I don't want to be so emotional.

I don't want to be so emotional.


I remember taking a test before.

means that among the people you love and love you,

which one do you choose?

I chose the one who loved me.

I don't know how you would choose.

Love is a happy thing,

is also a very tiring thing.

if the other person can give back,

then you will have a sense of accomplishment.

loving someone is like planting a piece of land.

I like mint,

but find that I have come to the sunflower garden.

Sunflowers are beautiful,

but I wanted to see mint.

so you can't abandon a garden in the end.

because of those carefully watered days,

make these flowers your flowers.

however, you only like these flowers,

but you can't keep them together.

so you have to find your mint.

your sunflower garden will be in charge of someone else.

occasionally you will pass by and have a look, and you are very pleased with his ups and downs.

I may not walk into the garden again, but I hope he will be beautiful forever.

this is the relationship between

a person with an existing responsibility.

in the end, however, it turns out that

what makes you inseparable from you is the process of growing up with each other in love.

may not be appropriate, but you can't forget it.

many people are not reconciled to the fact that they have been in love for a long time.

is teaching their future partners how to love.

and the beneficiaries are not themselves.


sometimes I am tired and emotional.

yell at each other because of some small things.

it turns out that things are not nearly as hysterical as they seem.

however, it leaves a knot in each other's hearts.

received an email before.

A girl likes to watch horror movies at home with her boyfriend.

she lies on her boyfriend's lap, eating fried chicken and coke.

seeing a scary scene,

her boyfriend blocked her eyes.

on the subway, there is a particularly long station on Beijing Line 6, which causes tinnitus.

her boyfriend pressed his hand on her ear.

then they broke up.

she was watching horror movies at home alone.

she saw those bloody segments sawing her thighs

and those ghosts who suddenly appeared in front of the camera.

she found that she was not so scared.

Our elegant short wedding dresses with sleeves will add sophistication and style to your wardrobe. This is your one stop place for the perfect collection.

I even think that even if the ghost sees her crying so badly,

will come out of the screen to comfort her.

but only Coke and chicken wings in front of her know

what she is upset about.

the wind comes from the subway and the crowd,

and her tinnitus continues.

she didn't press her ear.

allow the tympanic membrane to expand.

for a moment I thought I fell into the deep sea.


I don't want to be so emotional.

looks like I dare to love and hate.

but in fact, I am an indecisive person,

especially for love.

I don't forget someone that easily.

those childish gifts are given to me by my classmates in junior high school.

I also bought beautiful boxes to keep them.

those cheap greeting cards and plastics

are full of emotion.

there is an ugly whale key pendant.

I keep it all the time.

because at that time my deskmate knew that I liked the sea and whales.

so it's a birthday present for me.

I know that being emotional is not very good.

like a psychopath.

but every time I miss someone or something,

I can't help falling into the black hole of memories.

I want to change, but only in this way can I be a person.

just like the brain Secret Service,

you can laugh because you can cry.

most of one's life is melancholy.

that's what makes people happy and precious.


maybe I'm emotional, and

I'll change it, too.

I will learn to restrain my emotions.

but I can't help missing someone's heart.

there is no shame in crying.

forcing a smile is scary.