Grand View of Global courtship ceremony

Grand View of Global courtship ceremony

Now the need for too many things have covered the original appearance of love.

Modern love teaches lovers to judge their partner by the size of bouquets,

boxes of chocolates, and jewelry.

in the past, there was not such a single way for young people to attract each other's attention.

used to talk about matters on the premise of love,

now talk about love based on the material premise.

there are so many things you need these days that love has been overwritten as it is.

translator: momojyang

original author: Alison Nastasi

soon, people all over the world will judge their important partner based on the size of the bouquet, the size of the box of chocolates, and the size of the brocade jewelry. Ah, modern love is so mediocre compared with the old days.

before Beyonce told us to wear rings and greeting cards to express our feelings, young lovers competed to attract each other's attention with strange and charming courtship rituals. These lovely and strange customs are still practiced in some parts of the world, and here are some of the best.

American colonies

for young lovers considering marriage, "packing" is a popular practice in European and American colonies. Serious lovers will test the law of attraction, sleep with clothes, and put a piece of wood or linen between them to quell impulses. Sometimes they even sew themselves into quilts. Obviously, in this kind of overnight, no one plays the game as light as a feather.

lovers who are not ready to "pack" will express their desires in another ways-but keep a safe distance. The hot date at that time was to play at home under the eyes of parents, but there were ways to avoid their accusatory gaze. A courtship stick is a six-foot-long hollow instrument that allows lovers to talk to each other and whisper love words while keeping a polite distance.

Austria in rural Austria in the 19th century, women of the right age would put slices of apples in their armpits while dancing. When the music stops, they will give these sweet fruits to their partners. If he wants to be "shrouded in her sexy scent", he will eat the erotic hospitality.  Cambodia's

premarital sex has always been considered taboo. But this is not the case in Cambodia, where the premarital life of the Karen people is romantic. Unmarried young women can explore sex with multiple partners in the "love nest". Parents build this small house for their daughters, encourage them to have strength, independence, and help them find their only true love. This little house is not just for sex. They also provide a quiet space for lovers to talk to each other so that they can get to know each other.


Dai people living in southwestern China still retain several ancient courtship customs, including allowing young single men and women to meet at night by a bonfire in the village. The women's long skirts fluttered and turned the spinning wheel quietly. Men on the red carpet "visit" women, circle around them, and play for them with a variety of musical instruments. If a man has a crush on a woman, he will talk to her on Sing directly. If a woman wants a man's attention, she will give him a small stool and let him sit next to her (she hides the stool under her skirt until the time is ripe. (the man will wrap the date under the blanket and the two will whisper.  England  English gentlemen give their true love a pair of gloves. If she wears these gloves to church on Sunday, she agrees to have a relationship. If not, it's over.  Indonesia in traditional Indian Balinese society, boys and girls near puberty perform tooth filing rituals in preparation for marriage. For this special day, there is a lot of preparation. Six teeth will be filed, and the ceremony usually ends with prayers in the temple. Tooth filing is one of the thirteen rituals in one's life to help cleanse one's sins.


Norway is unequivocal in courtship, but their methods have the air of "Game of Thrones". When a girl reaches marriageable age, her father will tie a scabbard around her belt to let men know that she can be pursued. If there is a suitor, he will put the knife in her scabbard, which means she is taken.


Taiwan's aboriginal Atayal is one of the few tribes that still demonstrate a person's courage and ability to support a family through headhunting. Bloody trophies are cooked, dried, and hung for preservation. However, showing the head of your enemy is still not enough to win the heart of an Atayal woman. Before a formal marriage, women can refuse to propose as much as they want, but they must have proper facial tattoos before they can get married.


since the 17th century, Welsh lovers have expressed their feelings by exchanging spoons. These hand-carved wooden spoons are decorated with rich people of all kinds. Some love spoons are handed down from ancestors, engraved from generation to generation, and some men do to show off their carpentry. Prove to your future father-in-law that your carpentry is no longer a Welsh courtship ceremony, but spoons are still given as an ornament-especially on Valentine's Day.


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Irish vagrants, Romani (British vagrants), and other "gypsy" groups have recently become the protagonists of the British TV documentary "my Grand Gypsy Wedding". It shows a courtship ceremony called "capture", in which young homeless girls are taken away by men who like them. "it's a strict rule that girls are not allowed to go near boys, so it's up to men to decide that the catcher wants to attract the girl from her sister Taobao and try to kiss her, even if she sometimes has to twist her hand."Some homeless ethnic groups say that the custom of arresting people does not exist.