Each person can only accompany you for a long way, sooner or later will be separated.

Each person can only accompany you for a long way, sooner or later will be separated.


everyone can only accompany you for a while.

sooner or later, they will be separated.

the picture above is Yoko taken in the Araki Sutra album.

at the last moment of Yoko's life, he grabbed Yoko's hand.

since then, Araki has only himself and Cat Quo.

and after that, the cat left him.

my cat is over one year old now. When I bought him, I didn't think he would grow up so fast. As a photographer, I didn't take some pictures of him when he was young.

however, he grew up all of a sudden.

people grow up and grow old at once.

memories of many people exist only in memories.

Ji Xiao said a sentence that moved me very much. He said:

"it's like the story has never been told, but I know that you must have walked a long way and suffered a lot to come to him, otherwise, he just took one more look at you, and your eyes turned red. I also know that you must have followed her for a long time, otherwise your heart would be broken when she smiled sadly in the corner. "

And you must know all this when you think about how you came all the way here. "

for many of the people we meet, who appear in our lives who have an impact on us, they are full of bonds with us.

it may have taken them a long time and a long and difficult way to appear in these short years of our lives.

I thought my grandfather was in good health, but he left me early and didn't even feel the joy of getting the college admission letter.

some departures are so unexpected that they don't even have time to say goodbye.

the departure of some lovers is the same. They can only accompany you for a while, and then have another person to accompany you the next part of the way.

the lifespan of a cat or dog is 12-18 years. When we bring them home, we are young, and when they leave us forever, we are middle-aged.

our lovers accompany us through every moment of youth, our classmates and friends know us, and only a few people will continue to participate in the rest of our lives.

some people stop in place forever, they accompany us through a period, it is a precious image full of emotion, played in our memory.

We may meet many lovers in our lives. They will accompany you through as little as a week to a lifetime, and then with traces of passing them, another person will take over the next part of your journey.

seeing the old friends of mountains and rivers yesterday, Jia Zhangke said in the movie:

"everyone can only accompany you for a short walk.

sooner or later they will be separated."

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people are always lonely, aren't they?

the person who is with you now, until the last minute, you are not sure whether he will accompany you through the rest of your life.

so be nice to whoever is with us now.

We can't predict when they will leave us.

all we can do is hold their hands as they accompany us.

so that there is no regret when waving goodbye.

loved ones and family members are the same, even if they leave us in the end.

the road they walked with us was also the best.

if the temperature is still there, it won't be cold.


also because it will be separated from what we love sooner or later.

makes you feel that you don't want to waste a minute.