I can't keep the wind, and I can't keep you.

I can't keep the wind, and I can't keep you.

"there are some things we can't control, such as the wind, but we can't keep it."

A friend broke up. In fact, it has been a long time since the breakup, but they talked for so long that they could not easily break away from each other's life circle, so they often met in the days after the breakup. "I don't think we can really see each other anymore," he said. "I'm afraid to see her eating, traveling and shopping with other people from now on, which I can't even think of."


some people use time to measure the fate of two people. Those who have walked for a long time have taken root deeply in their hearts, and every detail has become a habit.


before, someone asked me that as long as two people love each other, how can there be any reason to separate?

if love can be so simple, it couldn't be better. But how many people, how many people, how many reasons, time, distance, reality, family, they support each other and depend on each other, trying to go like this, still can not go on.

the last time we met, in your favorite restaurant. You've been picking up food for me, and you say this is delicious and that one is nutritious, just like I've been doing before. I even have the illusion that there's nothing wrong with even starting to gossip and talk about what's on my mind. I didn't touch a few dishes, but I forced myself to swallow a mouthful of soup. You asked the waiter to pay the bill and sent me out the door. Outside the door, while smoking, you asked me, "Why don't we take a picture as a souvenir."  

that photo followed you across the ocean and never came back.


I thought that after you turned around and left, as long as I had been waiting for you in place, I could still wait for you to turn around. I really, never wanted to be with anyone but you, so now I'm not with any of them, but I'm not with you in the end.


* *

I saw a conversation from a netizen po on the Internet. He sent a message to his ex-girlfriend:

"are you getting married?"

"give me an invitation when you get married."

"I've seen you happy, sad, gentle and angry, and finally I want to see how you don't belong to me at last."


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one year, two years, three years. It has nothing to do with time, it has nothing to do with love, we all selfishly wanted to take each other as our own, eager to become an indispensable center of gravity for each other in a certain period of time in the future. We were so sure that we thought each other would come back for us, and the result was that both of us held back arrogantly until we consumed our feelings in silence and inexplicability.

* *

when I was young, I especially liked flying kites. It is exquisite to fly kites, you need to choose an open place, and then there is a very gentle wind. Can not be too violent wind, so it is not easy to control the direction of the kite; can not be too weak wind, so that the kite can not take off. I pester adults to take me to fly kites every afternoon, but the wind always weakens suddenly when I play, or changes direction, and my kite will be thrown to the ground.

I was still young at that time, and I was very angry and wayward and let my father take care of it. I remember my father said to me, "there are some things we can't control, such as the wind, we can't keep it." maybe it was just an example given casually to teach children not to be too greedy, but it has also become the motto of many stories in the days to come.  

there are many things in the world that we can't figure out how they work, so we wait fearfully and cautiously that one day they will leave, and when they do leave, just let go.

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I can't keep the wind, nor can I keep you. Please don't wait for me, and I won't wait for you.