Even if miserable, you have to find your own way out.

Even if miserable, you have to find your own way out.

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Life needs to spontaneously absorb all kinds of nutrients around us to grow, the resources given to us by nature are absorbed one by one, and all things can live on. The growth of art is also related to this. Some people are born with rich artistic soil, some people are born with extraordinary artistic talent, and some people will twist and turns to the tip of the pyramid of art in other ways even if they do not have artistic talent. However, those who take suffering as nourishment, the more frustrated, the more glowing, seize the various "gifts" given to them by God, and even if they suffer and suffer, they can live forever.

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pain becomes a cage & A bird trapped in an nbsp; cage

Frida Carlo (Frida Kahlo), whose real name is Magdalena Carmen Frieda Kahlo y Calder ó n, was born on July 6, 1907, in the (Coyoacan) neighborhood of Coyokan, south of Mexico City. At the age of 6, Frida got polio, causing his right leg to atrophy. At the age of 18, her bus collided with a streetcar, which broke her spine into three segments, fractured her cervical vertebra, severely fractured her right leg, and crushed one foot. A metal handrail pierced her abdomen and penetrated her vagina. Although she miraculously survived, she was infertile for life. She later described the accident that made her infertile with typical black humor: "It made me lose my virginity."

pain goes hand in hand, sometimes having to rely on alcohol, narcotics, and cigarettes to relieve physical pain. Frida distracted her attention with painting in her pain. Her father bought her a pen and paper, and her mother put a mirror at the head of her bed. Through the mirror, she began to draw self-portraits. Began a career of laying pictures with the pain of the soul.

in 1929, Frida married Diego Rivera (Diego Rivera), a famous Mexican mural painter (1886-1957). The most profound connection between them was not emotion, but art. When they were in love, Frida began to imitate Rivera's style, but Rivera said: "you have to concentrate on your way of expression." Rivera believes that the pure and strong Mexican folk style in her paintings precisely disguises her lack of technical experience. Rivera is a deep understanding of Frida, he praised her: "her paintings are sharp and gentle, hard as steel, but delicate and beautiful as butterfly wings; lovely as a sweet smile, but as deep and cruel as a suffering life." Although Rivera is talented, she is also flirtatious. Frida, as her husband's second wife, still can't put an end to his nature of flirting. The affair goes on and on. What annoys Frida most is that he even spared his sister. The more on and off the relationship between the two people is, the more difficult it is to break it off. "I have suffered two great disasters in my life. One was hit by a car, and the other was when I met my husband. "

Frida was immersed in the pain of illness and love all her life. In the last years of her life, Frida was hung from an instrument, locked in a corset of iron, leather, and plaster (she used 28 corsets from 1944 to her death), and she drank a bottle of brandy a day to relieve the pain. she performed at least 32 surgeries. She underwent six spinal surgeries from March to November 1950 alone, put a cast on the area where the stitches had just been stitched, and when she began to give off an unpleasant smell, she found her wound rotting. She has suffered severe pain since 1944, with gangrene on her right foot and amputation from below the knee in August 1953, forcing her to rely on morphine. She committed suicide several times until July 13, 1954, when the 47-year-old left the world forever. On her deathbed, she said to Rivera, "Please cremate me after my death and not bury me, because I have been lying down for too long." Although Rivera is constantly in love, Frida is the one she loves. Rivera never gave up when she was seriously ill, giving her a beautiful and peaceful life.

Frida herself is full of contradictions: she only cares about herself, leaving behind more than 150 works in her life, 1/3 of which are self-portraits. "I draw self-portraits because I am often lonely because I am the person I know best," she said. " A single eyebrow, a calm expression, a resolute look, a broken limb. Each painting is about her part of the experience of the pour out and accusation, its pure illusion into a sharp blade, stubbornly pierced into the sad nerve of all mankind, won the audience all over the world. Frida has a mixture of love and hates for her husband Rivera. On the one hand, she is infinitely dependent on her husband's talent and empathy in the field of art. In a sense, Rivera brings her brilliance from Mexico to the world. On the one hand, she hated her husband's endless physical betrayal, so much so that to retaliate against Rivera, he did not hesitate to seduce her husband's cheating object to him and make her his lover. Yes, she is still completely bisexual, small body strong, and flexible, she is also fragile.

