Here are seven little things that might be called love.

Here are seven little things that might be called love.

Or it could be his own hypocrisy.


the rising moon is the most beautiful. She has been waiting all day.


when the seeds are buried in the soil,

people who co-plant think

can only be carefully irrigated.

the wind comes and goes, the snow is foggy,

they cover their bodies until she blossoms.

relieved to stand up and kneel for a long time,

A blank, a stumble, stepping on the foot.

We have nothing left.

We invested everything long before we planted it.


there is a message from the reader. Let me explain my regret.

she said she lost her love and cried.

in fact, this is not what regret should look like. In the face of regret,

all emotions are difficult to show.

on the contrary, they are light, can not be picked up, but can be put down.

regret is the news heard from others.

it is the most familiar stranger that cannot know where and what the other person is doing in the first place.

it's like squatting for too long and getting up violently, but thinking that it's like dreaming when you're awake.


Hiroji Sugimoto said when he recalled going to the cinema for the first time as a child:

"there is a similarity between watching a movie and dreaming, that is, you will lose yourself while watching." Our consciousness is involved and even sweats because of it. "

the day before yesterday, I dreamt that someone rode a motorcycle to save me from the zombies.

he threw smoke bombs and bombs. I couldn't help myself and was there.

even the warmth in fear

feels happy in the dream.


sometimes I recite a string of strange numbers inexplicably.

think carefully about whose cell phone number it is, and then have a palpitation.

for such a long time, a lot of people are gone, and

many numbers are still imprinted.


I really want to sit in the confession room and listen to your atonement.


the center of the world I want to reach most is by your side.

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