Fourteen famous paintings that are more pornographic than you remember.

Fourteen famous paintings that are more pornographic than you remember.

Yes, the art history class is much better than you think.

that's much worse than you remember

long before "unsuitable for children" things went bad on the Internet

artists like Edward Manet and GE Beizhai

began to present sexy on the canvas

now you may be full of Venus

and color tentacle-bound creatures

. What you think is much more wonderful

translator: Ruan Tuyin

original author: Katherine Brook

to praise the wild erotic trend in the art world over the past few centuries, We have carefully selected for you the masterpieces that are limited to your sophomore Renaissance art history course that may have long been forgotten by you to form the most eye-popping list of "very pornographic and violent" paintings. Look, these 15 paintings are much more slutty than you remember.

Note: the western art world has suffered from the derogatory term "dead white European male (Dead White European Males,", which refers to the monopoly position of western classic male writers and artists in the history of western civilization and art. The translator's note.) " The adverse effects of. The monopoly of "Dead White Men" has led to the fact that erotic works of art in history are often based on naked women. If you want to read this list for a change, please go to the "Naked Men" exhibition at the Leopold Museum and the gay artist Sasha Schneider Art Exhibition at the Leslie Roman Museum.

1. Francisco Goya's Naked Maha

this oil painting completed in about 1800 is famous for Maha in clothes, but it has never been publicly exhibited in the painter's life.

2. GE played Beizhai's Dream of the Fisherman's wife

this work is yellow to the bone! This masterpiece of Japanese Ukiyo depicts a strange passion between a fisherman's wife and an octopus. In other words, the officers should recognize the name of the author, right? Yes, the author of "Kanagawa Surf" is not only good at painting landscapes.

3. Yeronimis Boss "Paradise on Earth"

when it comes to Paradise on Earth, you may always think of a group of terrible alien creatures in the picture, but in fact, this work contains plenty of erotic details. This painting between 1490 and 1510 staged a carnival of evil, with naked men and women, as shown above, with other men and women, with horses, birds, mermaids, plants. Have fun with things like that. Author Laurinda S. Dixon called the work "full of adolescent curiosity about sex".

4. Paul Cezanne's "Seven Baths"

Cezanne's large number of bath women depicting female nude bathers are famous, but this "Seven Bath Man" is a portrait of naked men (although some of the characters are indistinguishable). Although this scene showing the exquisite male body is by no means the most erotic theme, the painter skillfully uses the traditional method of physical expression and the visual relationship between the viewer and the naked person to create hazy erotic beauty. It is believed that Cezanne can only complete his work through memory or imagination because of the lack of available models.


Mark Twain called Titian's Venus the evilest, despicable and obscene pictures in the world. The bold nudity of the woman in this 1538 painting and the gaze into the viewer's eyes make one want to say no color.

6. Gustav Klum

the Austrian symbolist painter Kim, who loves to use decorative patterns in his paintings, has created the most famous works such as The Kiss and the Portrait of Eitel Bloch-Bauer. However, neither these two masterpieces nor many of the other erotic nude images that make up his other works, are far less pornographic than the suicidal woman.

7. Rubens' Rita and the Swan (copied from the original Michelangelo)

audiences in the 17th century seem to be more receptive to art images of women making peace with birds than humans. Therefore, Rita and the Swan depicts the legend that Zeus transformed into a swan and "seduced" a woman named Rita in Greek mythology. Cesare da Cesto and Paul Cezanne have also been inspired by legends.

8. Miyagawa smiles

this floating world painting axis, created in 1750, depicts a rendezvous between a samurai and a Kabuki man who takes the place of a female sexual partner.

9. Edward Manet "Olympia"

does it look familiar? Yes, this Manet, which was created in 1863, was influenced by Titian's Venus and Goya's Naked Maha. According to the writer Antonin Prost, the painting of a prostitute was so shameful that it was "only because the organizers had prepared well in advance that it was not torn to pieces at the first exhibition".

10. Jean-Honore Fragonard's swing

this 1767 rococo masterpiece is full of symbolism with the theme of a young woman's extramarital affair. Did you notice the man hiding in the bushes in the lower-left corner of the picture? He was not only waiting to catch the flying shoes but also to catch a glimpse of the scenery under the woman's skirt. Porn? From the point of view of people in the 18th century, it may be pornographic enough.


A naked prostitute in a brothel in Barcelona. The super-elegant female image and cold line of sight make this work the founder of erotic Cubism.

12 Egon Schiller's Friendship

does not look at the title, this erotic painting depicts the twisted and entangled embrace between two naked bodies, all reminiscent of the expressive works of the great Austrian painter.

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13. Diego Verasquez's Lockerbie Venus

this nude painting, also known as Venus dressing in front of the mirror, Venus in front of the mirror, Venus and Cupid, shows a woman's pleasure in appreciating her naked body in the mirror. The work, created between 1647 and 1651, a time when the Spanish public spurned nudity in works of art, was a symbol of pornography at that time. (incidentally, Titian and Rubens also wrote Venus in front of the Mirror)

14. Gustav Coolbe, the Origin of the World

because this photo is straightforward.

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