Don't be your backup lover.

Don't be your backup lover.

Why do you bother to wait for a ship that doesn't know when to land?


Laver once had a spare tire to death.

makes her feel sick and out of breath whenever and wherever she thinks about it.

she happens to know a boy when he is lovelorn.  

from the very beginning, the boy couldn't sleep, so he talked with him about those tangled emotions all night, until the boy called one by one at night and talked nonstop for two or three hours; from secretly liking him and being willing to be a backup, to sending sweet love words to each other back and forth, good night, I don't know how many times I said to each other.


from "lovelorn with him" to "he seems to like me", from friends to the looming Youda, everything is like a dream.

but she knows very well that only how much can such an ambiguous plot be serious?


until the boy said that he wanted to find her in the city where she went to school, he couldn't wait for her to come home and want to "hug the real you".

Laver feels like a dream-clearly with the mood of a spare tire, but wants to come true?

feeling that he was flying from thousands of miles away, I couldn't help feeling that his dream shone into reality.


prepare the route to play with him as carefully as sleepwalking. A few days before he came, he was giggling when he walked and ate in class.

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I went to the airport like a sleepwalker to pick him up with a smile. He thought about what to say, what to do and what tone to use before going.

feel too beautiful to be true, but it is true.


however, when he came to her city, he said to her earnestly:


"can't we just be friends?"

"I came to your city just to see you."

What the...?

 hearing this, Laver looked confused and was about to faint on the ground.  

came to her city to say "I treat you as a friend"?!


sounds ridiculous, but it seems to have happened to a lot of people such as the ambiguity far and near, the last slap in the face. You should not only look innocent and worried but also put on a distressed face: "I just want to be friends with you."

stop dreaming, you've always been a backup.  

A good friend once told me about her and her male god-"I like him, think he is so excellent, and admire him for a long time." But he said he couldn't accept me yet. I want to try to wait for him! Maybe he will be moved in the future. "

 after listening to her thoughts for several days, I sneered in my heart several days. I asked her if she had heard the following story:  
 A soldier confessed to his beloved princess and said to her, "Princess, I love you, please marry me." And the princess replied, "if you wait at my window for 100 days, I will promise you." The soldier waited for 99 days as she wanted. However, on the morning of the 100th day, when the princess woke up, she found that the soldier had left.

I asked her, "do you know why the soldiers left?"  

my good friend looked at me with a bewildered face and said, "…" What are you trying to say? "

"will I keep you waiting if I like you?"

waiting makes no sense at all. Maybe you will ask, isn't it said in the lyrics that companionship is the most lasting confession? But the lyrics only tell you that it is "companionship", not that it refers to the companionship of mutual affection.

if I like you, I can't wait to be with you for a second, instead of "being with you as a friend".

do you think you will like me later?

if you like you, you won't fucking keep you waiting.

the finale of Descendants of the Sun, Liu Shizhen set out to complete a three-month task. Before leaving, she said to Qiao Mei, "I'm sorry to give you the chance to wait for me." Because I like you, I don't want to keep you waiting. If I know you are waiting, I will come back.

the 99 days of waiting for soldiers are waiting for despair and waking up. The princess gave him not true love, but pity as "not so fond".


if the confession was not the soldier, but the prince of the princess's dreams, would she keep him waiting for those 100 days?

even if the soldier waits for 100 days, she will not be with him wholeheartedly.

what is a spare?

the spare tire is not enough to like to be together, but it is still not good for him, so he stays with him in the name of so-called "friends" for one reason or another.

as a spare, what are you waiting for? Waiting for him to accept you? And then give well unconditionally, to look forward to will you be tempted?

I don't like you enough, that is, he will never be the first in his heart. Even if it is in the first place, for the time being, it is only because the champion has not yet appeared. What if you are number one for the time being? Even if there is no one else, you can't get the throne

-until the next one he likes enough shows up, you will return to the permanent runner-up.


give wholeheartedly or unconditionally to him. If you want to be tempted, why do you need to accumulate your heart for years? Usually, waiting for such an attraction is a long time away, not only for a long time, but also very likely not to wait until

-if so, the soldiers in front of them will not have to wait for 99 days. In the end, even if you are moved, it is only because you are "moved" passively, that you are satisfied again.


when will the prophet wake up and stop thinking that he will like you?


Yes, indeed, there are examples of friends around them who have been working on a spare tire until they break up, when he is moved, and when the timing together is still very happy at last.


on the other hand, I also had the experience of "unforgettable" spare tire, which was so abused that I couldn't sleep every night, was sweet and painful in repeated ambiguous torture, and finally became depressed and paranoid.


Yes, you may or may not be able to wait.


Yes, you can choose to give up and not be a backup lover, or you can choose to deliver sincerely, regardless of it, and wait for time to meet the other person's heart.


Yes, even if the other person doesn't like you most, he or she is sincere to you, but the weight is not enough. If you try harder, you may get the throne.

Yes, there are thousands of reasons to look at a problem. You can despair, you can also make yourself feel at ease; you can repeatedly ask why you are ambiguous and do not come to shore, and you can enjoy the atmosphere of coming and going in such an unfettered way.

 but dear friends, I hope you can find someone who likes you enough and doesn't need you to wait.

I don't want you to stand in line and wait for the love from above.

I used to be a champion, how can I be used to being a backup lover?

  good love should be given equally.

Why are you waiting for a ship that doesn't know when it will come ashore?