Dress your man up before he has a belly.

Dress your man up before he has a belly.

Come when he is too old to dance with him. No, no. And. Yes.

I found that most girls of our age have a good foundation for looking for male friends, even if they don't have long legs, but they don't have a big belly. Passers-by of the normal figure is neither amazing nor scary. This is a good thing, not to mention why your man didn't grow into Lee Min-ho. Because by the time we get to this stage in the picture below, it will be too late.

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so dress up while your man is young and doesn't have a beer belly. There are only a few types of men's attire. Let's talk about it one by one.

1 minimalist

figure out the minimalist, you have to figure out the difference between comfortable and sloppy. The simple type requires comfortable clothes, which not only make you comfortable but also when others see him. Here are a few points to master, in short, simplicity, no fancy, no hip-hop slacks, no tits, no hoodies to sing rap.

concrete demonstration: simple T-shirts + casual pants + board shoes or casual leather shoes or popular fisherman's shoes are all ok.

then I'll say it! shirts are not tucked into trousers is OK! But only suitable for vacation style! If you're not on vacation or shopping, don't allow your male friends to drag their shirts on their buttocks! And holiday-style shirts should be thin and soft, don't wear a work shirt and go to the beach.

2 workplace type

(rookies and more formal occasions)

most men have to go to work. But you don't necessarily need to wear the same clothes as you have to attend the two sessions. But it's too casual, and it's not like that. So there are a few principles: no jeans and sneakers (the most fashionable board shoes in fashion). Tops also reject knitting and T-shirts. Men in the workplace dress very simply-a pair of casual suit trousers + a good quality shirt + a suit + a pair of simple leather shoes + a watch that does not show off wealth or low. That's about it. The other day I heard a man say, "I don't buy a suit. I can only wear a suit when I get married-- this is!" What the heck. He thinks that the suit is probably only a complete set of suits, which is too formal.

ordinary young people in the workplace do not recommend a complete set of suits. They don't look like real estate agents but like stolen clothes. In addition to the suit, suit, there are several more!

The suit jacket is great. Not too formal, but stylish enough, the other two are not recommended. I haven't seen many real men withhold double-breasted and sporty suits.

on the contrary, I do not recommend trousers and tops in complete sets. As long as they are matched properly, a color system will look more harmonious. Figure 3 above. My new male god Nolan doesn't have his temperament, so don't imitate others. But his small suite with khaki pants, the average male classmate can hold live. Also, male students who have just gone to work should not push too hard. Wear shiny lacquered leather pointed shoes. Wear a silk tie, the bow tie is still crooked. That would be. Joke. Joke. Joke. In the case of shoes, I found a very complete picture of shoes, and I marked out the styles suitable for work with a red pen.

3Smart Casual

when a man has money and a woman with good taste. Then with his taste, he will know that smart casual is the most cutting-edge fashion. The second point can be changed to business casual, but compared with smart casual, the forced grid level is immediately lower to the dust. In a literal sense, smart casual is both comfortable and stylish, or the kind of stylish person who exudes the brilliance of genius. And because it's not a tough rookie, you have to dress up in the office as a male god for girls to scream and losers to imitate, and then go to the bar without changing clothes and still look like that god. I'm going to post my Nolan picture again.

Yes, it is such a style that makes both men and women so attractive that they are so coquettish when they are naked. Of course, my Matthew is still stylish.

Brainy is the new sexy. You can't help it when you see it. Speaking of this sentence, I think of Curly Fu, which is also the same style.

so come back to smart casual. First of all, don't try if you don't have that style. The low dirt rolls out, and the rest with a good foundation look down. Knitted cardigan or T-neck + shirt, sneaker, jeans, is equipped with the smart artifact. It can be matched as follows:

A low-key, simple leather watch with a sense of design and a pair of flamboyant loafers are also essential. By the way, some match the overall temperament. Simple belt, do not have seven wolves logo and big H Oh!

it's also great to show your ankles.

of course, all this is based on your male friend, who is thin, slim, and slightly aesthetic. If the foundation is too poor. We can only force him to make good money. Or save it for braised pork.