Hao Lei | & quot; Deng Chao is the most thrilling love in my life & quot;

Hao Lei | & quot; Deng Chao is the most thrilling love in my life & quot;

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Hao Lei

the relationship between Hao Lei and Deng Chao: they broke up because Hao Lei and Deng Chao were naked in the Summer Palace

Hao Lei and Deng Chao once went to get tattoos and still haven't washed them off.

because of filming the Young son of Heaven, Hao Lei and Deng Chao walked together and became an enviable couple. In 2005, the two broke up. It is reported that Deng Chao's empathy is the reason for the breakup; there are also rumors that Deng Chao broke up with Hao Lei because he starred in the movie Summer Palace, which requires nudity.

Hao Lei once talked frankly about her breakup with Deng Chao: "during the breakup, I was in a trance all day. I was very depressed and thought about committing suicide." The Summer Palace is just a flashpoint. It doesn't matter whether there is a play or not. The ending is doomed. During the period when I was filming the Summer Palace, I was still very miserable. At first, I couldn't help it. I would run into the car and cry for a while and then come out. I couldn't hide it at all. " She admitted that the love affair with Deng Chao was the most thrilling love of her life.

Hao Lei said: I don't laugh at my choice.

transferred from Southern people Weekly interview with Hao Lei

when she won Best Supporting Actress at the 47th Golden Horse Awards for her fourth Picture, Hao Lei was performing on the "soft" stage. During the curtain call, director Meng Jinghui, under the gaze of more than 1,000 pairs of eyes, leaned over from the left side of the stage to spread the long red carpet to the foot of Hao Lei in the middle of the stage. Then, he solemnly announced the good news and took her down the red carpet to make up for her regret that she did not go to the Golden Horse Awards.

when she learned that Hao Lei was nominated for the Golden Horse Awards, Meng Jinghui said that the "soft" performance time could be readjusted to make it easier for her to attend the Golden Horse Awards ceremony, but she refused. "I can't leave the audience behind. After all, the most important job of an actor is to perform."

this is Hao Lei's first acting award and the only award she has won so far, but it doesn't stop her from setting a goal for herself to get her name on the acting textbook.

earlier, she angrily scolded Henan netizens on Weibo, causing an uproar.

the way she expresses her anger is not to make a few small moves and plots below, which will make her feel like a waste of time. "Don't you want to play? I'll just drop an atomic bomb. Come on." Of course, the atomic bomb was not just thrown at random. The next day, the news was everywhere, and there were headlines like "Hao Lei scolded the people of Henan" and so on.

there are too many things that cannot be talked about in this society, only entertainment is not taboo, and people need a large number of such topics to fill their restricted tongues. Faced with this situation, Hao Lei jumped desperately. "I'm happy. I'm free. Let me wander around the world. I'm out of this business." The acting was regarded by her as life, and at that moment, she decided to give up this life.

Hao Lei doesn't look like a ravaged little woman, with a slightly warped upper lip that seems to be written when she doesn't smile: who's afraid of who?

maverick and rebellious are the most convenient words for people to describe her, and every unconventional act of her will stimulate the nerves of the guardians.

her life is like a movie, and every burden is beyond people's expectations. She lived a very happy life, even "magnificent" so that the onlookers' hearts followed the ups and downs, tired and unwilling to block it.

is it true that I can't get married after this play?

Hao Lei said she was a child star.

this child star determined his future career direction from an early age. From the moment she could speak, she pointed to the TV and told her grandmother, "I must come in here in the future." When she was in high school, she advised her classmates, "hurry up and buy a book and I'll sign it for you, so it won't be easy for me to sign it." Her classmates thought she was a psychopath.

"I've always had a strong idea, and I must do it."

driven by this idea, at the age of 15, he was admitted to the Actors Troupe of Changchun Film Studio, then went to Beijing to study acting, and was admitted to the performance Department of Shanghai Drama Academy in 1996.

the first time she realized that she was popular, she was "very disgusted" when she walked down the street and was called to her by others after playing "Don't cry at the age of 17." She became famous at the age of 19, and her classmates felt that she was different from them. "she was happy, but suddenly she changed, and you were isolated." Very sad, very annoying, why do I want to be popular?! "

25, she challenged the limits of traditional values and starred naked in the movie Summer Palace.

the Summer Palace was banned, the director was banned, and she broke up with her boyfriend.

during filming, Hao Lei asked Lou Ye: "is it true that no one wants me if I am in this movie, so I can't get married?" Lou Ye said: "how could that be?" It's too late to stand in line! "

"If I live to be 80 years old, I will act until I am 80 years old. If I stretch this time very long, I will not care about what happens overnight."

Hao Lei said that everyone has his or her task in this world, and her task is to act. "everything except acting is not my job. Including interviews. "

"do you think it's important to have a relationship with all the journalists, or is it important for people to go to the cinema and see your performance?" She doesn't feel the need to have a good relationship with reporters as an actor. "what's the point of that?" This is the sentence that Hao Lei said most frequently in the interview. "meaningful" is an important topic in her life.

for the sake of meaning, she lives without pretending, showing weakness, avoiding, and uncompromising.

she said she was an untimely person. "No matter which dynasty it is, it will belong to people who are either born early or too late. I should be Li Qingzhao reincarnated, she put all emotions are written into poems, and I put all my emotions into a play. "

in the eyes of others, I am always crazy

people Weekly: have you ever said that it is your ambition as an actor to put your name in the acting textbook?

