Hello, everyone. I'm a lovely and charming villain.

Hello, everyone. I'm a lovely and charming villain.


I don't know if you have a villain complex.

I especially like watching American crime movies, and I don't like decent people very much.

because decent people always have ugly faces of one kind or another in the name of "decent",

while villains are always free and cool.

PS: villains are all handsome .

villain is not a derogatory term, but a complex.

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"be bad" is everyone's dream. The villain has a quack.

makes people rely on you. This bad feeling is charming.

the bad here is a kind of temperament, and quality is not the same thing.

generally have this charming villain temperament, they are usually very nice.

"born homicidal maniac"

kill those people and be separated from their loved ones forever? My pure moment is better than your evil life.

the trilogy

I am only responsible for getting rid of those scum.

nowadays we are all on guard against sinners.

but there is another kind of sin.

We should be most careful.

that is the indifference of good people.

the path of justice is surrounded by tyrannical villains.

Blessed are those who guide the weak in the name of compassion and goodwill.

Blessed are those who take care of their companions to find the lost sheep.

those who dare to harm and harm my companions,

I will take revenge on them

decent people expect love, while "villains" have it.

it's still charming, of course.

there is always a temperament in the villain that makes it impossible to take one's eyes off.

decent people are always waiting for love to come. When they see a girl they like,

they always smile silently and look at the distance.

they always feel that they are the ruler among the thousands of people.

"you should come to my face when I am so upright."

unexpectedly, women do not necessarily like this kind of man.

temperament is full of old-school style and personality.

who would want to be bound by a rigid person?

the one who can control love is always the bad one of the two.

when you see your partner's bad smile, you can fall instantly.

decent people dwell on the past, while "villains" enjoy the moment.

Why do we like prodigal sons?

they have experienced a lot of life experience and know how to seize life.

they are full of sense of security about life as we know it, and

is also full of temptations to control.

sometimes people just don't like things that are stable and rigid.

I like to live with people who are full of interest in life.

the life of diesel, rice and salt is already very boring.

if we can no longer have a humorous partner who lives in the present, then how boring the life of two people should be.

decent say "yes" and "villain" say "no".

is the spirit of questioning.

We can always hear complaints from friends around us that they are too tired.

because you always say yes to anyone and anything.

A person who can't hit an eight has been out of touch for ten thousand years and suddenly asks you to help with something.

you say yes, I'll help, and others say, oh, you're so nice.

as a result, after helping, they slapped their buttocks and left.

you work so hard to be a good person.

for people who are uninteresting and ungrateful for temporary cramming,

sobrr be bad, you should be a villain.

learn to refuse, learn to say no.

decent people place their hopes on God, while "villains" believe in themselves.

if you can rely on yourself, you will never rely on others.

you are tired of going through relationships and getting to know people.

you know a bunch of hypocritical contacts.

people call each other friends and don't follow their own inner voice.

I insist, I regard you as a friend, I will help you to the end.

you only think of me when you use me.

regard me as your tool, and I won't help you at all.

after something happens, some people pray to God to open their eyes.

God is blind, and only they can change themselves.

Man triumphs over Heaven.

this is a villain's stubbornness.