Get ready to start coming face to face with your soul.

Get ready to start coming face to face with your soul.

It's time, if you feel lost, if you crave the freedom to touch your soul again, start by reading a poem.

Great poetry, like spiritual fission, releases great energy, and its rumbling echoes reach us through the fog of time.

-- North Island

Today, Douban launched a content payment product called Douban time. In the first column, "Wake up-- A Poetry lesson for Bei Dao and Friends," poets and scholars such as Bei Dao, Xichuan, Ouyang River and other poets and scholars will take you to capture the light of poetry, awaken your heart, touch yourself, and come face to face with your soul.

Poetry has the power to transcend national culture, and it is an effort close to mystery. Life is like a journey at the end of the night, sometimes dark and sometimes full of light. When we look up at the starry sky and the universe, the fleeting light in the darkness is the moment when poetry illuminates life.

the first column of Douban time, "Wake up-Poetry lessons for Bei Dao and Friends" is such a soul-activating program. Poets and scholars such as Xichuan, Ouyang River, Tang Xiaodu, Chen Lichuan, Lan Lan, Tian Yuan, Liu Wenfei and other poets and scholars will recite and explain 51 Chinese and foreign classic modern poems for you. These 51 modern poems are all from "Poems for Children" selected and edited by Bei Dao. Since its publication, the book has sold more than 500000 copies, with a Douban score of 8.1.

as Bei Dao said, "Poetry, especially modern poetry, is very complex, equivalent to doors. You need keys to close or open them." Therefore, Beidao specially invites 16 important Chinese poets, translators and experts to act as poetry guides to tell you the legends of poets, interpret the cultural and historical background, and analyze the subtleties of the poems.

in Douban time, you can hear Nishikawa explain Bob Dylan's "floating in the Wind":

when he punches you, you think it's nothing; when the second punch comes, you still feel nothing; when the third punch comes, you think something must have happened, or nothing; when the fourth punch comes, one punch knocks you to the ground. This is Bob Dylan.

you can hear Tanihara explain Shuntaro Tanigawa's "Rivers":

his poems are invincible roses blooming in time; an everlasting memory of history; an indelible exhortation to the future; a comfort to scars; a blessing to happiness.

you can also hear Wang Jianzhao explain Mandelstam's Silence in the Snow in the Forest:

among all kinds of people in the world, poets are probably the most untimely people. He built a highly autonomous world with excellent spirit, and with the help of the distance of language, the world is bound to widen the psychological distance between him and the public.

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Poets may indeed be the most anachronistic people in the world. They always look for their ideal self in language, which is out of reach, born and passed away. This is true of writing, and the same is true of reading poetry. Everyone who reads poetry will have such a moment to meet the world and soul in a certain line and rhyme, regardless of sadness or joy.

through the study of these "poetry lessons", you will discover the beauty and power of poetry and understand why the classics have become classics. In the past, you may have "read" many classic poems, but today, you will really "read" them.

in the noisy age, poetry lurks under the torrent, but it is always everyone's secret desire. No matter how turbulent the world is, there is always a young soul who yearns to be close to poetry, appreciate the meaning and reach the other side of the spirit.