Friends tell you that you are lovelorn, you just listen to it, there is no need to give any ideas.

Friends tell you that you are lovelorn, you just listen to it, there is no need to give any ideas.

Because tomorrow they're back together. :)

when I was having dinner with my best friend the other day, she said she had something to tell me.

she approached me mysteriously and told me not to scold her when I heard it.

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I asked her what on earth was going on.

she said: I got back together with my ex-boyfriend.

I am speechless. If I were in the cartoon, there must be five black lines on my face at the moment.

my best friend has been entangled with her ex-boyfriend for several years. The boys treat her badly, always bossing her around and asking my best friend to send her wherever she goes. My best friend had a stomachache during her period, and her boyfriend said, "Why are you the only one who has so much to do? why don't others hurt?"

but my best friend loves him to death, and her moments are full of photos with her boyfriend. Where did you go to eat delicious food today, where did you travel tomorrow, and a little bit of what your boyfriend should have done can move her for a long time.

where else can I find such a good girlfriend?

it's a pity that this rubbish has cheated. She cheated on a little girl who was said to have long breasts and thighs and chatted with her on her cell phone all day. Later, the little girl found her best friend's Weibo, sent a private message to her to break up, and showed her the chat record with her boyfriend as a demonstration.

my best friend didn't believe it. She took the chat record and asked her boyfriend, who was still hesitant and hesitant. At first, he tried to shirk his responsibility, and after a few days, he said to my best friend: break up.

this is the end of the story, although not everyone is happy, it is also a quick way to cut through the mess.

BFF is nice and lovely, and she is not afraid to find a new boyfriend.

but she beat herself to death and stayed at home every day at that time. When I went to see her occasionally, she was very haggard and there were still looming tears on her face.

in our perception, if there is something that will hurt you, or has ever hurt you, your subconscious mind will avoid it. People have a deep memory of injury and pain, and they will subconsciously escape as long as they encounter a similar situation next time.

my brother was pecked by a chicken when he was a child, so he is still afraid of sharp-billed animals.

A friend of mine was tricked into a roller coaster before, and he never dared to ride this kind of equipment again.

I am particularly afraid of heights, so I never go to such sports as parachuting, parachuting, and bungee jumping.

We all have a sense of self-protection deep down because we are afraid of getting hurt or getting hurt again, so we always avoid these things that will hurt us. it's just that we don't know why, but we have no fear in our relationship, and we can't learn how to hurt again and again.

I had a boyfriend before, and he mentioned it together. He made a lot of promises at that time, and he also planned to return to China to develop together in the future. The blueprint for the future was painted vividly by him, which made me feel that I could be safe with him for a long time.

it was all good when we were together, but once, because of a very small thing, he broke up with me after drinking too much.

before breaking up, I patiently analyzed the logic of the matter with him and told him to discuss it when he was sober, but he didn't care, blindly thinking that I didn't care enough and must bring up the breakup. I scored

. As a result, I came to me the next day as if nothing had happened, saying that the breakup score did not count, but I had to be recovered again.

I just... Speechless.

whether you love it or not is up to you. Together, you decide, to break up, you decide to get back together.

Please, brother, the world doesn't revolve around you.

I am particularly disgusted with people who regard feelings as games and leave as soon as they come. When you decide to be with this person, don't you decide after careful consideration?

emotion is not a game, nor is it a tool you use to add drama to yourself.

you like to be together, and if you don't like it, break up?

you are not reconciled and get back together, so the next time you don't like it, you have to leave again?

if it's up to you, what do you think of me?

is it difficult to respect others and take good care of yourself?

he gave you so much pain, and you happily said to others: we are back together again! You can't be a fool.