How to kill a girl gracefully

How to kill a girl gracefully


know that you are a person who makes me sad.

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but how can I be so willing to be abused?

if you want to kill a girl, you must first kill her heart.

when her heart stops beating for you, then you do it.

the first step in gracefully killing a girl is to have an affair with her, which can start with words and then be accompanied by small moves over time.

Men seem to know how to show their male charm among girls, just like the lions on the prairie during mating season, there are always some small ways to attract a large number of members of the opposite sex around them. Many boys say that I have seen a lot of beautiful women and there is no shortage of girls around them, and then they can talk to many girls, just like Louis Koo in single men and women, which is the epitome of most single men. Not all men, like Daniel Wu's character, focus on one girl from the beginning to the end, and the beauty around him does not meet his requirements for a single candidate.

they can have an affair with many girls at the same time, but know which one is the most special.

it's much easier to hurt someone than to love someone, especially to hurt a silly girl who is already in love. The way men choose is to have an affair with you, ambiguity is a vague favor, and affection can be used in many people.

I know a girl who is very beautiful, very literary and artistic and has a lot of temperament, which is especially popular with boys. There is a boy who likes her very much. the boy is handsome and clean, tall, thin in clothes, and fleshy. Of course, many girls like him, in his words: I have no shortage of girls.

the first sentence in all ambiguous relationships usually begins with: "what are you doing?"

Boys always chat with girls, from trivial things every day to the last good night before going to bed. The boy talks to the girl every day, but from one day, the boy doesn't hear from him and playing hard to get work. The girl is not used to the day when she doesn't talk to him every day, but she is very shy. The boy doesn't take the initiative to contact her, and she doesn't take the initiative to contact the boy. But her heart tickled, and one day she plucked up the courage to send Wechat to the boy and asked him what you were doing. The dialog box immediately shows the words that the other party is typing, and the boy replied, "what's the matter? you miss me." The girl made a shy expression, and then there was no more. The boy did not continue to reply, and let the girl have a good meal to wait, but could not embarrass himself and go on. She also realized that something was wrong, and sure enough, after a while, she saw a picture of him and another girl in the boy's moments.

but what should I do? the silly girl is in love. The boy gave her an ambiguous feeling and gave her the possibility of being together, so she also walked into the emotional whirlpool given by the boy step by step under his guidance. Their mutual friend told her that after he saw the girl's message coming with his own eyes, he clicked on it and then opened another girl's conversation box to send a voice chat.

you think you are unique, but you are just a mouthful of water in his glass of water. You need to drink a lot of water when he is thirsty, and you are just one of them. After he drinks freely, you are just a mouthful of superfluous water and have no effect to quench his thirst. Unfortunately, the girl had no idea. She thought he was only chatting with her. After the truth, she was full of affection and self-emotion.

that's right, he didn't promise anything, he didn't promise to be with you, he just seemed to be very close to you, which gave you the illusion. The girl felt that she was holding her breath, so she sent Wechat and asked him, "I thought you liked me." He replied, " you're thinking too much. I just care about you as a friend." "

the girl simply eats shit, so she might as well not ask. This puppet thread of my own is broken, and the one who is accepted is obedient and obedient.

people who are good at flirting have many spares, both men and women. For example, he will take the initiative to ask you to go out with him or a party with him, give you a specific nickname, make some small moves, touch your head every time you see you, grab your arm in the middle of crossing the street, touch your hand intentionally or unintentionally, walk around your shoulder or subconsciously hug your waist. you think this is a little ambiguity before the beginning of love, but to him, it's just flirting with you. Today he can flirt with you, and tomorrow he can flirt with others.

this trick can directly cut off 70% of the girl's blood.

another way to cut blood is a lie.

Girls are sensitive, yes, but it's easy to believe because you can never see a wolf pretending to be hungry. There is also such a girl who has been with her boyfriend for three years. Her boyfriend does not allow her to check his mobile phone because she needs some privacy. To tell you the truth, the so-called private space is full of lies that need to be rounded.

the girl is so sensitive that she knows at a certain moment that he no longer loves her. He turned a blind eye to her weight when she appeared in front of him, no longer worried when she walked alone at night when he ordered a meal for one person when he made her favorite hard-boiled eggs hard-boiled. he remembered the girl's habit of getting along with each other for a long time. After that, it became a kind of resistance, and the two men became equal warriors, fighting to assimilate each other, but chopped off each other's heads at the moment of peace.

she knows what's in his private space, but what she can't accept is his lie. As long as a girl wants to see a boy's mobile phone, she can see it anyway, but the boy does not necessarily know that the girl has seen his mobile phone. A sensitive girl always knows everything she wants to know, except lies. The girl knows what he has done, but the most unbearable thing is that the boy is talking to other girls and spitting out his bitterness, so he is not free in love, so he turns around and tells his girlfriend that he can't do without you. You are all I have and the driving force of my life. The power you are paralyzed, now the most indispensable thing is the movie star.

No one likes a liar, especially a bad lie, which can be seen at a glance, so it makes a round lie look very clumsy.

if you can truthfully tell the girl that you are done, it is over, and you like someone else, this honest and cruel attitude may cut off 30% of the girl's blood, but lying and sophistry will directly cut off 70%. The world is not without who will not change, honesty may represent the importance of this relationship, but lies are different from dependence, which is dirty sophistry to a relationship.

Blood loss index 70%.

the last big trick to cut blood is that I come, throw my memory to you, and then leave, without saying goodbye, leaving you waiting indefinitely.

everyone will be a passer-by around others. You pass through a person, exchange your love for each other, exchange your stories, understand each other's preferences and shortcomings, and you have a news story, and then you clean up your relationship and move on to the next leg of your journey.

you come and go, provoking me to let a pool of stagnant water flow again, and then you tell me that you want the silent birds of the mountains to fly away, and you want the fisherman in the boat to wear a coir coat and fight for a hat. You want the Yangtze River to flow slowly when it enters Mangyuan, and please climb another tall building. You want to pursue a career, do not dare to start a family without a career, do not commit, because you do not know whether it will come true, but love each other because of some real things in reality, or to enjoy the most primitive human loneliness, that is freedom.

here you are, with a lot of worries. Tease me, hang me for exhibition, see, she is moved for me, she is my booty. But I dare not step into the swamp of love, I love her, does not mean that I have to live with her all my life. Fuck it, he'll tell you a lot of things, and you'll never be stubborn. Plausible experience, listening to he tell the truth of life experience will make you want to turn the whole world upside down. Love needs to be done first, first love, and then the courage to overcome difficulties, not because of some high-sounding reasons to refuse to say, love.

you passed me and gave me no promise on the premise of loving each other. Come and go, do you think I am a Youth Travel Service?

unlike men, the best time for girls is only a few years. Let a girl wait for the result of love, get through her most beautiful years can not wait for you a fart of the same commitment.

Blood loss index, 100%.

how to kill a girl gracefully, there is another trick.

Let her heart move, then steal her heart and leave.