Hao Lei: it has nothing to do with ambition. It's a kind of love. In my opinion, the greatest honor is that my name appears in the acting textbook, and I become a role model for future generations of actors. If acting is happy and happy, it's almost all right, it's the choice of a mediocre person, it's not me.

people Weekly: some people say that you are recognized as an acting actress, but you don't get the corresponding applause and honor. will this make your heart unbalanced?

Hao Lei: it doesn't matter. For example, everyone likes to eat McDonald's, but McDonald's is not necessarily nutritious.

people Weekly: do you think your status is underestimated?

Hao Lei: I wish I didn't underestimate myself. You are not Ruan Lingyu, and you will commit suicide if you are afraid of what people say. I am a person living in my world, only cares about my understanding of myself and the world, as for other people's understanding of me, I do not particularly care.

people Weekly: but when the netizen who claimed to be from Henan abused you on Weibo, you also responded fiercely. Haven't you thought about the possible consequences of doing this?

Hao Lei: I can take it because there are a lot of things behind it. I talked about this in "Women under the World". As a result, many reporters came to ask me. I don't want to say anymore. I don't think they do their homework. I'm not sister-in-law Xianglin. What's the point of talking about it?

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people Weekly: listen to what you mean, do you know who the netizen who scolded you on Weibo is in real life?

Hao Lei: of course, he has done this more than once. Don't take anyone for a fool.

people Weekly: did you get hurt in this incident?

Hao Lei: no, what can be hurt? I dare to say that I am a good actor anywhere. So "you" don't have to deal with these things, just have time to think about how to act well, and show kindness to people who are kind to you. At that time, I told Sina that I didn't want this Weibo and asked them to shut it down. I only write blogs now. I don't think Weibo is very good, because no one dares to look at real things. Blogs are fine.

people Weekly: are all your Weibo authentic?

Hao Lei: of course, so people are crazy because people can't accept real things.

people Weekly: some people may think you're crazy?

Hao Lei: all artists were considered crazy at that time. Normal people don't think about survival or death. Normal people think about what I will eat after this meal. In the eyes of others, I am crazy all the time, but in my feeling, everything I do is normal and comfortable. I never wring myself, but everyone says you are.

people Weekly: do you think you are an artist?

Hao Lei: I dare not say that I am an artist, but I am willing to work in this direction.

"I don't want to live on the bandwagon"

people Weekly: you say you can bear the consequences of fighting back against netizens on Weibo, for example?

Hao Lei: I can't be a star. I can only be happy when I act in a play all my life. For example, after winning the Golden Horse Award, the reporter asked, "what do you think?" What can I think? Is this my node? I have to go on with my Oscar. I don't know what you are paying attention to. I am also in a hurry. I keep writing blogs, writing my ideas into articles, songs, or making movies in the future. I just hope you can live a little bit of quality.

people Weekly: is drama poor compared to movies and TV dramas?

Hao Lei: if you don't want much, you don't feel poor. When I found that my favorite foods were super cheap, I felt that there was nothing to think about. Acting in a play does not earn much, but at least there is a white-collar income, isn't that already very good?

people Weekly: as a matter of fact, you haven't acted in many plays. "Rhino in Love" and "soft" are just two films, directed by Meng Jinghui.

Hao Lei: I don't act much, and there are a lot of bad plays. I need a safe environment to release them completely. I only dare to cooperate with Meng Jinghui. Before "soft", I once went to see Meng Jinghui, who was rehearsing at that time. As before, he trotted from the auditorium to the stage, and my tears fell when I saw his back. I have known him for more than ten years, and he has never changed. His love for drama and his passion for art is as simple as a child. I don't want to live with the trend every day, my energy is to be used in the performance. If I can have a very good interpersonal relationship, then I am a diplomat or a businessman, so there is no need to be an actor. I don't want to live like that.

people Weekly: will you lose a lot of money if you stick to your heart like this?

Hao Lei: if you bravely give up what is wrong, what is right will come to you. If you choose mass aesthetics, you can never be a person with an independent aesthetic trend.

I'm an eagle. Don't keep me in line

people Weekly: you don't seem to like the word "artist" very much?

Hao Lei: it's terrible that everything is confusing. Actors are different from artists. I'm not an artist. I'm an actor. Everyone says that the relationship between the media and actors is between fish and water, but I am an eagle. Don't always ask me to queue up. Geese wait in line. For example, secretly take pictures, you always follow me, so that I have no time and space to experience life, this is very terrible, do you want to turn everyone into one? Personal? Is that interesting?

people Weekly: so some people think you are different.

Hao Lei: some people say I'm strong and so on. I only admit that I am strong. I didn't threaten you to go to the cinema to see my movie. You have to focus on me. What should I say?

people Weekly: do you feel like you've been surrounded?

Hao Lei: hasn't my life been watched all the time? My previous agents and I will make it clear at the beginning of our cooperation that if there are works, we can publicize them, and if it's all right, don't fiddle with these things. People's brain is so big, maybe my brain is a little smaller, what I think about is very single, I can't think of so many things, so when we don't do it and others are willing to do it, people will use strong, alien, rebellious words to describe me.

people Weekly: conceptualize you?

Hao Lei: demonized me. For example, in an interview, some gossip journalists will say, "Why don't you like being interviewed?" It's not that I despise anyone, they don't know what I'm talking about, and I don't know what they're talking about. Some people say that I am very selfish, self does not mean that I do not cooperate, I can cooperate, but I will never cater to it.