Don't worry, I'm here.

Don't worry, I'm here.


Don't be afraid, I'm here, by your side.

this is the most beautiful love word in the world.

I heard that Charlotte's troubles are particularly beautiful.

so I went to see them with my friends yesterday.

I didn't think a comedy would make me cry.

after watching the whole movie,

90 minutes will tell you what companionship is the most lasting confession.

you always think you can get someone better than you are now,

but you don't know that the person around you is the best person for you now.

go in a hurry, but forget the people around you who take care of everything for you.

has become a part of your life.

only when you lose this person,

do you find that you have lost your whole life?

it turns out that no amount of money can compare with a bowl of fennel noodles from your lover.

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is it because it is too material now, or is it too insipid to see love?

I received several contributions from the children in the library when I was watching the movie yesterday.

my friend asked me why I didn't read it now.

I said it was a contribution from the children in the library. Wait for me to watch quietly when I am alone.

as a result, I saw a letter responding to the situation.

is a girl named Xiao Qi?

she says that her boyfriend only knows how to drive and never looks back, but she stops where she is.

she has been with her boyfriend for three years, level 10, of the same level.

these three years have occupied almost my whole college life.

however, in the year of graduation, his boyfriend is going to study abroad for three years.

and she graduated alone in Shanghai.

for various reasons, she doesn't want to go abroad. She says that not everyone wants to go abroad and have a new start in a strange city. Even if she goes to school, she just wants to stay where she is and open a bookstore.

in the year of graduation, Xiao Qi said that he could not go abroad. Did he stay in Shanghai for me?

he said, No, I must go out because I can get a better education.

Xiao Qi said yes, then I respect your choice.

they do love each other, but the boys want to succeed so much that they even want to graduate in three years and stay abroad directly. However, the best time for girls is to wait without commitment. is crazy to have promised, not to mention endless waiting.

she has been working all the time after graduation, saving money and experience to realize her dream of opening a bookstore.

but the journey was particularly difficult. From choosing a location to buying a book to running to some relevant departments, she was the only one. They had 13 hours of jet lag and spent the whole morning and dusk. Xiao Qi told her boyfriend that I wish you were by my side. Her boyfriend unexpectedly said, "whose dream is to open a bookstore?" Xiao Qi said, "it's mine," he said. "if it's yours, you should do it yourself. Don't make yourself so miserable. You can do without me." Xiao Qi choked back. Now the bookstore is open in Xuhui. They also broke up, indeed, without him, it would be fine.

Xiao Qi's boyfriend especially regretted it. He said to Xiao Qi, "I only worry about going abroad, but I don't think about how difficult it is for you to be alone in a city." however, every chat Xiao Qi downplayed all the difficulties and said less and less. He began to think about Xiao Qi, and he couldn't avoid memories even when he went abroad. He said to Xiao Qi, I have been successful, but now I just want to be by your side. Xiao Qi said it's too late.

this is the whole story of this email.

I happened to see Charlotte's trouble again.

I feel that there are too many people in the world who don't cherish the people around me.

A person has done a lot for you.

accompany you with time and youth.

while you only think about everything that has nothing to do with it,

puts her as the last thing to think about.

Don't be afraid, I'm here, always by your side.

I think this is the most beautiful love word in the world.

ignoring the people around you who are nice to you is the blindest loss.

this is why Charlotte

stuck to Ma Dongmei when she got her.

grab her for fear of losing again,

as if you never got it.

your eyes are a clear spring.

how much I want to stick a sharp needle in the tip of your nose.

Oh no, I can't water, don't save me,

I want to indulge in your eyes.

Oh, help me!

Don't let my body cloud your eyes.

you sit at the head of the class and I sit at the end of the class.

Don't you see every day? Jun, I want to kiss you on the mouth.

put fennel so that when you are tired of me,

can recall my good.

I'll give you everything I have, and

you give me back the winter plum.


the one you love becomes

because you don't cherish it. Someone else's boyfriend or girlfriend.

you have lost your treasure, but others have gained it


I hope everyone doesn't know how important she is until she loses someone


move forward desperately so that the other person can have a good life,

but ignore this person in the effort.

Don't let your efforts turn out to be meaningless.

people are all emotional animals.

A face-to-face warm word is better than a text message.  A strong hug is better than not touching each other.

fortunately, Charlotte lost her lover in a dream and

knew how important she was to her.

but in reality, we have no time to turn back.

cherish the people in front of us.

Don't let our efforts fail.

companionship is the most lasting confession.

"Don't be afraid, I'm here for you.

come and hide in my arms when you're scared."

this is the most beautiful love word in the world.