I always meet good-looking people when I am ugliest.

I always meet good-looking people when I am ugliest.


sometimes people don't know why they are suddenly happy, and

of course, they are suddenly unhappy.

but we are glad that we have these emotions.

because we exist,

we are very happy to be healthy.

I don't know if you have ever encountered such a thing.

every time I dress up, I think I must go far away.

otherwise, I'm sorry for the makeup I put on diligently.

however, when you go out beautifully

when people and gods who think they are beautiful are angry with each other,

actually no one looks at you and no one looks at you,

whether with friends or alone,

I feel the value of this trip even if no one notices it.

although few people notice themselves.

however, every time you are disheveled,

the face is not washed or combed,

face with glasses is still crooked,

put on a word to drag downstairs to take out the trash,

When in mother of the bride dresses for outdoor wedding your look is magnificent and glamorous. Just do it and enjoy wonderful shopping experience.

or go to nearby shopping malls and supermarkets to buy food,

you will find that all the handsome guys from all over the world seem to have come out.

one here and one there seems to be smiling at you.

and I have nowhere to hide like a doge dog.

I feel that eyes are looking at me everywhere.

No, the whole world is looking at me, and I am the whirlpool of the universe.

so it's not that I'm not in love.

is the most beautiful time when you can't see me.

which love at first sight is not because of hue.

No matter how busy you are, dear bitches,

remember to take good care of yourself.

it doesn't mean that we don't look good or anything.

as long as we have good quality and good intentions, we won't be ugly.

of course, we have to clean ourselves up

because you don't know when the most important person in your life will appear.

be prepared to meet TA all the time.

make sure you meet for the first time.

even if it is a face to face,

remember your best appearance.

"feeling" is a wonderful thing.

when love taps on the shoulder,

A man who is usually dismissive of poetry will become a poet.

if you don't "feel" enough with another person,

then even being in love every day is a burden.