How to improve happiness when living alone?

How to improve happiness when living alone?

Adhere to this belief: "if I have love, I am the icing on the cake, if not, I am also a piece of brocade."

to sum up, I have lived alone for a long time. Living alone, it is inevitable that there is a sense of decadence in the surrounding air. A person shopping, staring at the billboard in a daze, the oncoming crowd almost want to overturn your loneliness; a person watching a movie, no one discussing will silently aftertaste the plot, the shadow is pulled by the street lamp pen length; eating alone, are embarrassed to enter those noisy restaurants, sitting at the round table, leisurely food on a few dishes and soup. A person's loneliness comes more from the fact that there is no one to share when he is happy and no one to talk to when he is sad. A person often has to worry about a lot of problems, such as whether he has brought the key, whether the remaining food in the refrigerator has been sorted out, and whether the light in the bathroom has anything to do with it. These extremely simple little things can remind each other and keep each other company for two people. But a person must keep a good memory and a careful attitude. Because you are out there alone, all kinds of difficulties test your ability to predict the dangers around you. No one will spoil you, no one will let you cry on your shoulder and give you a chance to correct your mistakes after you have made a big mistake. The world adapts you to it with a cold law. But a person also tends to have some different taste. After being alone for a long time, I gradually get used to teasing myself and finding some fun to make me happy. When you start to get used to the freedom of walking alone, you will gradually stop worrying about whether you want to walk side by side with someone, and every open little detail shows joy. When I read a book late at night, I saw Xue Xiao Zen wrote a passage. At this time, she had not contacted anyone for a long time. Throughout the winter, it was windy and snowy, and she did not go downstairs easily. Stay alone, listen to the play, write, learn calligraphy, in a daze. "when people reach a certain age, they go to recycle. Finally, two or three bosom friends, a cup of tea, an old play, maybe a dog, a cat, with the Chinese ink, live life like your own. This is a fixed number. And gradually life becomes leisurely, thinking that the things or people you will not like in this life, since middle age, those people or things who are cold, safe, empty and fishing for cold rivers have gradually entered into their hearts. No longer panic, no more pleasing, demanding, and a firm refusal to warm or lively things. Still shadow sinking to the wall. Qingyuan is deep and beautiful. It is expected to be cold. When you get used to being alone, you like a way of life. " How to improve one's happiness when living alone?

1. Keeping some life with you

small animals or plants is a lovely trouble. Many of my friends who live alone have told me that when they come home from overtime alone, no matter how tired they are, they scratch the neck of their kittens and the puppies jump on their knees for a while. When you see those innocent pupils staring at you, it will make you forget the evils of the day and create a strong sense of responsibility that makes you love life and become more warm and careful. And home flower recommendation, not only can clean the air, plant nature and aura shrouded in the house, there is a very chaste and quiet atmosphere, even if you do nothing, standing next to the plant in a daze, will feel intoxicated, peace of mind.

2. The refrigerator should be full of ingredients

when I get home, I like to open the refrigerator, the fruit is overflowing, there are fresh mushrooms, eggplant, chili, etc., piled full, waiting for someone to pry open the taste buds. Just seeing these colorful ingredients makes people feel that life is full of hope. A person stays up late to work, let alone eat instant noodles to satisfy hunger, the strong sense of guilt about the body and swallowing in order to be full can make people feel depressed. Sprinkle the next tomato and egg noodles with chopped onions; simmer yourself a small hot pot during the festival; have yogurt when you are thirsty and cake when you are greedy. Life should have hope, and a person who dotes on himself starts with the body. What better mood than to warm a glass of milk, heat up a basket of steamed buns, boil some steamed egg custard or serve some light vegetable soup in the morning? Having a delicious breakfast is the source of happiness.

3. Get into the habit of fitness

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have you ever seen people running in sweatshirts on the mall? When I was in Dali, I used to swim with nearly 60 foreigners a year. The amount of exercise that day was extremely heavy, first walking 5 kilometers, then going boating, in which several of my 20-something friends and I took turns pulling bamboo rafts, followed by swimming. When we sat breathless and sweating by the lake eating grilled fish, we were all so tired that we were about to collapse on our chairs. While foreigners are still talking and laughing, chopsticks keep telling jokes, and then there is a high-altitude diving after eating. After swimming several hundred meters under the water, another leap jumped onto the rock, which simply stunned us one by one. Exercise can make a person's state of mind younger, create a beautiful curve for a long time, and a sexy figure allows a person to choose beautiful clothes and dress more appropriately. When a person has a good body and proper dress up, he will be able to enjoy life energetically.

