How I should love you.

How I should love you.

There is a fire in everyone's heart, passers-by only see smoke, but there is always a person, there is always a person who can reach the fire, and then come over and accompany me. I walked out of breath with my enthusiasm, my indifference and my unjustifiable belief in love, and I stammered to her, what's your name? Starting with your name, and then, everything.


how can I love you? I still don't know how to answer this matter. How to quantify my love for you is like running from another star to the earth to see your light. We are far apart, but I will try to see the minute it lights up in your eyes.   artists' love is especially passionate. A story about Van Gogh: van Gogh and Gauguin went out to play together and met two girls who had a special chat with each other. Van Gogh, one of the girls, liked her very much, so he began to get in touch with him and fell in love. He loves the girl so much that he doesn't know how to love her. He asked her if there was anything you wanted, and the girl smiled and tugged at his left ear and said, I want this. So he went back to the mirror and cut off his ear, not knowing how to give it to her, so he took her handkerchief and wrapped it for her. When the girl saw the gift, she decided not to have anything to do with it. how much I love you, even if you want a part of me, I will give it to you. but most people may be scared, but how should we pay to love someone? WHEN I WATCH YOU, I'LL BE A PHYCHO, when I love you, I become a madman. others see me crazy, but only I know how much I want to devote myself to you.  

Life of Bohemia, directed by Archie Crismaki, tells the story of the encounter between a writer, a musician and a painter. I was impressed by a passage in which the painter fell in love with a girl, but at that time, it was the poorest time in Paris, and the whole city could not find a place for talent. The painter had a dog, and he depended on it until he met the girl. He is a gentle man and attaches great importance to his works. He wrote poems and painted pictures, but when the girl sat by his fireplace one winter, she said it was cold. In this cold winter when he had no money to buy firewood, he burned the book of poems he had written to keep the girl warm. "will it feel warmer?" he asked.

when we love someone, we are all crazy.


Van Gogh also wrote poems. His poems are very good. I don't know if all painters have the ability to be a poet. in short, Van Gogh is like this.

he wrote: there is a fire in everyone's heart. Passers-by only see smoke, but there is always one person, there is always one person who can reach the fire, and then come over and accompany me. I walked out of breath with my enthusiasm, my indifference, my fury, my gentleness, and my unwarranted belief in love, and I stammered to her, what's your name? Starting with your name, and then, everything.

so having sadness seems to have the source of all creation.

he said: when I draw a sun, I want people to feel that it is spinning at an amazing speed and is emitting frightening waves of light and heat. When I draw a wheat field, I want people to feel that the wheat is working towards their final maturity and blooming. When I draw an apple tree, I hope people can feel that the juice in the apple is stretching open the skin of the apple, and the seeds in the core are working hard to bear fruit. When I draw a man, I will draw his surging life.

so when creating wheat fields, Van Gogh actually painted more than three of these large oil paintings, painting large stretches of wheat fields under an uneasy sky. Van Gogh told those around him that he did not need to deliberately express his feelings of desolation and extreme loneliness. "I hope you can see these paintings right away. I think these paintings can tell you what I can't express in words. I'll tell you the vibrant scene I saw in the country. "

I just want to tell you how happy I am when I see the beautiful scenery, and I hope you are as happy as I am. However, each other, the people we like, they may not be able to understand our thoughts, understand what we want to bring them, may be the simplest happiness.


I just got back from Morocco yesterday, where I played deeply for 20 days. When I rode a camel into the Sahara desert under the stars, the moonlight threw the camel's shadow into the desert. after the slight Rain Water, the clouds scattered in the field of vision, revealing the Milky way starry sky. I lay in the wind of the Sahara, the flow of the desert glowing on the soles of my feet like holy water. I lay in the desert, looking at the starry sky, as if one more glance at it could suck me in. At that moment, I seemed to understand the starry sky in Van Gogh's eyes and understand what he said. "when I look at the starry sky, I dream." I dreamt about the painting, and then I drew the dream. " How sympathetic this sentence is.

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in the twinkling of an eye, I saw large tracts of wheat fields, fiery sunflowers, high mountains, hills and deserts, and distant but moving snow-capped mountains. when I love you, it is the light of the sun, all the colors are strong, but you don't understand, so what should I take to love you, I want you to know this feeling.