I don't care about you.

I don't care about you.

Some people say too much sweet talk to you, he said he would never leave, he said he would give you happiness, he said he would never give up on each other. You believed it, and in a flash, he said it to other people.

from my childhood impression, Grandma and Grandpa have been fighting all the time. Grandpa belongs to the dragon and grandma belongs to the tiger. Grandpa is tall and thin. I heard that he became the management of a famous local factory at a very young age. Grandma is short and fat, from the countryside, feeding pigs at home. Later, Grandpa was framed to step down for some reason, so he was forced to marry Grandma by Zeng Grandpa. Grandparents always disrelish grandma's lack of education, so they always quarrel and even fight. They live by the river and throw everything into the river when they fight. I remember that Grandpa threw Grandma's mahjong and pot. Grandma also threw Grandpa's cigarettes and wine unabashedly.

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good tobacco and alcohol, especially alcohol. There used to be that kind of 1.5L lime soda, Grandpa always took the bottle out to drink white wine. More than half a bottle a day. When you get drunk, lie by the side of the road and sleep all day, or go home and pee on the fridge. Grandma confiscated his money, so he drank it on credit. My mother and grandmother greeted all the liquor shops along the path: don't give your grandfather wine on credit. Grandpa doesn't have any money, and they won't help him pay it back.

all the bosses did not give him credit. Grandpa stopped holding the soda bottle. He did not know where to get a small plastic cup and put it in his sleeve. He passed the small liquor store. When he encountered some people who put the wine jar at the door, he approached slowly, and then took advantage of the boss to lift the lid abruptly. He took out the small cup and scooped it up and ran, drinking it while he was running. Later, the bosses also learned to be smart. every time Grandpa approached, the boss stood in front of the bar and stared at it. Grandpa finally ran out of wine, so he sat in the courtyard at home and clicked his leaf cigarette with a sigh: Hey, there is nothing to drink, what a bitter fate!

about seven or eight years ago, Grandpa had Alzheimer's disease. My hearing is getting worse and worse. Grandma's voice grew louder and louder. I don't know if it's really because of the wine. Grandpa doesn't even recognize me. But every time we go to see him, he is still very happy. Because every time my dad goes, he gets a little drink, even a small glass. I shouted in Grandpa's ear: Grandpa! Grandpa! Grandpa smiled at me and shook his head. I wrote to him in a small book: Grandpa, I am Hong Ye. Grandpa looked at me with a flat mouth and shook his head. But he turned his head and smiled at my father, and his right hand kept making the gesture of a wine glass: drink! Drink! The grandmother who washed the vegetables next to her began to scold at the top of her voice: drink! Drink to death, you old bone! My ears hurt, so I said to my grandmother, keep your voice down. Grandma continued to raise her voice: this Huang! I'll keep my voice down. He can't hear me! At this time, Grandpa unexpectedly replied: Zhang! You know how to fight all day!

when I got married, my grandfather could hardly stand up. I can't hear you at all. I stood in the welcome area and watched my grandmother stumble in and push my grandfather's wheelchair in. Grandma is so thin that I feel a little strange. When I was 118 jin fat in high school, I put two big words on the wall: lose weight. OutsideWhen my mother-in-law came to my house and saw me, she began to scold: what to reduce? You call that fat? Your grandmother, I weigh more than 160 pounds! You have to be as fat as me to be fat! However, the grandmother in front of me obviously belongs to a very thin old woman. I ran to pat Grandpa on the shoulder, Grandpa smiled and shook his head, and his right hand made a wine glass gesture: drink! Drink! Grandma scolded him loudly, and my bridesmaids laughed and said grandma was so thin and angry.