4. Nothing to chat with well-intentioned strangers, do not close yourself

live alone, the most likely to fall into the emotional circle, it will be easy to block their feelings. Even some people will become more and more sensitive, feeling that a lot of small things are hostile to themselves. In fact, there is no need to magnify your sensitivity at all, to know that the world is very busy, not many people will care about your words and deeds. The most important thing a person should do is to relax himself and forget the embarrassment and precaution that can be put up. I often chat with some old men and vendors in the park. I once heard a Beijing man tell me the history of the park near my home. I vividly told the secret history of the harem of Empress Dowager Cixi from the old men of the Qing Dynasty to the secret history of the Empress Dowager Cixi. Why the fish at the bottom of the lake are more than 1 meter long, fairy tales spread by the older generation. I have also heard the little girl who set up a stall talk about the sadness of drifting around after dropping out of school. The more you learn about other people's stories, the more you can comfort your misfortune. Everyone is a book, and we have to be patient to turn to the first page.

5. Rent your own bedroom independently

I don't like sharing with people very much, from the location of toothbrush towels to the calculation of water and electricity in the house, my heart is very tired. So when economic conditions are possible, try to live alone in a house. Now there are very cheap apartments worth more than 1000 yuan, and most of the rent is paid on a monthly basis. If you want to live in a suite, you must have your own bedroom, do not live in any bunk, and the sound insulation effect is good, you can turn on the speakers to listen to rock music, crosstalk, bake your own cake, and raise a lovely little animal. And you don't have to consult with others, and you don't have to look at people's faces carefully. Our life is becoming more and more uncomfortable because we have to deal with more and more obvious encounters. Some relationships, which are supposed to be polite pleasantries, have to be penny-pinching, smiling and patient-- it can really wear away a person's fun. So try to rent your own bedroom independently.

6. Develop the habit of cherishing the skin and living a clean life

many men can understand that they don't like to cherish the skin. Because I think men are rough, but in fact, regardless of men and women, good appearance can have a greater choice, whether in the workplace or in love. After all, no one can see through your soul at first sight. There are many ways to maintain the skin, and applying facial mask is one of them, which can give people a good rest time. I like to listen to country folk songs quietly and apply a mask. I feel that time has come to a standstill. I hate to come home and see a messy home. A friend knows a famous fengshui master who said that if the corner of the wall and the bottom of the sofa bed are covered with dust, it will affect a person's aura on fengshui and make people unlucky. So try to keep a clean working and living environment. Only in this way can we have a complete rest after a busy day.

7. Decorate the room with some creative DIY

if you know how to do it by hand and like to find some interesting things, so much the better. I used to find a lot of cheap and interesting things in the second-hand market. For example, now my fish tank is modified with a 14-inch black-and-white TV. I take off the screen and components and leave an empty iron shell. I put water plants and pebbles picked up by the river, and raised a little turtle. And the rainbow-colored water gun hanging on the wall. I used to hold it around the fountain with a group of 5-or 6-year-olds, causing them to call me the boss and the feeling of being hugged by a group of young children. There is also a tablecloth sewn with Japanese floral cloth. With a shake, it is full of complacency. The black rocking horse picked up has become a cat crawling rack for kittens at home. On the desk, there is another Transformers robot lamp of their own diy. This table lamp is Lego on the outside and can pose casually. Sanmao once had an article that wrote that he was the king of junk, and he would pick it up at home for any fun. In fact, there are many missing pleasures of abandonment in this world, the key is that you should have a pair of original eyes and hands that are not lazy. You have to be patient and wait for the one who appreciates you to show up and enjoy your life. Adhere to this belief: "if I have love, I am the icing on the cake, if not, I am also a piece of brocade." As Zhou Guoping said, solitude is a good moment and experience in life, although it is a little lonely, there is a kind of fullness in loneliness. Solitude is a necessary space for the growth of the soul. when we are alone, we extricate ourselves from others and things and return to ourselves.