Do you remember the last meal you had?

Do you remember the last meal you had?

It's a meal he cooked, rotten eggplant and potatoes.

my friend said that she recently found a super delicious restaurant and asked me to accompany her. When we drove there, I remembered it all as soon as we opened the door. This was the place where we ate for the last time.

it was neither an anniversary nor anyone's birthday. Just a few days ago, when we had a cold war, you angrily ignored my Wechat, and I made a gesture not to reply to your circle of friends. Our friends said that we were both stubborn, like two children who didn't grow up, so we were tense and embarrassed every time we were angry.

I know what you look like, just like you know what's on my mind. I used to joke that you were the second me, but the quality of the male version was poor, and you retorted that it was an upgraded version. But we all know that we are like each other's shadow, too familiar and too strange, both blind and impulsive, cold-blooded and warm.

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you taught me how to protect myself in love. I didn't think I would use it on you.

I am no longer used to saying what has been, and it is useless to say more. Too many people have died in the past, and their bodies are stacked in mountains, but I am still looking forward to finding a glimmer of life in it. Love regardless of the time, even if the expected future is naked in front of us as if there is such a want to resist the entanglement of the courage, the two people are so foolishly intertwined.

for some time, many of my friends around me suddenly broke up, as if someone had cast a curse. suddenly, all the people who were in love parted ways said all the cruel words, and did all the evil things, and there was no room for them to do anything. Before breaking up, considered the pros and cons of gains and losses, after the division seems to have become a difficult reason.

one of my buddies took the initiative to break up with his ex-girlfriend. as a result, he was even more depressed than the girls after he was separated. he shouted at the wine bureau every night to introduce girls, but none of the introduced girls liked them. When he drank too much, he hugged his friend's arm and shouted that he wanted to find an ex-girlfriend.

his reason for breaking up is very strange, saying that he thinks his ex-girlfriend doesn't like him.

he told me that he knew that his ex-girlfriend's heart was not on him at all, and he couldn't wait for her.

at that meal, the waiter was supposed to take us to a seat in the middle. I like the seat by the window, where there is a sofa, so ask the waiter to move our cutlery over there.

A few days before dinner, when I had dinner with friends, I was asked where you two went to eat. I said we would eat some box lunch outside, and everyone laughed and jokingly said why did you take your girlfriend to eat these? it seems to be true love. I said it must be true love.

I didn't see your expression at that time, but you were silent.

this restaurant is probably the most expensive restaurant we have ever eaten together, the kind of Japanese food that I usually don't want to come to unless it is treated by others. You know I like Japanese food, I often tell you that my hometown is by the sea, my favorite is to eat seafood, our side of the people eat seafood raw, when you come to my hometown I will take you to eat delicious food. What do you think you're doing there? it's not fun, and there's no entertainment.

it's not that we haven't eaten or can't afford to eat. It's just that both of us were short of money during that period. Anyway, we didn't have any formal requirements. We were very happy to have dinner together, what we ate and how much we ate. It seems that no one has specifically asked for it.

We thought about each other's worst ending and the best future, but we didn't realize that the future would come so soon, but we didn't expect the future to be the end, and it was so fast that there was no room for us to be fully prepared.

No swords, no heavy rain.

maybe we are all too patient to let those who understand the pain digest in silence.

you never said you loved me. I said it was very formal and serious.

you are calm and serious when you say you like me. Do you like me, or do you like me, or do you like me? I can't remember what the previous adverb is. I don't think you blame me.

two months after the breakup, when I came to see you, you said: you haven't found anyone else since you broke up for so long.

at that moment, my first reaction was: win.

in this protracted tug-of-war, I finally traded my heart for the proof that I love you much more than you love me. I stood on the stage waiting for praise with such honor, but the audience was already empty.

who on earth made a bet with whom?

if you like me as much as I like you, I'll blow this bottle of champagne.

I want to write something else, but no matter how hard I try to think about it, that's all I can remember.

time is cruel. If she wants you to be apart, she wants you to forget.

every meal she has eaten together, you will never know if this is the last meal with him.

I wonder if you remember the last meal you had?