Every ten-year-old child has a ten-year-old father.

Every ten-year-old child has a ten-year-old father.

At this moment, her father took the drawing board and grew up with her.


in March, a good friend of mine got married.

I went to her wedding, during which the photographer surrounded her and her relatives to capture the moment.

when he arrived at the scene, my father had already prepared early at the meeting, dressed in a suit and shoes, the appearance of my uncle that I seldom saw. He had a lovely belly, but he still had a beard. He was much older than my impression of him when I was a child, but the strength of his eyes remained the same.

my friend's father is a wild painter and has never received a formal painting education, so he hopes his daughter can be admitted to the Academy of Fine Arts. He asked his daughter to learn to draw since she was a child. Basically, ever since I knew her, her father has been guiding her to become a real painter. When she was three or five years old, she sketched graffiti on calculus paper. Her father would also cut it with an art knife and stick it in the photo album of growing up records. Later, when she was in her teens, she was told that she would be admitted to the Academy of Fine Arts. Every day after dinner, she would go to the study to practice calligraphy and take part in various painting classes.


his painting style is strange and talented.

but he couldn't even afford tools at that time. In order to get a drawing board, he went to the lumber mill to pick up pieces of wood and put together one.

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at that time, her father studied again for three years in order to get into the Academy of Fine Arts, and then her family told him, "Don't take the exam. You need to support your family because you are in financial straits." So my father gave up to continue his studies.

naturally, a stubborn father still has a dream of an academy of fine arts.

but grafted on my daughter.

so I have what I said above. My friend practiced drawing every day, but she went to Sichuan Conservatory of Music in the end. Because she doesn't like painting and likes music.

the day she got her art examination certificate, she timidly told her father that

her father slammed the door and stayed in the bedroom all night.