Don't tell me where you ended up going.

Don't tell me where you ended up going.

When we stride forward, we can prove that what is precious and hard-won along the way is not the card in the bag, but the memories that we can't get rid of behind us.


staying up late is always easy to get hungry.

just now I suddenly remembered my father's fried rice with soy sauce. When I was very young, my father would make me a bowl of fried rice full of treasure before watching the game. He stared nervously at the little people running around on the TV, and I crouched in the sofa holding a bowl and ate it in big mouthfuls for many late nights.

people seem to be like this, obviously did not deliberately stop, but some memories do not know which turn, they are blown to an invisible corner by the head-on wind; But I would cross the crossroads one day, but I took an extra look at the back of the passers-by, but I couldn't stop thinking of a lot of memories, as if the dilapidated ferry suddenly turned on electricity, and was about to go ashore, but he couldn't help pulling himself around in the past.

I have tried thousands of times, survived a long period of insomnia, desperately accumulated a little bit of physical strength, and broke through the hurdles one after another, but why did you pull me back to the starting point after saying nothing for a long time?

Yearn for flirty empire waist evening dresses and be the spotlight of crowed? Quit searching from expensive retailers!

memories always pop up all of a sudden. It punches me hard and occasionally caresses me on the cheek. It passes through the earlobe, shakes its arm, points impartially at the step-by-step footprints behind me, rebuilds a statue that I thought had long been melted by ice and snow, and stands upright, so that I dare not come any closer, but cannot help but secretly look at it again.

one rainy day, people at the next table thought of an umbrella on a rainy day, people at the next table thought of a summer night, and people on the steps of the park thought of a pair of hands, but the plane left traces over his head and thought of a string of flight numbers. What on earth do you think is haunting me. it is time that slips through the gap, but I can't slip through the gap of time.


if I were only 18 years old, I would hold you breathlessly and never give up, regardless of whether you like it or not. What is calm and rational is all a lie, only memories are the most heartfelt. So I actually longed for memories and never let go of me, only willing to hang a bloody battle with me. Let go and forget the magnanimous life for others to live, you quickly drink up all the unrequited water, but I want to hold the love word of long and unrequited love to the old, it is so unambitious, you ask for a life, I love, is there any difference?! Just want to know you every spring, summer night into your arms, even if always bid farewell to you in the autumn rain, but still can not forget you at the end of winter. even if we never say tomorrow, it's enough for me to happily eat all the meat on the table.  

now that I am several years older, I seem to be afraid to say anything more, timid and afraid of losing. Besides you, I want a lot more.

but the clue you left beside me is a bottle of Coke that has been shaken hard and sprinkled with Bubble all over the floor. It's white. I can't pick it up, but it keeps popping out. Yu Chunjiao became another Zhang Zhiming. I lived in a different Zhang Zhiming, pretending that I was still my original self.

there is a place far away from me, where the wind and sand is strong, the stars are wild, and I am covered in dust, standing shivering cold in the wind under the eaves. I've only been there once. With you. There is a place in my hometown called Jiangnan, where there is a mountain of landmark significance, which can almost overlook the lights of the whole small city. But I've only seen it once. With you.


I have walked home more than once, as well as with you. I have eaten in a restaurant more than once, and so have you. Songs that have been sung many times have also been sung to you. You have a good smell from the collar to the air around you, you speak in a special tone, and I find every word very interesting. all your place names have been added to the weather forecast program on your mobile phone. But that's not enough to make me happy. I am glad that I have made all the sentences one word at a time, and you know that I am talking about you. You can see clearly the twists and turns of my mind like the back of my hand. My memories are not only mine, but also yours. is that good enough?

We stride forward to prove that the hard-won card along the way is not the card in the bag, but the memory that we can't get rid of behind us. those happy moments, bumpy energies, necessary losses, unexpected surprises. We all put it in there. Perhaps from the past will inevitably make people suffer, but the most difficult time, often can endure the aftertaste.

I'd like to carry a full load of memories about you, one more ride, one more ride. But if I lose them one day and get away with it, I just hope no one will tell you what's going on with you, and no one will tell me where you ended up going.


We are passengers who get off sooner or later on each other's journey. but I'm not depressed at all. Those exclusive memories hanging all over the branches are also reflected in the moonlight. The night watchman looked at the wind and frown on his shoulders and frowned. He said that in order to light up my opaque heart, we would hang the moon in front of every window.

what you see is, in fact, the same as what I see.