Every aunt who dances in the square sighs in the river of time

Every aunt who dances in the square sighs in the river of time

I really can't see through this juicy square dance.

when I was a kid, I didn't know square dancing.

my grandmother is a member of the resident waist drum team. when we were young, we would line up on both sides of the road and watch them beat horses.

they are as festive as girls, wearing amazing wigs and makeup, like a group of soft cakes.

they were jubilant, gongs and drums sounded in the sky, as if the Yellow River was diverted from here, and thunder and lightning fell from the sky.

their ranks are neat, jumping from east to west, attracting a group of men smoking cigarettes and staring at them.

but it's not a square dance.

my mother, who had no pay and went to the coast from Shu, was the captain of a hot pot restaurant. Every morning, they plugged the tape recorder into the free socket of the bank next door and lined up. Began to jump enterprise employee fuck.

my mother, full of vitality, the rising sun embellishes her eyes, her red lips, her long hair swaying left and right with the beat.

my mother, always the most lively and amazing touch of color in the team, attracted guests, eyes and my father, who was wandering around the road with his hands in his pockets.

but that's just corporate culture, still not square dance.

my father, a veteran gangster who used to travel north and south, peed on the cliffs of Huangshan and sold video games on the shopping street of Zhuhai. his head exploded, his moustache hung on his mouth, and a pair of small eyes showed cunning light all the time.

my father, who used to swim in the local ballroom, would take two thunderstrokes and occasionally pick a tango. His dance partner, before being fixed as my mother, had come and gone, changed, his hands swam on those soft bodies, and his face was often as deep as the abyss.

but my father, at best, is only a young second-hand Huang Bo, pirated Sun Honglei, he still does not dance in the square.

after my parents retired, they moved to a small border town in their hometown to accompany my widowed grandmother.

Yellow sand is occasionally blown up here, and those particles higher than PM2.5 float in the air all the time, like tiny old souls, telling about the vitality and youth that the city has lost in time. The trees here are dry, and when you walk by the side of the road, you will often see groups of giant chicken feet standing eternally toward the sky.

here, my celibate grandmother, my retired parents, soon found the only activity that could let them shine.

they took part in community square dancing twice every morning at dusk.

at the empty door of a bank, their team leader, a middle-aged gorgeous woman surnamed Huang, would set up elaborate tape recorders and huge loudspeakers early, and agricultural heavy metal songs released from there seemed to carry a high-frequency vitality that made people tremble like amputation from the inside to the outside, from the auricle to the earlobe. And that group of dancers seem to be inspired by that song in the small universe, as if standing in the center of the world, dancing heartily.

to be honest, my nanny and my parents, who just joined the square dance team, have a sense of superiority. After all, they have experienced many battles, have their own excellent resumes, and even have some nostrils to see people and bring their own aloof when communicating with the team leader surnamed Huang.

but they soon know what an untouchable organization the square dance club in their community is.

on the first day, my grandmother went alone. As a result, she was quickly defeated. The team members' fast dancing rhythm, precise pace, subtle gestures, and empathy to background songs all amazed my grandmother. These members were just ordinary people in the open field, and at the front of the line, Huang Leader, and several of her confidants, stood on the steps. Just let my grandmother see what is low achiever and high achiever, the gap between mortals and gods.

their dancing has long been transformed. Their whole body glowed as they danced, as if Maitreya was concentrated in their hair, and the Tathagata sat on their shoulders. Guanyin and the Jade Emperor were their two insoles, trampled and gently supported by them.

in just a few dances, my grandma, the ace of the old waist drum team, was like a scarecrow floating with the wind, and her hands did not know how to swing in the neat and magnificent team.

when I came home that night, my grandmother seemed to be just a shell. Usually, she eats a whole roast chicken.

that day, she only ate two wings and two legs.

watching my grandmother eat leftover chicken breast, my parents were silent.

I was speechless all night.

the next day, my grandmother put on the senior name coat she bought and the scarf embroidered with plum blossoms, ready to go out and fight again. The moment she pushed the door, two majestic figures appeared behind her, like two door gods.

my mother, who used to be the head of a corporate dance team, and the father of a disco bully, also came out to support my grandmother.

that night, I saw my grandmother and two great gods. When they got home, they looked like three walking corpses, and there was a lot of food left.

I know, this is really not good.

the square dancing career of my grandmother and my parents lasted for several days, but not a single day, they didn't come home tired and unwilling, eat in a hurry, and then go back to sleep.

sometimes, when I get up to pee, I see them sleepwalking together, as if they were practicing some martial arts secret books.

I really can't see through this juicy square dance.

finally, one day, when I came home after playing, I saw my relatives whom I had not seen all day, as if they were much older.

looking at them like dry short-circuited bodies who have smoked too much, I know, it seems, I have to go out of the mountain now.

I won the first place in the handkerchief game in kindergarten. I had a smart brain and a quick body. I participated in football cheerleading in primary school (because I didn't get into the football team, so I joined cheerleading). I practiced difficult twists and contortions with a group of beautiful girls. When I was in junior high school, I was bullied by bad teenagers all the time. I developed a tough physique and instant recovery ability. In high school, in order to chase girls, Although I didn't succeed, I still became super thick-skinned, not to mention that I was a backup when I was a goddess all the year round, and my mentality such as long-term unemployment and self-esteem after graduation have been greatly improved.

it can be said that if anyone in our family is the most suitable for square dancing, it must be me.

the next day, I led my family to the square dance gathering place. My parents and grandma followed me humbly, and I knew that I had to find it back, otherwise our Chen family would be expelled from the whole Fenglin Yuan community.

the consequences are unimaginable.

this battle must be successful.

soon, the square dance will begin.

at that moment, I vaguely felt that not far away, the foreman surnamed Huang, her eyes had quickly fallen on me.

that look, aloof, contemptuous, and charismatic, seemed to see through me for a moment and made me stand in the crowd as if I were naked.

it's an illusion, I said to myself. I bit off my tongue and barely recovered my mind, while the people around me, the first move had already begun.

