I don't remember what I did in fragment time.

I don't remember what I did in fragment time.

Don't you think a day like this is like living for nothing?

when I was a sophomore, I also did time management for my life, and maybe you have heard of this method, which is called the "24 gold coin time management method". It was proposed by Aili (he is a teacher of New Oriental) in the first season of Strange Shuo, which roughly means that we assume that we have only 12 hours left after sleeping every day, and then divide these 12 hours into 24 gold coins. Each gold coin represents half an hour.

then you make an Excel, accurate your itinerary to half an hour, and fill in it. Do statistics and classification every night to see how much time you have wasted and how much time you have spent correctly.

but to be honest, the reason I use this "24 gold coin time management method" is not because I want to improve my work efficiency, but because I heard Eli say a sentence while explaining this management method. He said to the camera:

\ & quot; you now recall what you did between 5 pm and 06:00 on April 25th, 2014. Quote;

Are you puzzled how to buy the appropriate dress but of the right price? black prom dress with slit is the solution. This is the part for the unique, as you.

he is full of confidence on the other side of the camera. It seems that I will give him a "how should I know" expression when I see through this side of the screen. He stares at the camera and I feel like he is staring at me.

he said, "I know because I do time management." 24 gold coins management method can not only improve your work efficiency, but it can also make you live in vain. When you look at the forms you make every day, you can clearly remember something at a certain moment, where you are and what you are doing. "

the words he said made me start using the 24-coin time management method because I didn't want to spend so much effort and forget how I had worked hard in a few days.

what about you? do you remember what you were doing at 10:20 on the evening of April 22nd, 2016?

Mobile phones cut our lives into countless pieces, and we use every available space to cram every seemingly meaningless paragraph into our phones. We browse on moments while waiting for the bus, check Weibo before we go to bed, and check the messages on WeChat without brushing our teeth in the morning.

We cram our lives into our mobile phones and make them our lives.

I wonder if you have ever read the poem, "used to be slow" written by Mu Xin.

in the past, the sun became slow, horses and mail were slow enough to love only one person

now life is so fast that everyone begins to dislike the bulkiness of paper books. But some things can't be seen with KINDLE.

Today is World Reading Day. I'd like to recommend five books to you.

the first book is "seeing a letter, such as meeting".

Letters of Note is a blog on the British side, with about 1.5 million hits a month. It was founded in 2009 and has more than 70 million visitors so far. The owner of the blog is Sean Arthur (Shaun Usher), a British writer.

but seeing a letter is not a novel written by Arthur. Arthur is the editor. Because all the contents of the book are all kinds of letters, postcards, faxes, and memos, sometimes with scanned documents and photos.

of course, these are impossible letters from ordinary people. I can intercept part of the directory and show it to you.

first letter

Queen Elizabeth II of England wrote

second letter


Bill Hicks

Bill Hicks wrote to a priest

third letter I will be executed

Maryse. Mary Stuart

fourth letter from hell

Jack the Ripper to George Rusco (George Lusk)


mm-hmm. Slow from the front. Cars, horses, mail are slow, letters are slow.

this book allows you to pull away from the fast Internet age and go back to the old days to see the final signature from the first word with the letter writer and the recipient.

in the past, when I received a letter from someone else, I would fantasize about the contents ten thousand times before opening it. You look forward to the letter, but also look forward to your letter can go to the distance safely. There are some words you can only use in letters, in which you are at odds with who you are in life. you repel each other but attract each other.

but with the development of the times, letters have become Wechat, and all expectations have been replaced by red dots.

so now you know why I recommend this book "see the letter"?

the second book is more interesting.

if you are a literary youth, you should know the existence of Literary Life Weekly; if you are a real literary youth like me, you should know that Literary Life Weekly has been closed.

so by the time I turned to the preface, I had already decided to buy it. Because Milla is the founder and editor of Wen Zhou, and this book "Uto has a gang 2" is the commemoration of the closure of Wen Zhou.

I will tell you the title of the first three articles, and those who are interested will know that I have not recommended it wrong.

Song Dongye, I almost deleted "Miss Dong"

painful belief. I hope my heart is the whole universe

Yu XiuhuaIn such an accident, you can arrive at me

Literary Life Weekly. These people are senior art lovers. They use records to express their opinions, use interviews to talk about themselves, and I also write, so I know how wonderful what they do and how worthy our younger generations to learn.

there are too many deliberate things on the Internet. Calm down one afternoon, pick up this book and read the interview manuscripts inside. You know that if you want to reach a certain height in a certain aspect, you not only need to be patient for a long time but also need to be calm.

it is impossible to be impatient.

this one, I like it, too.

not because it uses gorgeous words, nor because of its plot ups and downs, but because its entry point is wonderful.

when I read it, I kept thinking about why the author Mark Klansky had to talk about 1968 alone, and from what point of view he found that 1968 was a very special year.

through the analysis in the book, we find that they are people at both ends of the world, but what they do is essentially the same. They are impulsive, disorganized, and spread in the same way.

when I went to an advertising agency for an interview last month, I came up with a brilliant idea for the book Entertainment to death, which I read in my third year of high school, and finally won the best creativity award of the day.

after reading the year of hitting the World in 1968, I extremely regret why I didn't read the book earlier because I realized that if I had talked about it on the day of the interview, I would have played better and more unassailable.

so, take a look, maybe it can help you cultivate the so-called "overall vision".

finally, I'd like to recommend two more books, but I'm not going to talk about how much I learned from reading them, as I did above.

I hope you can do me a favor and recommend it in what you think is the best form. Of course, I know you can't recommend it if you haven't read it, so it's messy today, that is, World Reading Day and Puri Culture Publishing House.

send the books I want to recommend to you, no, not "send", but "sell" to you.

it's just that you don't buy it with money, you buy it with your words, you buy it with your reading feelings.

there has always been a "Progress together" program within the mess, and I ask you to watch the same book and the same movie every week. And this week, we hope to make progress with you.

well, if you don't want to miss the opportunity to make progress with us, please click "read the original" to fill out a small form. We will select twenty readers and send out our twenty books.

and the twenty readers who received the book must give me your comments within a week. Of course, if you are shameless enough, you don't have to hand it in.

but I always believe that people who love books will not break their promises.