Goodbye, our kindergarten.

Goodbye, our kindergarten.

There is no answer.

when I wake up in the morning, I feel like a lifetime ago. His eyes were so swollen that he soaked the milk and smoked his eyes hard on the milk cup. I watched "Goodbye, our Kindergarten" last night and began to cry at the beginning of the film.

"I'm about to forget anyway." A word will poke into tears.


Kindergarten is a world that every adult cannot return to.

what an animal man is good at forgetting.

many years later, you can't remember the boy who bullied you and made you cry, the little girl you played with, the songs you sang to the kindergarten aunt, and the anxious bell ringing at the end of every afternoon when you didn't want to take a nap in kindergarten.

the children in kindergarten don't remember.

A kind of candy I have eaten is called "sour slippery". When we share the "snowman" ice cream, boys always fight and girls always wear flower skirts. Some of the teachers are very good, some are fierce, there is a rusty red slide in the big courtyard and there are few swivel chairs to sit on, the small wooden stool left in the picture, and the little red dots between the eyebrows. That's all the memory.

looking at the little boys and girls in the kindergarten smiling and singing, she seems to see the untraceable river of life, together with young memories and tenacious emotions, rushing away from us. Tears are coming down.

maybe only death can stop forgetting.



Kang Na said, "Yangwu running is the first place, and I like to eat vegetables, but why am I sick?"

failed to understand the world. The kindergarten teacher was suddenly unable to give a good answer.

We always imagine our children's world as beautiful and naive. The child's world is always full of cracks.

Yangwu, who ate vegetables for the first time in running, was terminally ill. Tuo Shi's mother took her sister and left him with her father. Youyi was said by the children that the family opened a strange hotel, and Mei Qin had to wear glasses early. Cona has to go through the pain of saying goodbye to her best friend.

they are about to graduate from kindergarten, know more and more things, grow up, and forget.

the imperfection of life has already begun to lay the groundwork.

suddenly I thought of the lines in "this killer is not too cold":

-Life is always hard or only when you are just a kid?

-Always like this.


-Yangwu said that he would go at night, and it was like dying at night.

-won't there be a lot of flowers?

-A dark place with nothing, nothing.

Time to update your wardrobe and add some long sparkly dresses factors. Our large collections of collections are second to none.

are you afraid of death? I'll never see the person I want to see again. Don't laugh, don't cry. No one can protect you, and you can't protect the one you love.

that's the end of life.

I didn't expect that such a childhood-themed film would cover such a cold and cruel topic as "death". To the point where I don't know how to say it.

and Van Gogh's starry moon night. After death, can you go where you want to go? Will there be a blue night sky and spinning stars and a beautiful town?

there is no answer.

the old woman on the bus was quite frightening. In the early morning, a person was too devoted to it. Although he guessed that it was Conna's imagination, he was still frightened. Wipe my tears and turn off the computer to sleep. I finished watching the next 40 minutes after work today. Still didn't stop the lacrimal glands.

"Today is our pawn style. When we say goodbye to our favorite teachers and friends, we have grown so big when we entered the garden." Thank you, teachers, for leaving a lot of memories. Mom and Dad thank you for making such a delicious lunch for us every day. We are surrounded by everyone's love, happy to go to the kindergarten, today, and have a lot of good memories of the kindergarten to say goodbye. Kindergarten classrooms, slides and sand where we often play, we all play muddy outings, tug-of-war together, relay games, drum flute teams that have played attentively together, musicals sung with energetic voices, have a lot of memories, made a lot of friends, although we have fought, we will always be good friends. Even when I grow up, I will never forget it.

on March 18, 2003, we graduated from this kindergarten full of memories and dreams. "

in the illusory life, time is the biggest thief.