No, I don't have time to sigh the horror of my opponent in my heart. I quickly empty myself with the music and use my eyes in my heart to find out if there is any connection or charm between this dance step and this music.

if you find it, you can go up to the sky one step at a time.

it was much more difficult than I thought. As I struggled to follow the team, I swept past my parents and grandma.

sure enough, they can only keep up with the team, but their minds are far from round.

this time, it's up to me.

at first, I was not very familiar with it, and sometimes I would jump a few wrong steps.

but I knew I couldn't just fall down, so I slowly and slightly closed my eyes.

the loneliness I experienced when I was beaten over the years, the fragility I felt when I was a backup, the heat on my face when I talked to cheerleading beauties and they ignored me, now, all kinds of complex human emotions gather in my heart, they surround me, let my soul, and square dance music have a kind of connection, let my body, And square dance steps to find a spirit of unity of momentum, slowly, my dance steps from unfamiliar to proficient, as if there are countless souls, supporting me, relying on me, correcting me, let my body, and finally form a universe.

A moment later, I danced alone, haughtily, and regarded everything as nothing.

one dance, two dances, three dances, slowly, I could hardly feel the people around me, creating an invisible energy whirlpool, and the people around me avoided it in order to stabilize my mind and not be defeated by me. I gradually stepped forward from the end of the line, and finally, I boarded the most sacred stage (on the broken steps in front of the clearing).

and then, I felt like a top, slowly squeezing all the confidants around the team leader Huang off the stage.

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next, I know that the ultimate showdown is coming.

team leader Huang and I are silent in our spiritual world, but our thoughts seem to be talking.

Ah Sheng, I admit that you are so talented that you can keep pace with me in a short time. But you don't know the true meaning of square dancing, you can't beat me. The team leader surnamed Huang twisted his waist and said to me.

Huang Leader, that's not necessarily true, I replied. At the moment, my heart seems to have become a crazy retiree, and I can't back down any more.

when the team leader Huang saw that I didn't know each other, the words suddenly became ambiguous.

she smiled like a fairy (in fact, a middle-aged woman was popular, but at that time she added her own mental strength, so she was still very attractive to me) and said to me, Ah Sheng, you can feel it now. You know, as the team leader of the square dance, the vitality and spirit of all the players will flow to us, and we can stay young forever, and with their nourishment, we can shine forever.

it turns out that this is the case. Not long ago, I did feel as if there was a stream of heat coming to me in heaven and earth.

it turns out that I unwittingly sucked away the essence of the life of the people around me.

No wonder my relatives become more and more haggard after dancing in the square.

this is unforgivable! I am angry, I must defeat the team leader surnamed Huang and return the vitality to the residents of the community.

look at me, I am still unmoved. The foreman, surnamed Huang, knows that he has to do something special. Soon, like a demon dragon, she danced in the whirling wind.

naturally, not to be outdone, I condensed a stream of energy and came together with her Tackle.

at that moment, it was as if heaven and earth were quiet.

opened my eyes again, and the foreman surnamed Huang and I both sat quietly in the white light.

A voice sounded in heaven and earth.

he asked: what on earth is the true meaning of square dance in the community?

at this moment, both the foreman surnamed Huang and I opened our eyes wide.

Yes, the huge square dance energy inspired by our souls unexpectedly brings us to the god of square dance in the community.

as long as you answer its question correctly, that person will become the new god!

at this moment, we are all cautious.

for a long time, the foreman surnamed Huang was the first to say:

the true meaning of square dance is, of course, joy. Our group of retired workers have nothing to do and have a low aesthetic, while square dancing and agricultural heavy metal music, this form, just gives us a space to give full play to our boxing and unrestrained dancing. We work hard all our lives and give silently. We always do others, but seldom do ourselves.

in the square dance, we found a joy to be ourselves.

Fuck, this answer is really impeccable. In the festive atmosphere revealed by the square dance, the foreman surnamed Huang even added a kind of self-perception, so that both the square dance and herself were liberated and sublimated.

how do I answer?

after a long time, I shed a tear.

No, the true meaning of square dance is sighing.

it is true that everyone who dances is happy, and even the square dance itself represents joy.

but that's because they all forget that behind this joy, there is a deep sigh.

I am an unemployed youth, so I can understand them. They have nothing to do, so they dance, they can't learn anything new, so they dance, they don't want to go any further in the river of time, so they can only dance, paralyze themselves with dancing, paralyze time, as if they can get younger from now on.

but, people will grow old after all.

who can understand the sadness in the middle of "Little Apple"?

speaking of which, I sang "Little Apple" faintly.

in my tone-deaf but sobbing song, I know that at this moment, I did not lose this dangerous move.

in an instant, the foreman surnamed Huang and I returned to the same place.

We all have smiles on our faces and tears streaming down our faces.

at that moment, we knew that we all lost.

in other words, none of us lost.

We are enlightened.

every square dancer is fresh and independent.

as long as you can develop your own dance steps.

after that day, the foreman surnamed Huang and I became the two leading dancers in the square dance in the community.

our footwork, one full of joy, the other with a little melancholy, we are collectively called: a melancholy party.

well, our group has only been in existence for a week. That day, I was dancing with the foreman surnamed Huang, when an uncle looked at me and complained, "is it interesting for you, a young man and a man, to squat at home and dance here all day without doing anything?"

when I was told by my uncle, my parents finally found out that I was eating at home under the pretext of square dancing instead of looking for a job.

Hmm, so, next, the job market, my next journey, here I come!