Don't wait and go to sleep.

Don't wait and go to sleep.


in a certain period, I will particularly want to hear a person's good night. At that time, a boy chased me and would find all kinds of topics to chat with me every day. Sometimes I would be perfunctory with him impatiently, and sometimes I didn't even reply, but after a long time, I gradually got used to his daily news.

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every night, whether I reply to the previous message or not, he will send me "good night" in front of my Rest. It seems that the word "good night" has become a habitual conclusion, meaning that at the end of the day, we can still keep in touch. Once, when I was lying in bed talking to him about the school, he said that his mother called and waited to continue to talk to me. I swiped my cell phone for a while because I was so tired that I fell asleep unconsciously.

when I got up the next day, I saw two unread messages, both from him. The first is to continue the topic we didn't finish talking about, and the other half an hour later, he said, "you're probably too tired to fall asleep. We'll talk when you get up. Good night."

at that time, I suddenly felt very moved, and there was a kind of peace of mind and satisfaction that people had been thinking about all the time.

A lot of friends are like this. They talk to the people they care about before Rest because the time before going to bed is all their own. During that period, they just want to spend every minute and every second with the person they care about. In the evening, the most expected thing is to receive a message from him, "what are you doing?" Or greeting what they have done all day, two people start talking about small things, talking about happy things in each other's lives, talking about strange and interesting people they have met every night's greeting chat does not make up for, "I miss you."?.

Bedtime news is like a reassurance to let you know that the other person cares, but also gives you the courage to fall asleep.


some people may think that the chat reply is just a formality like a person does not need to chat so often. But for many people, love also needs a form, all peace of mind will be pinned on some kind of behavior, perhaps a hug, a kiss, or a "good night".

YY and I complained that I hadn't received a good night from my boyfriend for many days. He always fell asleep on his own and didn't care if he replied to the message. Then the next day he forgot the news of the previous day and asked YY foolishly, "what did we say yesterday?"

YY says it's not that she suspects her boyfriend doesn't like her, but she often doesn't sleep well every night when she brushes Wechat over and over again, expecting something from each other, but nothing. "I don't feel at ease, as if I haven't done anything."

waiting for a person's news is a very strenuous task. There will always be people who wonder if the other person is busy, whether they don't care about themselves, or if they don't have something to say. Such feelings are full of doubts, which will slowly open the distance between the two people, making the original intimate relationship estranged and cold.

for many nights, we couldn't wait for the news we wanted, an emoji, a symbol, a good night, nothing. It is not a big deal, but the heart is empty, it will be uncomfortable. Sensible what, not do know, but love and love need a form to prove, even a few words, can make this night warmer.

you can't sleepover and over again. Are you waiting for someone to hear from you, too?

try saying good night to him on your initiative.

good night.