From the day you showed up, I began to pay attention to you.

From the day you showed up, I began to pay attention to you.

A lovely person with a bad mouth, in fact, has a good heart, the more he does not care, the more serious he is.

the strange thing in this world is that what we are supposed to think about in a normal way is always the opposite.

in order to save money, I spent more on Taobao shopping;

I clearly like each other, but my mouth is very poisonous;

the person who lacks love always coaxes the loved one;

No doubt petite wedding dresses are basic necessity in any affairs. We have a vast range of styles and cuts to choose from.

the person with a bad temper does something wrong, but the one with a good temper has to admit it.

after being hurt in love, he always stands by his side to remember when others say he is bad.

We love someone, not humble, humble is self-belittling, after all, we always feel that in love when the weather is good, after leaving, only memories but no harvest.

Love should not be like this. The relationship of unequal power is always full of evasion and contest of giving.

Love should be about sharing a common hatred of the enemy, not pointing fingers. After all, when we are together, others are outsiders and we are one.

recently, I was watching "Yes, Mr. Shang" on Hunan TV. The moment Chen Xuedong appeared, it reminded me of the scene that impressed me most in tiny times. Yang Mi went out from the airport frustrated. Chen Xuedong stood in the sunset and waited for her to come out without speaking.

I am willing to wait because I knew you would come.

at that moment, I thought Chen Xuedong was so beautiful that there was nothing to choose from.

the same is true of Mr. Shang.

that kind of jealousy is so cute that it even adds a little bit of different personality to the character.

from that warm male god to the lovely boy full of character and a little jealous now, Chen Xuedong is really more and more able to control the image of an "ideal" boy.

in Episode 9, Ouyang Nana sees that although Chen Xuedong is sarcastic on the surface, he is actually a kind-hearted person who has been helping her all the time. Moreover, Ouyang Nana has been unable to restrain her trust in Chen Xuedong, and always unconsciously wants to agree to all his requests. Chen Xuedong smiled when he heard the words, and the atmosphere between the two people seemed a little ambiguous. Nana nervously changed the subject, but Chen Xuedong suddenly pulled her in front of her and unexpectedly kissed her on the forehead.

and since then, he was jealous and competed because of his rival Gao Min's feelings for Nana.

just like in the movie me before you, the male hero always says some mean but interesting things to stimulate other suitors, the contest between men is very delicate, but he can never find the right word to refuse the request of the one he loves.

what we can encourage is that as we continue to grow, the one we love, her innocence and loveliness attracts you as well as others. At this moment, if we are lucky enough to have her, but we will always kill other people halfway through our lives, so we must make ourselves good enough, gentle and strong enough to show ourselves in good people and look at each other side by side, instead of looking back at the faint starlight in the dim lights.

Chen Xuedong is exactly like this in Mr. Shang.

he portrays this obscure but seemingly jealous love very well.

here is a piece of Chen Xuedong's poisonous tongue cut, that is obsessed with Chen Xuedong.

in front of the person you like, you are so gentle that your boyfriend is full of strength.

maybe we can only experience it when love comes.

from the day you appeared, I began to pay attention to you. Everything about you began to be in my mind, and even your recklessness seemed lovely, because that was the first way you appeared in my heart.


A lovely person with a bad mouth actually has a good heart.

the more you show that you don't care, the more serious you are.

if you have a bad mouth, but cook porridge for you at night when you are uncomfortable, to take care of you.

Chen Xuedong, who is so overbearing and warm, I also want one.