Hitchcock | I just love to play with passers-by in movies

Hitchcock | I just love to play with passers-by in movies

The 20th issue of "Hitchcock" on November 26, 2014 is updated today about Hitchcock. Pops are cute. Every movie has to be very cute.

every movie must appear

very passers-by

Let's find out where he is

Quentin is also

after doing Quentin's project, he will show you


every time he appears, he will show you the expression

of how I love to play passers-by and can hit me.

It must be something interesting with its personality to choose

first, show everyone the positive face, ha, that is, he

, and then a TV short film.

here comes the main topic of Finally!

in 1926, the "border" appeared in the newspaper reading room and later in the crowd. (3 minutes)

1929, blackmail

the murderer walked outside the house where the murder took place in 1930. (60 minutes)

1935 39 steps: the film appeared about seven minutes after the beginning of the film, while Robert Donat and Lucie Mannheim were running out of the theater. (7 minutes)

at the end of the film "the missing Lady" in 1938, she was wearing a black coat and smoking a cigar at Victoria Station. (90th minute)

1938 Young and ignorant: standing outside the courthouse with a camera. (15th minute)

in 1940, "overseas Commissioner", who was not that fat, played a guest role as a passer-by reading a newspaper.

in 1940, "Butterfly Dream", Hitchcock appeared at the end of the movie, a passerby walking outside a telephone booth. This time appeared relatively late, in the 123rd minute. Later, he said that he was afraid that the audience would keep paying attention to finding where his guest star was in the movie while ignoring the film itself.

in 1941, Mr. and Mrs. Smith was a romantic comedy by Hitchcock. A fat passer-by appears in the middle of the movie.

in 1941, "Deep Girl doubt Cloud" cameo in the middle of the movie with a man posting a letter next to the mailbox. He's like a fat mailbox, too. Haha.

1943 in Shadow, Hitchcock guest stars a passenger playing cards on a train.

this is particularly serious. The "lifeboat" of 1944, the weight loss effect of a drug. Because of this, he went to lose weight.

in 1945, Dr. Edward is a masterpiece of Hitchcock's analysis of mental illness using the analytical principle of Freudian dreams. The handsome old guy who smokes cigars is Hitchcock, probably in the middle of the movie.

1946, Beauty trick. An hour after the start of the movie, he attended a big party at his mansion in Claude Rains and left soon after drinking champagne. (60 minutes)

1947, Palatine case. Get off the train with a cello and walk out of Cumberland station. (36th minute)

1948, "Soul". At the beginning of the film, Hitchcock guest stars a passer-by walking in the street.

1949, "the Beauty of robbery". It appeared twice, once in the back and once among the three people.

1950, "the thrill of wanting the sea". He appears in the middle of the movie and brushes past Jane Wyman.

1951, Train Stranger. At the beginning of the movie, the guest stars a cello passenger who is about to get on the train. Pops' ass is so big and twisted like Winnie the Pooh.

1953, confession. Hitchcock still appears at the beginning of the movie, with a back shot and a passer-by walking on the stairs. This kind of Pooh is too recognizable.

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1954, "phone murder". This appearance is also very creative. It appears in the reunion photo on the wall.

1954, back window. Show up in the composer's apartment and wind up the alarm clock.

1955, Strange corpse case. Winnie the old man walked down the road in a khaki trench coat.

1955, "catch a thief and remember To.Catch.A.Thief". Hitchcock guest-starred a passenger on a bus. This expression is also OK.

1956, catch the murder: watch the Acrobatics show in the market. (25th minute)

1958, obsession.

1959, north by northwest. It's a really good movie. I like this one very much. At the beginning of the film, the Don becomes an unlucky passenger who missed the bus.

1960, "mentally ill". Hitchcock appeared in the seventh minute of the film.

1963, a flock of birds. Hitchcock appeared in the second minute of the movie and brushed past the heroine with two cute puppies. This is the picture I put with the dog above. The puppy has a strong sense of mirror.

1964, Thief. The camera followed the heroine's corridor, and Hitchcock suddenly opened the door, came out, and looked around. (5 minutes)

1966, Breaking the Iron Curtain starred Paul Newman and Julian Drew. Hitchcock comes to a customer with a blond child in a hotel at the beginning of the film.

1969, Topaz. Hitchcock showed up at the airport and a nurse pushed him out. But the funny thing is, the Don immediately stood up and shook hands with his old friend. It's a little ironic and a little funny.

1972, "killing madman". As soon as Hitchcock appeared, the movie started. His expression was very aloof at the beginning of the crowd.

1976, Family conspiracy. It is the last work of Hitchcock, and the cameo of this silhouette makes people look a little sad now. It seems to be the end of a big movie in a master's life.