Eternal woman, leading mankind forward

Eternal woman, leading mankind forward

Personal Top Ten female theme Film

personally, a truly outstanding film should be "gender-neutral", because the soul has no gender, only boring and interesting, or, among the sexes in nature, we respect each other's gender differences.

1 Edge of tomorrow (2014) Edge of Tomorrow  

this sci-fi action film against the backdrop of alien invasion at first makes people think of it as a replica of "Battle of Los Angeles" and "Pacific Rim", then there is a reincarnation similar to "Lola run" and "Source Code". The hero and heroine find ways to control aliens in constant archival reading files. Emily Blunt plays (Valkyrja), the invincible goddess of war in the army. Instead of being a feminine and reserved woman, she is no longer an appendage to any man. Its bravery, tenacity, wisdom, elegance, variance, and valiance can be called "Mulan in the future".

2 Crazy Max 4: Fury Road (2015) Mad Max: Fury Road  

the biggest revelation of this film is that you don't have to develop a strong body to be strong, and the so-called equality between men and women, no matter what environment you are in, you can make choices according to your wishes, and this will have nothing to do with men, love, but only about controlling your destiny. The real meaning of women's rights is that everyone is free and equal, and the ultimate goal is to make people ignore gender when making judgments.

there are no sex scenes, no kissing between men and women, not even a scene of holding hands. Through the perfect match of blood and sand, fire and emptiness, fierce chase, and punk rock music, the whole audience high to the explosion. I've seen the best action movie this year, and none of them.

3 Agent Carter's first season (2015) Agent Carter Season 1  

as a derivative of Marvel, it looks surprisingly good, and the details in the film are enough to teach all pseudo-feminist rights in the country a lesson. From the perspective of the post-World War II era of inequality between men and women in the United States (which is similar to today's China), women through their struggle and wisdom to win respect and achieve goals. I think this is the hardcore (The Core), of women's rights. People will respect those strong people who are constantly self-improving, tenacious, and do not try to find excuses to escape. Ta has nothing to do with gender.

4 A good wife (2009-2015, serial) The Good Wife  

how can a housewife turn into a professional and capable senior lawyer when her husband is in jail, her family is fragmented, and the economy is broken? Not everyone dares to fight hard in a desperate situation at home and abroad. For women's self-education and growth, this film can be called a teaching film. As it focuses on lawyer-related affairs, highly professional and clear logical reasoning is worth learning and using for reference, among which all kinds of independent women in the workplace are full of charm.

5 Red Pepper (2006)  

Dream and reality, external and inner, men and women, light and darkness, seem to be opposite and merge, while sex and violence are the eternal themes of human beings. In the absurd dream, express and allude to the ugliness and darkness in reality, and use exaggerated and imaginative means to express the trend and trend of the times.

just as Douban's film review said: if Inception is taken by engineering students, full of logic, mathematics, reasoning, and smart things, then chili peppers are like liberal arts students who can do anything. It's a real dream.

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Director Jin-Min once filmed "the Department House without hemp" and "the Actress of the Millennium", but sighed that the people had gone.

6 female addicts: the first part (2013) Nymphomaniac: Volume I  

people are infatuated with sex because they can let go of thinking during sex and experience the beauty of "selflessness" in the best part of the moment. If you think explicit sex scenes and genitals are dirty, it's because you are a complete hypocrite. This film explores the nature of desire and sex, and unorthodox sex addicts are more like pioneers.

7 Gouzhen (2003 ) Dogville  

this is the pinnacle of Nicole Kidman's work. Compared with the cruel topics such as kidnapping and trafficking in women and children and raising child prostitutes in reality, this film is as perfect as a fairy tale.

rather than saying that human nature is inherently evil, it is better to say that in the real world, whoever has the supreme power and supreme power will have the power of trial and arbitration. The development of science and consumerism not only promoted social progress but also destroyed people's pursuit of the foundation of belief. Above mortals, God is dead.

8 Green Snake (1993) Green Snake  

this play is as memorable as A Chinese Odyssey. When I was a child, I saw demons and ghosts. Watch the second time, the two love each other, life and death parting. Love to the end, all living beings, trapped by love, bound to its body. Alive? Spiritual practice? To have no desire, but I am a layman, can not avoid seven emotions and six desires. In the end, life belongs to a sigh.

Life is like a play, and a play is like life. If life is only like first sight, what is the autumn wind sad painting fan?

9 Kill Bill (2003) Kill Bill: Vol. 1  

the identity of a woman is never in conflict with that of a soldier.

in that piece of flesh and blood, Quentin Tarantino tells people through this film that the film does not need any connotation at all, just like living, it does not need any meaning. A bloody work full of killing, coupled with the appropriate benefits of the occasion soundtrack, constitutes a classic of the aesthetics of violence. It also means that women can fight as well as men, and even be more outstanding in some ways.

10 hundred Yuan Love (2014) hundred Love  

this film can be described as a female loser and a motivational song of waste firewood.

"break up because you met and lost because you fought. It hurts, but I want to exist. "

an old female loser who has no talent, no money, and no appearance, begin the first step to face herself squarely, find a way to save herself, climb out of this pile of mud, even win once, and live like a real person.

Please don't hate my muddy hands, but rise and dare to face the shit-like life before.

if I hadn't seen the sun, I could have put up with the darkness.