Frida's contradictory self-nature gives rise to a sensitive heart, even though she is sociable, drinks tequila, holds carnival parties, keeps swearing, sings pornographic songs to guests, tells pornographic jokes, and seduces everyone she likes. In the end, she will fall into endless loneliness, pain is her cage, and her infinite energy is imprisoned and carried.

painting Phantom feathers & nbsp; feathers light by light

Frida's paintings are created with self as the carrier, looking at themselves based on physical feelings, to express their gender burden and the pain of survival. It has to be admitted that Frida, who is not a painting major, has an amazing artistic talent, and her portrait is the first Mexican painter in the Louvre Museum in France.

her husband Rivera was her first teacher on the road to painting and the most staunch admirer of her paintings. When it comes to loyalty, I'm afraid Rivera is only willing to bow to his wife in the field of art, and marriage and love are powerless. Rivera's paintings are related to national, political, and historical themes, and she is committed to publicizing proletarian culture. Although she believes in Marxism and cares about the working masses, she can not get rid of the so-called "petty-bourgeois sentiment". It has always belonged to a small world of women: parents, friends, love, disease, separation, gestation, abortion, clothes, decoration, pets, toys, and so on.

Frida's female world is close to nature and life. In her painting entitled "Root", her horizontal body is like a tree of life. Her body extends into countless green and luxuriant branches and leaves. The red blood vessels on the leaves go deep into the earth-like roots, connecting her closer to the earth and growing endlessly. "my nanny and me", "deer", "two Frida". They are monologues that reaffirm the micro-world of women one after another.

she put herself naked on the screen but did not feel "erotic" at all. Her own "femininity" was covered or even erased by many invisible things so that the viewer was uncontrollably drawn by the "story" plot she described: she was fresh and lively, she loved and hated, she was fragmented, and she never tired of "gossiping" about her own life. The facial features of Frida in the self-portrait are sturdy, overbearing, fleshy, rich, and eye-catching, with the wild, energetic, and queen-like domineering in his casual appearance. Braided with the traditional Mexican hairstyle, with the iconic thick black, almost connected eyebrows is the prosperity of her heart. Frida's little beard is indeed a wonderful androgynous combination with arrogance and extraordinary tenacity from the inside out.

Frida is good at stimulating the optic nerve with shocking human organs. She attended preparatoria-- 's best national prep school in Mexico. When the school first enrolled girls, she was one of only 35 girls in the school, and she planned to study medicine from the beginning. Before the accident, when she was still studying medicine and began to find that she was interested in painting, she wanted to draw illustrations for medical books and periodicals. From this, it is not difficult for us to understand that she has such a good understanding of biology and human body structure, and draws her pulse and heart so accurately.

honesty makes people free, which is very appropriate to explain Frida's works. Frida constantly interprets herself. When most people are accustomed to recording their lives in words, she records them by painting, instead of pretending to be deep or abstract. Instead, she goes straight into it, lays out the truth, and "reads" to make people tremble with the picture. "my painting is the frankest expression to myself." She is not shy about the so-called "privacy". She gallops more freely on the canvas, and whatever she thinks of has become the subject matter of her creation. She kept cutting her body and soul on the canvas, and the more blood they were, the more amazing and amazing they were.

broken and painful, love and death are no longer the same states, but magical paints painted by Frida on the brush. Her paintings are enchanted and hold a "magic wand." she is a witch who knows witchcraft and has a superhuman energy source. She was sought after by the world, she was invited to a banquet by Picasso, she had an affair with countless lovers, she appeared on the cover of French fashion magazines, Madonna "occupied" her works worth 3 million pounds, American artist ReneYanez always recruited various model clones from the streets to complete his performance art, and Japanese Morimura Teichang also grafted his appearance into the Corolla and tears to be exhibited. After visiting her former home, Duoling and Zhai Yongming painted "Xiao Zhai and Tequila" 20 years later. Designer Gaultier paid tribute to the splendor of her traditional Mexican costume at the Paris fashion show. Her profile portraits and paintings are printed with American stamps and T-shirts, mousepads, and even the album covers of the band Coldplay. Frida has become a female version of Che Guevara, upgrading from a Mexican and American Icon to a worldwide spiritual symbol.

Frida's painting history begins with helplessness, from the spark on the edge of her husband's Rivera art halo to a prairie fire, from the entanglement of broken love and repair, and the blood of Aztec culture. sometimes she is a fertilized egg, sometimes a mother holding a baby, the dual nature of life at her mercy, the timeline of life and death, life and death, love and hate. She is the immortal Mexican Phoenix.

Don't give up your destiny because of illness, let alone the trauma of love. Frida Carlo knew that it was useless to moan about her misfortune and physical disability every day. She found painting, a way for her to express her inner feelings and grief, to make her life shine. Only paintings full of sincere feelings can move people. The strength in her eyes has greatly outweighed the sadness, no matter how much misfortune she has experienced, she will always be remembered as a big winner in life.