Floating life is like a dream, you were my two or three things.

Floating life is like a dream, you were my two or three things.

Many people easily choose to be silent because the wound cannot be healed.

I often like to linger in the depths of the city.

in the first few years of coming to Beijing, I always liked to plunge into the nooks and crannies of hutongs and ride my bike to find some small shops at the edges and corners, with the last mark of hutong that had not been removed in the depths of the Beijing era. When I came to Shanghai, I booked a hostel in the lane and walked among the old buildings in Jing'an. I also hope that I can wear a cheongsam and have a story with a man, even though he has not been heard from since.

the romantic time in the war should have spawned all kinds of romance in Wu Nong's soft language, but they were all stripped off their pants and bombed naked in the ruins. this is the deepest experience I have seen in the history of romantic demise.

Ge You is an actor I have always liked very much. In the film, he plays a character like du Yuesheng, which has the meaning of the Shanghai version of the godfather as a whole. It is written in the novel, "he didn't get on the Hong Kong ship until early May 1949, which can be regarded as the real last bus." Nobody knows what he is procrastinating or waiting for, and I don't think he knows it himself, but it's just a subconscious procrastination. he died in Hong Kong soon after. There were no more events or words worthy of description before his death. He basically did not speak any more. This is not surprising. Everything is not worth mentioning. He finally went to his silence. " " this is like a moonlight sad song of a big man in the era, wearing a long robe and disappearing in the smoke, leaving only a noteworthy figure and fragments of a woman scattered around her life who has been faithful to her all her life but has been washed away by the times.

* *

Shanghai in the 1930s, how to listen, is very cool, but also very rustling.

the all-powerful gang boss, the socialite who does not want to be lonely, the Japanese brother-in-law who speaks authentic Shanghai dialect, the killer who only collects transportation expenses, the aunt who is left out but loyal, the movie queen with good appearance, the unfathomable housekeeper in the deep mansion, the occasional cheating movie emperor, the gang brother overflowing with hormones, the virgin who wants to break the place, the kind-hearted prostitute, the drifting star husband, Mr. Dai, who turned to the second brother of the Japanese gang and took the opportunity to fall in love. these scattered characters are scattered in the hotbed of that romantic era, growing gently, but withering.

even if these things have turned yellow in the past,

we should not casually forget.

I had the honor to communicate with director Cheng er after watching the movie. I learned that the first edition of the film was called "floating Life like a Dream". It sounded like a mirage that did not exist, but it actually floated on the wreckage of the war. many people easily choose to be silent because the wound cannot be healed. such wasted time makes romance disappear slowly. After watching the movie, I always feel a bit of a pity: what a magnificent period it would have been if there had been no war.

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I like Zhang Ziyi's character in the movie so much that I feel like a crazy version of Zhang ailing, except that Zhang ailing knows who she loves, but she doesn't know how to love herself. Zhang Ziyi's role is also charming, but she floats rootless, like a wandering soul. She doesn't know who should be loved, so she loves everyone and doesn't care, until the moment she shows up without makeup. I feel that she is like a story with no answer, like this era when flashy things slowly fade away. The demise of romance in the era reflects the individual, that is, the romance of each character is gradually disappearing. In the end, the characters and the times contrast and depend on each other.

I majored in photography in college, and I always pay great attention to audio-visual language when watching movies. The photography was very good, and the camera of the Japanese dinner unexpectedly saw the meaning of some Ozu Anjiro setting up the plane seat; besides, when the soundtrack was not out of the staff table, I was very moved by the music, and the more I listened to it, the more it looked like Mei Linmao's style. At the end of the film, I looked at the eye watch, and it was really Mei Linmao, which added a lot of points. Cheng er acted as the director, screenwriter and editor of the whole film, it can be said that it is the freedom of the artist, a really good creator, it must be inevitable to give birth to such a good work.

finally, I would like to say that if the ranks of domestic movies can reduce the embarrassment of grandstanding and increase these truly artistic tonal and nutritious films, I will never be stingy with my wallet.