Grandpa became a ghost.

Grandpa became a ghost.


the reason for writing this article today is that I dreamt about my grandfather.

the care of another generation is hard to forget.

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Grandpa has been dead for a long time,

but I always feel that he hasn't gone far.

sometimes I dream about the person I want to see in my dream.

I subconsciously tell myself, wake up slowly and wake up again.

because you know you may never see him again when you wake up.

Grandpa has always been in good health, but he is also the earliest to go.

God may not want to see him suffer, so he calls him to heaven in advance.

Grandpa likes to eat KFC buckets.

my sister and I buy them for him every Chinese New year.

his eyes are not very good. It takes a long time to look at you on the road.

when you get closer, you will know who you are.

but on my deathbed, no one can recognize me but still recognize me.

he died before I went to college and did not share my joy of going to college.

Ah, in this way, time is really fast.

how many things I haven't shared with you, Grandpa.

but you should be able to see it all, otherwise, why would I always dream about you?

in my dream early this morning, a white horse guided me.

walked into Grandpa's room again.

his clothes were piled in the empty room.

when I looked back, the white horse disappeared.

then I saw the watch that Grandpa had worn for many years.

but the pointer stopped.

I have had a lot of dreams, some of which may even be a great movie.

but my memory is poor.

tell me in a dream that you have to remember.

it's a pity that I can't remember anything after waking up.

this time I remember seeing what my grandfather looked like.

made me want to stay in my dream for a while.

A very strange thing happened when Grandpa died.

this makes me believe that there are supernatural phenomena in the world.

I believe that the dead

just accompany you differently.

at that time, the first seven, Grandpa had just died,

family members were all in the same room, suddenly the lights in the room went out,

there was no tripping, there was no power cut,

No one deliberately turned off the lights, and there was electricity in the neighbor's house.

in this way, my sister and I clasped hands and looked at each other.

after a minute or so, the light came on by itself.

No one spoke, and if I hadn't been there,

I couldn't believe my eyes.

Grandpa is back. Anyway, this is my explanation.

I would also like to believe this explanation. Grandpa came to say goodbye.

what about you?

maybe you often see the person you want to see in your dreams,

but in reality, you don't see them.

Thank you for the dream that allows me to complete my sustenance for missing someone.

the dynamic picture makes me feel the warmth that they seem to exist.

I don't know if you often dream about the people you like, and whether

you dream about the streets you used to walk.

sometimes I always dream about a scene.

when I wake up and think about it, it turns out to be the playground of primary school.

We go back to places where we can't go back in our dreams.

those places where people may have changed.

but you know, they are always in their hearts.

some people, once separated, may never see them again.

such as some chance encounters, some wandering paths, some relatives, some lovers.

although we smiled at each other and said "see you later",

we all know that separation is goodbye forever.

now you can think of someone you want to see.

whether it's relatives or friends or loved ones,

but what makes you cry at this moment is a story that only you know.

the more people float outside, the more they are left out in the cold, and the more they think of people who are unconditionally kind to themselves.

remember that when you still can love,

love the person you want to love and leave no regrets.

when I embark on a journey away from home,

the scenery is backward and I move forward.

my past self is known only by those who pass through me.

the blank paper is crumpled by tears, your smile.

I don't know if I'll ever come back again,

so, goodbye today, see you in your dreams.