm sure it's the same with you.

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good night, you and the world.

Goodnight, all and you.