Even if I miss everything, I am the one unparalleled in the world.

Even if I miss everything, I am the one unparalleled in the world.

You are a young girl, the unforgettable one in the crowd.


I like watching American TV dramas, one of the reasons is that I like the protagonists in the story, and I never miss the opportunity to celebrate with my friends on every holiday. Even if there is still danger at those balls, even if there is still a trapped swamp pulling them down, our hostesses still have to dress up beautifully and twinkle step by step from the staircase to the center of the picture. They use a good-looking shape with a smiling face looking back, facing the dark side of the plot chic turn round and round.

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the protagonists always have a lot of hardship, but they have never seen them run away, and the children on Halloween shout in unison, trick-or-treating. Yeah, that's it. Don't be honest and mess around with villains all the time. Before I eat sweet candy in my heart, I'm going to blow up the world into a noisy amusement park and take a few swishes to send the bad guys home.

in the past, when I went to school, I had to wear a uniform and rigid school uniform every day. At that time, the girls in the class always secretly shortened the skirt of the school uniform by a few inches and collected a few more points from the waistline of the blouse. I had to work hard on headbands and accessories. where is not afraid of trouble, just do not want to throw their youth into the stereotyped crowd, in front of the boys they like.


at that time, Halloween was not as eye-catching as it is now. We didn't have a masquerade party to dance with our hero. I couldn't even dance. when the head teacher came out of the classroom, the girls in the class could only secretly take out a mask that looked like wings, set with cheap diamonds and several floating feathers, and put them on their faces as if they had finished the trick game for candy children. The boys were making faces and were about to reach for the mask when they heard a teacher coming from the window, and the atmosphere in the classroom immediately changed their faces and became so quiet. In fact, that year, I bought a pair of very chic Jack-o'- lantern earrings without telling my friends. I hurriedly took them in front of the mirror before class was over, and then rushed into the noisy recess aisle holding the hands of my deskmate.

although it seems childish, at that childish and lovely age, every little girl hopes that she can use a little different thing, even a small earring embellished on the earlobe, to have a particularly eye-catching superpower.

later, I graduated and worked. Although I didn't have any fixed professional attire, I thought it would be better to be decent. I bought a lot of makeup masks, but after I left them at home, I never had time to wear them again. time passes too quickly in overtime, but I still can't feel the joy of wearing a mask and dancing with someone I like.

those pictures in American TV series are stirring up and down in my mind. I want to dress up as a sexy astronaut, a romantic Monroe, an indifferent black swan, and eat all the beautiful candies in the holiday season with a good-looking make-up mask. Don't hesitate for a moment.


I think there must be a lot of people like me who don't put on their crystal slippers and don't have time to go to a Halloween Party date, or worse, no one offers themselves at all. but isn't this just like us who were wronged to wear school uniforms? what if we can't dress up as characters in high heels? at that time, we hid, dared to rebel against everything, and wanted to be more wonderful ourselves. A small Jack-o'- lantern earring made us look so different so easily.?. Why not now.

We are all fresh, and we are all eager for freshness. Two days ago, I heard a friend say that Lanzhou had the first heavy snow this year. It seems that autumn is coming to an end. I actually like the colder and colder season at the end of each year, when the coffee on the table is warm and hot, I wear a soft high-necked sweater, and everything in front of me always feels like I want to rely on it.

I hope that in this festival, you can drink all the wine in the glass, hold your lover's hand, twist into the center of the dance floor, put on the mask and cut off all the chills.

I also hope that everyone who misses a holiday or a loved one will use up the remaining temperature of this lively atmosphere, believing that we are the protagonists in the story, and that even if we die in the last episode of this season, we will be reborn in the next season. even if we miss everything, it is the one that is unique in the world.