Every little dream needs a lot of encouragement.

Every little dream needs a lot of encouragement.

Thank you for understanding, thank you for forwarding.

if you feel disorganized

Don't be afraid that everything is under control

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I find that I have said thank you many times

Thank you for your support

I think what I should be wrong to do is not to thank

but to plan

how to make the mess better

Let you be worthy of the word "discerning people"

so that you have the opportunity to repay you instead of just thanking

yesterday a good friend who contributed to me

. I was so moved that I quickly wrote down my understanding of the word Happy New year.

year-end summary. See you tomorrow.

every small dream needs great encouragement


-A good pacesetter-

how big a dream needs people's encouragement? You may say that a truly determined person has a heart that is not strong enough to be shaken by the outside world, and he is seen by others as insignificant to him, and whether he is encouraged or not is enough to occupy the weight of one gram. I say no, everyone is a drop of water that can reflect countless rays of light, and its infinite potential will burst out only when the sun is spread on it and gives it the energy of a small universe.

because I have personally experienced the idea of setting up a WeChat public platform for media work, I understand how exciting it is to get attention and rack your brains to attract attention. Every time I send a push, I click on it from time to time to check the number of views. I will increase my excitement for that small number from one to ten and from ten to a hundred, and I will restrain my ecstasy at the bottom of my heart for the likes of anonymous kind-hearted people. Maybe those readers who inadvertently click on tweets are just "hanging out" when they are bored, so they just click on my article. They will not know that it is this careless support that gives me the unremitting motivation to keep going. The truth is, the original purpose of your efforts is not for yourself, but for other people's feedback to tell you that you are doing something valuable, so you persevere happily, that's all.

I think that there is also a girl in my dorm who is good at making Wechat, and we often communicate with each other, which always gives me a little help in my work. She is a dedicated master, sometimes when the whole dormitory has turned off the lights and goes to bed, she will seize the precious few minutes before the campus disconnection to brush the net desperately, just to send a warm good night to you who is about to fall asleep. If you haven't read this article, you may never know the mental and physical exhaustion of the workers behind your fast-food reading, and sometimes you may disdain to glance at it because of the speed of the Internet. When the girl was as successful as the general who conquered the castle before the stroke of midnight, she climbed into bed and went to sleep. But when I was in bed, I could always find her joy in the air of victory, so I picked up my phone, became her first reader, and then left a few words of blessing on her platform. When I woke up the next day, I could hear her shouting excitedly, "someone left me a message." I would like to always be a kind-hearted person in the capacity of such an anonymous reader and give her chicken soup for her heart. It's not a white lie. I just firmly believe that small dreams need to be encouraged.

I do the same with JIMGEE as a [disorganized] platform, and I can be regarded as a veteran reader of it, witnessing its growth and transformation from one article a few days to one article a day. Perhaps it is JIMGEE's sharp language and keen insight that has always made me yearn for, and habitual thinking makes me believe that the platform he makes must be great, too. This idea supports me to follow in his footsteps and enjoy reading a personalized article every day. Sometimes I even pay attention to the number of page views of the article, on the one hand, to get the pleasure of finding people in the same way, on the other hand, I also have the selfishness to learn from successful cases. Watching it grow up gradually, just like the life conceived by myself is not easy to blossom and bear fruit in an instant, but it is also extremely gratified. I believe JIMGEE feels the same way, so a sense of mission drives me to log on to the platform from time to time to give him a few words of encouragement. Nothing else, just to thank him for his painstaking efforts to meet my reading needs every day. I want to see such a thoughtful man insist on doing what he likes. As a loyal reader, I also told him to stick to it more than once, and on another level, it was also a positive self-suggestion, urging me to do my best to deal with my dreams. Dreams need to be affirmed, and only with the approval of others can we gain spiritual prosperity.

recently completed a big activity successfully. As one of the people in charge of the activity, I managed it for nearly a month. I was exhausted. Needless to say, my heart was scarred by the burden of student work. I cried for it, but when I didn't ask why I persisted, I told him with a smile because someone said, "you can do well." It was the encouragement of others to dispel the haze in my heart, and it was this small encouragement that let me know that I could be better.

"thanks to the staff of the National Fitness New year running, let's meet a more beautiful self in this rain!" Seeing such a circle of friends from the participants, I also feel that all my hard work is worth it. In this way, with a few words of encouragement, you can realize other people's little dreams.

every little dream needs a lot of encouragement. Why not generously show concern and encouragement and be the men and women behind dreamers?

recently, all the students around you are preparing for the exam. It is also the dream of many people to complete the quiz. Try to give him some encouragement, maybe he can calm down a little in the face of the mess caused by so many review materials.