Don't get married before the age of 30

Don't get married before the age of 30

We should see more things and meet our loved ones in the vast world.

my landlord is in her fifties and is still unmarried. When talking to her, she proudly showed off her double degree, told me that she had been in the United States for ten years, and told me everything she had, except marriage and love.

I know I can't bring it up. I can't even mention it when she does. Compared with so many things that add points to herself and make her sparkle inside, she must not mention this, nor can I mention it. On the one hand, this is the failure of her excellent life, and on the other hand, when it comes to love, it seems that the things she used to show off are desperately filling holes for lack of love, and a confident and independent woman cannot mention it. Because some faint flashes of fear and regret will instantly cause their people to collapse.

when I had a chat with her, she knew very well. She said, "who doesn't want love? I'm up to now. Although love hasn't happened to me yet, I can't help but look forward to it coming at any time. Although this hope is getting slimmer and slimmer, it has persisted until now, let alone make do with it, can it?"

I can't make do, the streets are full of people who can't make do, some too many people can't make do, people's concept of love is becoming more and more mature, our concept is mature and independent, and I don't worry about eating and drinking now. But there is a lack of love in the spiritual world-people who know themselves are the too valuable-the relationship between men and women is based on the most primitive sex, but no longer based on reproduction.

1. I have a partner, but I don't seem to have a partner.

she has recently fallen into a state of tiring work with her best friend. She actually has a boyfriend, but it is not scary to be in a different place, but they almost talk to each other, and they all rely on being together for a long time to maintain this relationship. There is nothing to say, and when they are reluctant to part, they fall into such a strange circle. in their relationship, girls have better ability to work, and the two often break up without a reasonable answer in quarrels over questions such as "whether to go back to their hometown" and "whether to come to my city".

the most fundamental reason is that we still can't talk together, and many ideas can't reach a consensus.

2. Have been hurt, do not dare to start a new relationship, think that love is nothing more than this, we are all the same.

this group is not a minority, and even I am the kind of people who "fuck love, don't love, love your mother Le Gobi". My friend is very funny, saying that you and the girl in the video also look alike. I say, in a sense, all of us. My last boyfriend was a complete king of routines. At first, I didn't know. The longer I got together, the more incredible I felt. How could there be such a social person? so it wasn't long before I broke up with him, and when he broke up, he woke me up. He said, "go ahead, you find the men are all the same in the end, and you can't find anything better." I said, "well, let's wait and see." In fact, after the harsh words, I think he is right, there are a lot of people on earth, and they don't have so much time to run into the right people every day. More people do not dare to start just like this. when they see the love at the end, they always quarrel, they are too lazy to fix it, they are wrapped in selfishness, and in the end, they end up playing, wasting time and feelings, and it is better to observe and observe more, so as not to harm others and harm themselves.

3. An elegant individualist.

Men and women are different, women will be more emotional, especially at present more and more independent women, a bag of boys can not afford to buy, girls can save a little bit to buy, you say there is no more spiritual resonance, what do I want you to do? The two of them can't go in a better direction, so I might as well take a long stride forward by myself.

Don't you have to be a match for your relationship? no one wants to play chess with a fool, and you can't catch every move. You know how to go, and you all want to walk for him, but the other person doesn't do it, so you're worried. Romance should be a law understood by both sides, and people with equal strength can attract each other.

before this, it was more to practice, speed up practice, and improve the Rank, so that you can compete with the master, and when you are worthy of what you want, you and the other party will communicate at a higher level.

A friend of mine posted a circle of friends the other day. I thought it was very good. She praised her father: dad came to Beijing to talk about things and asked me to have dinner with him in the evening. During the dinner, an uncle said, "Why are you so tired?" Girls still have to get married early. My father's face suddenly became serious and said, "Children have their ideas and respect each other. If they don't fall in love and don't get married at the age of 30, they also choose to live the happiest life. Marriage is not the only destination in life. It's good that they can be responsible for their own choices." Well, it's the same father who didn't let me go to Xiamen to study in high school and said, "the sky is high and the birds are allowed to fly."

I am very moved by two key points. One is: "Marriage is not the only destination in life. You have to be responsible for your own choices." the second is to say: "the sky is high and birds are allowed to fly". Not all parents have this awareness, and even the younger generation is easy to worry about falling into the strange circle of love anxiety. When we feel anxious, we should read this passage to encourage each other.


I am not disappointed in love. It can be said that I am seldom disappointed in anything. I know very well that I can never be disappointed by this. Some kind of emotion control. you can be emotional, but you must be rational in doing things, especially in making choices.

in big cities, it's normal not to get married before the age of 30. It's not a task, it's the icing on the cake. Once I had a good chat with a senior sister of a listed company. She asked me if I was single. I was right. I said that my sister had a suitable single person to introduce me to. She asked me a question and stupefied me. She asked me, "are you ready to get married? it's a responsibility." My first reaction is "no", this is my most real reaction, that is, no, not ready, even do not want to talk about love, I want to first enjoy their best time, love is like the wind, the most comfortable bunch, will always blow to their own body. Marriage is a kind of responsibility. should not regard divorce as an exit, but should not play games from the beginning of choice.

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Last month on a trip to Budapest, I met an aunt who was born in 1949. She often travels alone. She is still learning English seriously. She is very young, but she has a lot of experience. She is a young girl, as a living artist with silver hair and cool. Her two twin daughters in Silicon Valley, married, dink, adopted children, we feel sorry for her, but she is far better than we think what life is, and she does not think it is nothing, chat with her, she probably conveyed to me is, children, we should see more things, in the vast world to meat lovers.

I tell myself that if I don't get married before the age of 30, I have no regrets even if I haven't met. In my opinion, there are always more important things to do than love that's what I said before I met love. But what remains the same is change. Maybe when I was 29 years old, I happened to meet the match, who knows.