Don't worry, I got you.

Don't worry, I got you.

I am so devoted to every relationship that I have no reservations at all. I admit that I am a complete loser in love, but I can never see the bad side of others. Even if he has made me happy for two or three moments, I will never forget it for the rest of my life.

all people are emotional animals, no matter how much you deny it.

Mac asked me, "Why are you so rational before falling in love with that person? why do you become hypocritical and sensitive after falling in love with that person?" Almost everyone saw her change, she began to care about every time she met her boyfriend, she began to suspect every piece of news from her boyfriend Wechat, and she often lost her temper over trifles for no reason.

I remember seeing Cecilia Cheung saying on the Internet, "I am so devoted to every relationship that I have no reservations at all." I admit that I am a complete loser in love, but I can never see the bad side of others. even if he has made me happy for two or three moments, I will never forget him for the rest of my life.

I am so devoted that I entrust all my feelings to each other at the beginning, good or bad, wayward sensible, kind and jealous, that person walks into your life from a complete stranger and finally becomes the softest piece of armor in your heart. he gave you all the sense of security you wanted, as well as all the storms.

Wheat said, "he thinks I don't have sense of security. He thinks I always enlarge the small details, which makes him tired." But I also tried to control it. Am I really doing too much? "

after duplicity for a long time, I believe that I can pretend to be so indifferent. Obviously is mad with jealousy, hide their care so deep, a generous face of the cloud light, you consider every word into a dialogue, in the tip of the nose into a sea of pan-acid.

as long as you once gave me arms and warmth when I needed you, I seem to be able to go on without looking back. I am also a big loser, always worried about when you will leave, I speculated countless reasons for your indifference, no one can convince myself to let me keep you.


everyone wants to find such a person, you are safe around him, is certain, is an eye contact to understand each other. you don't have to worry about where he's going, you know he's right next to you, behind you, every time you feel weak and inferior, pull you out of the darkness like a hero, tell you there's a long future, and I can go with you.

but you've been walking around for so long, you've met so many people, you've been through so many stories, and there's no one empty around you. Dear you know, no one will always accompany you, they will finally go to their own different roads, at the intersection to bid farewell to you coldly. The sense of security and companionship you wanted before are all gifts you gave yourself in the end.

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he quietly set the phone password, secretly deleted chat records, he does not want to tell you his whereabouts, nor does he want to take you to dinner with friends, he does not care about all your details, can break your security barrier bit by bit. Your heart is not so vulnerable, but you let him too close, so that he can easily find your weakness.


what do you do without sense of security? There will be any girl who wants to be criticized, but cares too much about that person. as a matter of fact, I am not as strong and proud as I look. I will collapse with a gentle push. I am not brave at all. I am used to running away. I am used to hiding myself in a corner where there is only myself. I say that I do not want other people's care, or even fear the kindness of others. I may just be too afraid to face this bad self.

all these years, I have been looking for someone I can trust without leeway. In fact, everyone is different. They all have their own world and values, and they have built a bastion of security in their world. Waiting for another group of people to visit. everyone is a tramp in this vast world, some people lose money, some people lose trust, some people lose feelings, and I just hope that when I meet you, I will not feel wandering again. But in the end, none of these feelings are from you. when we are full of sense of security, we have no doubt about anything; when there is no sense of security, we find that the explanation is so hard that even the strength to recover is exhausted, as if it is ridiculous to keep throwing empty fists at the air. If the feeling you want can no longer wait on that person, save it for yourself.

finally, I wish you can be a happy person.

my heart will slowly learn to forget.