How do you know he likes you.

How do you know he likes you.

The more you say it, the more beautiful it sounds, but it is the simplest and most cost-free way to show your love.


A boy I know once had dinner together at a friend's house, and there were many reminders on his cell phone. I saw him turn on his cell phone and replied to every letter, "Dinner, baby." The other friends on the table made a tacit expression. He smiled and said, "Oh, they are all girls."

 this is a boy who is very talkative and has a successful career at a young age. He can't match Daniel Wu in appearance. He is undeniably a charming person. He was born as a salesman, so in the process of chatting with him, you can't feel any negative feelings of dissatisfaction, as if you would only smile and give you the first cup of tea even if you scold him by pointing at his nose.

such a boy who seems to have high EQ and good qualifications, he is single.

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what distinguishes him from us single dogs who can't find a partner is that he is single because there are too many people. when I watched the movie "ex-playbook" before, I thought Zheng Kai interpreted his type of boy vividly. Open Wechat and send voice messages to every girl, "what are you doing?" "what are you doing?" "what are you doing?"

there are so many girls who like him, there are always girls who are willing to pay for honeyed words. At that time, one of our common girl friends was enjoying the process of being pursued and sharing the story with our friends. After we circulated several sincere confessions from the suitor to the girl, the boy patted the table and said, "you're stupid." this guy doesn't love you at all. If he likes you, he will not stop talking to you on Wechat, he will try his best to ask you out, invite you to dinner and surprise you. "  
 that girl has a hard mouth, "it's utilitarian of you to say so." I don't need boys to be rich. I just want simple love. "  

A boy shakes his head. "it's so easy to talk about love without even showing it. How can he love you?"


there are many boys who do nothing all day and devote a lot of time to the girls they like. make an appointment for dinner today, tea tomorrow and a movie the day after tomorrow. "I like you", "you are so beautiful", "you are the most special girl I have ever seen", then open your mouth.  

but how do you know he really likes you?

  I have read this sentence before: if a rich person is willing to pay time for you, a poor person is willing to pay money for you, and a person is willing to pay what he lacks for you, instead of squandering his own rich resources, then he must cherish you very much.  

as for whether you accept it or not, it has nothing to do with your lover's contribution to you.

these days, no one is short of a meal and a gift, and whether it is given or not has little to do with the material itself.

Love is an expression, not a flirting routine.

when I was a student, the love I most expected was a young man dressed in white, who could play basketball, which was set by high achiever, plus the elegant facial features made up of the perfect romance novel hero. At that time, girls were very convinced that without any material participation in the relationship, two people would hold hands and grow old.

but in fact, many young lovers die early on the road to further development. Most of the time, love is not a look, an action, or in a good day, that person is wearing your favorite white shirt.

the more I grow up, the more I find that the most useless love in the world is the casual "I love you all my life", "I swear I will be nice to you," and "you are the woman I love most in my life."

your vows may only take effect at the moment of the oath, and the feelings at that moment may be true, but the feelings with only verbal guarantees are too weak.


love words become more and more beautiful, but love words are the simplest and most cost-free way to show love.

he can say he likes you, or he can say he likes her, likes her, likes her.

so how do you know he really likes you?