Every cat has magic, and so does everyone you love.

Every cat has magic, and so does everyone you love.

Every girl you love is a different cat.

the time of a cat is like a silverfish with great secrets,

or like a ghost car that is not recorded in the timetable.

in the depths of the cat's body, the warm shadow in the shape of a cat passes unknowingly.


it's not surprising when cats disappear.

their sense of existence is so thin that it is like a silent shadow, which sets off their value. Had it not been for that seemingly nonexistent sense of existence, human beings would probably not have attached so much importance to cats.

humans are used to chasing things that will disappear.

I once liked a boy and I fell in love with him for three years. With regard to a girl's exclusive possessiveness, even if he doesn't care which girl has passed by before him, he is always curious, "my place in your heart." This is a boring topic that curiosity kills cats.

he said, "the girl at the moment is my favorite girl." I knew that even if we didn't make it to the end, he might say that to the next girl after that, but I knew that if strong rubbed against his heart like a cat rubbing his legs, maybe he would remember me.

there are many kinds of cats, and I am a clingy cat. the cat knows who likes her and who doesn't, but she doesn't care. It's the same with people. I can't accept a long-distance relationship because I can't accept that my lover can't touch it at any time. If I can scratch my chin and get a doting touch from each other, all my temper that is about to explode will disappear.

I have been told before that every girl I love is like a cat. They have different personalities, some are clingy, some are aloof, and some have to beg her to chase her to get a little feedback, but the same thing is: you never know what she's thinking. it is this unknown challenge that makes the other party obsessively willing to be a cat slave.


after a certain age, we will no longer meet any new people, new animals, new faces, or new events in our lives: everything has happened in the past. Everything in the past is the echo and repetition of the past. Even all the sadness is a reappearance of the memory of a painful past a long time ago.

so I believe that every cat has magic, and so does everyone you've ever loved. I have two cats, one is Oscar, which is an American short hair, and the other is a gray English short hair. After getting along with them for more than two years, what I still don't understand is whether I have a cat or whether she allowed me to enter her life. Many psychological studies have shown that if a person likes cats, it is because you want to love someone; if you prefer dogs, it is because you want to be loved. And the games and compromises between me and them may really reflect my view of love.

I have a male friend who can be regarded as an expert in love. He can basically catch up with any girl he likes. But only fell in love with one girl, let's say he only loved this one. Just because this girl has always maintained a proper balance in his courtship and does not cater to it, it has always been an indifferent attitude. people are like this, what you can't get is the best, just like a cat who is indifferent to you.

cats are soft and have no sense of weight, which makes you think they will disappear into thin air. Sometimes I wonder if cats have only physical appearance but no entity. This unreal sense of existence makes everything about the cat have a reasonable explanation. Just imagine, if you wake up one morning and find that the cat is gone, you can't find the murmur all over the house, the sofa and curtains are intact, the flowers in the potted plants are quiet and dazzling, there will be no more dying mice and birds in the living room, and you won't be scared when you take a shower.


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sometimes I wake up, I'll find Oscar and Jean Grey awake as well. They would climb into bed with contented snoring, lie on my shoulders, put their arms around my neck, press his furry cheeks against my face, and let out the heartfelt sigh of contentment when the child was finally picked up by his beloved. And I heard myself utter the same sigh in response. He snuggled up in my arms and then fell into a deep sleep in my arms.

isn't that like your girlfriend? every girl you've ever loved is a different cat . the girlfriend who clings to you, acts coquetry to you, hugs the girl lying in your arms after being vexatious to you, they are cats with different personalities. If you give them love, they will snoring satisfactorily and give you the pleasure of taming a small beast. You should give them space and often scratch her chin and tame a girl. Is to raise a cat, as long as they eat, drink, sleep and buy, they will be able to snore satisfactorily.

maybe the cat girlfriend who has ignored you for hours, and other cats, are acting cute under the topic of # double 11 Chief selling cute Officer. As a cat slave, why don't you hurry to participate?

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isn't it like your girlfriend who saw Tmall's Singles Day cosmetics on sale?

is ready to move.

isn't this like your girlfriend who usually plays with you like a spoiled girl?Friends?


when you sit next to a cat you know very well, put your hand on it and try to adjust to its life frequency that is very different from yours, sometimes it will raise its head and greet you with a soft noise that is different from other times, indicating that it knows that you are trying to enter its life, and it looks at you with its eyes that always change with the light, and you gently press on it with your hand. Meet its line of sight.

that's how we love each other.